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Greedfall (suprisingly fitting name *cough*) did what Bioware and Bethesda failed to deliver the recent years, and delivers a 3rd Person Action RPG with clear focus on its story (which I haven't completed yet though) and good gameplay.

When creating your character, you can pick 3 from classes (Warrior, Mage and Rogue), each with their own strengths and abilities which can be tweaked as you progress through the game.

The side-quests are very entertaining as well and introduce you to a variety of characters, each with their own background and aims, those are pretty much on Bioware/Piranha Byte-level
The characters are voiced really well (English only though) and the actors made a great job in getting in with their roles, whether they are guards, priests, merchants, or peasants.

Gameplay-wise can do basically everything you'd expect from a 'classic-RPG': talk to all sorts of characters as mentioned, interact with our compatriots (you can shape the relationship to them as well), complete quests and explore dungeons to get that sweet loot, trade, craft, fight (also bosses of course), et cetera.

Now while the game doesn't offer one Open World, we instead travel through several larger environments with some very nice details, although you will often come across replicated assets.
Cities feel like like they have been copy/pasted at times because of this asset-recycling and it really starts to annoy me a little bit by now...
And this is where another negative point kicks in: Graphics.

I wish I had a better way to express it, but at times they really look like the game was made in 2013. Textures aren't that sharp in fact it gets really ugly as you close in, most noticably (I'd say at least,) the floor.

The loading times aren't all that long luckily.
Framerate has been dropping every now and then on release, but got widely fixed with a patch.
Titanfall 2

With ease one of the best shooters of the recent years. If you played Apex Legends (made by the same developers: Respawn Entertainment), this game is an absolute must-have, it's a must-have for shooter players in general!

The Story-mode is suprisingly refreshing and BT, your Titan that will acompany you through your adventure as his Pilot Jack Cooper, is with ease the best part of it.
All of the levels come with small twists, you either travel through time at the press of a button, you make your way through a factory that assembles a gigantic diorama and you use the parts as platforms or fight on board of a burning spaceship descending from lower orbit.

The Multiplayer offers a variety of modes from your standard Team Deathmatch (there are also two modes that can further seperate into TDM with Pilots only or Pilots with Titans), Bounty Hunter (kill a randomly selected enemy to score/defend your teammate or yourself), a Titan-exclusive (5v5, propably the most competitive mode), then there's a mode where you kill enemies or fulfill objectives to earn money which needs to be cashed in in specific bank-bots while you try to stay alive or you'll lose half your money to your killer, etc.
There's many modes, I just suggest you to try each of those at the beginning, maybe besides the Titan-only mode, that's harsh for beginners, let me tell you.
If there was a thing to criticise, it would be the matchmaking, which can be a little unfair at times, but if that's not occuring in a match, you're gonna have a blast playing it.

The game is just f***ing fun and it's quite cheap as well.
Just get it, you won't be disappointed.

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