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Nintendo eShop Card 15€

Nintendo eShop Kort 15€ (Europe)

Nintendo Eshop
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Retail price: 1763RSD
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Digital code equivalent to Nintendo eShop funds

Compatible with:
• Nintendo Switch
and the European version of the following consoles:
• Nintendo 3DS
• Nintendo 3DS XL
• Nintendo 2DS
• New Nintendo 2DS XL
• New Nintendo 3DS
• New Nintendo 3DS XL
• Wii U

To use the code, a wireless internet connection is required and you have to accept the terms and privacy policies relating to network services.
It may also be necessary to create or link a Nintendo Network ID or a Nintendo account.

This code:
* can only be exchanged once, for its total value, and with the same currency used to acquire the code.
* can not be resold, exchanged, reimbursed or redeemed for cash.
* will not be replaced by Nintendo or by the seller in case of loss, theft or unauthorized use without your permission. +
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