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Project Cars 2
I dont like this game.
I pay games because i want to enjoy myself and maybe be happy.

After 100 Hours of play i still cannot play well, Why?

It seems to me like i have to become a car mecanic , because for all cars and all circuit there are numerous parameters i have to change in order to drive the car properly.
I dont have the time to be looking for each one of 50 differents parameters a car has for a good driving. That is crazy. and for different wheather alls those parameters will change.

While playing against people online, i am almost always the last because they have different parameters on their cars, even though we drive the same cars.

I also drive with a controler, maybe it is the reason why this game is so incompatible with me.

Good Lord i have never have this feeling of driving a U-Boot instead of a race car while playing any need for speed game as i feel when playing this game.

It doesnt matter how i change one of the 60 paramters a car has, it still drive like a slubb, the car is either spinning crazy on the same spot even with the right tire coumpound, or the car doesnt turn in the corner, or doesnt brake at the right time, or stay on the line and more
For all of these problems there are over 60 parameters to change on the same car and after that it still doesnt work weel.

GOOD LORD i dont know if Hamilton himself have to change so many parameters to have a decent driving. they have Engineer for that.

Yes i have search the internet, downloaded some setting from better driver and test them with my controller and the result was always bad.
This never happen to me while driving need for Speed Shift 1 and Shift 2. what kind of game is this.

Someone gives me hir car parameters to use and after that he can still overspeed me coming from far behind on a straight line??? when i am at my last speed? same car?
This game is no fun, maybe it is because i use a controller.

INCREDIBLE is the fact that there are people online playing only GT3, where all the cars in my point of view drive like big ships? maybe it is because of my controller, but i have lokked at the best controller settings for PC2 on the internet.
Whatever settings i used for my controller and wahtever sttings i have dowloaded for cars, i keep finding out my car is not reacting as quick or as fast or as well in corners like the cars of other people online.

This is a shame, for over 100 hours, there have never been an hour where i was happy of my driving, specially online, where GT3 is uncontrolable. Crazy there are people even driving GT3 my manual gears, this is crap.

I dont know how to resell this game i would definitely.

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