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Nintendo 3DS
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Put your Mii centre stage in a world full of possibilities with Tomodachi Life, a quirky game starring you and everyone you know, only on Nintendo 3DS family systems. Populate your very own island paradise with the Mii characters of your choice and watch the drama unfold!

Bring your Mii characters to life!

You can create a Mii character from scratch, using a photo, or transfer in a Mii you’ve already created from Mii Maker. In Tomodachi Life, you can give your Mii a voice and set their personality, which determines how they’ll act, what sort of things they’ll say and much more!

Once you’ve moved your Mii into a new home at Mii Apartments, bring the place to life by creating the Mii characters of your family, friends, or anyone else you can think of! If you put your favourite people in your game, surprising things can happen! You can also receive Mii characters from other players via Local Play or by scanning QR Code patterns.

Look after them!

Up to 100 Mii characters can move in to the Mii Apartments and each one will need looking after. You can hang out with all your Mii characters, give them gifts, help to customise their apartments, and play minigames. Try different things to figure out what makes each one happy!

Check back every day…

Helping your Mii characters realise their hopes and dreams is rewarding but so is sitting back and watching the amazing, ridiculous, silly, hilarious drama of Tomodachi Life! Some residents may become friends, fall out, maybe even fall in love…assuming a love rival doesn’t step in! They might need your advice, so check in on them every day to see what they get up to!

Explore your new home

Your Tomodachi Life unfolds on two islands packed with interesting shops and places to hang out! The stock in shops changes every day, so you'll always find something new. To start, just a few areas are available, but in time other areas will unlock, letting you enjoy these awesome islands in all their glory!

The days and seasons pass on your islands just like in the real world. Keep your eyes peeled for special events every day.

Among others, you’ll unlock a café where you’re sure to overhear some bizarre conversations, a Concert Hall where your Mii characters can get together to perform songs and an Amusement Park filled with fun activities – including an RPG called TOMODACHI QUEST!

Show off silly, funny, or just plain awesome moments

From super strange dreams to rap battles between family members, you should expect the unexpected in Tomodachi Life! Snap screenshots of your best moments and share on social networks using the Nintendo 3DS Image Share service.

Anything can happen!

If a couple has a kid of their own, sooner or later that little person will grow up and want their own space. You can give them their own place in Mii Apartments, or send them off travelling around the world! They can go on a trip to visit other player’s islands via StreetPass, and you might just receive some visitors or goods from other islands, too! With SpotPass, you can also receive letters or photos from a Mii who is off travelling the world. +


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