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A Plague Tale Innocence
A Plague Tale Innocence
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AOE: Definitive Edition
Age of Empires: Definitive Edition
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BF1 Revolution Edition
Battlefield 1 Revolution Edition
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DLC BattleTech: Urban Warfare
BattleTech: Urban Warfare
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Blacksad - Under The Skin
Blacksad - Under The Skin
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Crackdown 3 (PC / Xbox ONE)
Crackdown 3 (PC / Xbox ONE)
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Dark Souls 3 Deluxe Edition
Dark Souls 3 Deluxe Edition
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Dead Alliance: Multiplayer Ed.
Dead Alliance: Multiplayer Edition
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Dragon Age: Inquisition GOTY Ed
Dragon Age: Inquisition GOTY Edition
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Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition
Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition
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Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition
Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition
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Empire: Total War Collection
Empire: Total War Collection
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Escape from Tarkov
Escape from Tarkov (Beta)
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Eximius: Seize the Frontline
Eximius: Seize the Frontline
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Far Cry 5 Gold Edition
Far Cry 5 Gold Edition
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Final Fantasy XV Windows Ed
Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition
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DLC For Honor: Marching Fire Expansion
For Honor: Marching Fire Expansion
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Gears 5 (PC / Xbox ONE)
Gears 5 (PC / Xbox ONE)
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Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
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Jagged Alliance: Rage!
Jagged Alliance: Rage!
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Jurassic World Evolution
Jurassic World Evolution
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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Special Edition
Kingdom Come: Deliverance Special Edition
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Mass effect 3 Deluxe Edition
Mass effect 3 Deluxe Edition
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Mass Effect Andromeda
Mass Effect Andromeda
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Medieval II: Total War Collection
Medieval II: Total War Collection
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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Gold Edition
Middle-earth: Shadow of War Gold Edition
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Heroes VII
Might & Magic: Heroes VII
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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden
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Need for Speed: Payback
Need for Speed: Payback
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Overwatch Legendary Edition
Overwatch Legendary Edition
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Pathfinder: Kingmaker Explorer Edition
Pathfinder: Kingmaker Explorer Edition
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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
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Post Scriptum (uncut)
Post Scriptum (uncut)
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ReCore: Definitive Edition
ReCore: Definitive Edition
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Red Dead Redemption 2 Standard Edition
Red Dead Redemption 2 Standard Edition
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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Deluxe Edition
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Deluxe Edition
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Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada
Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada
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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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DLC Shadow of the Tomb Raider Season Pass
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Season Pass
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Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts
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Stick Fight
Stick Fight: The Game
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Styx: Master of Shadows
Styx: Master of Shadows
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Styx: Shards of Darkness
Styx: Shards of Darkness
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SAO: Fatal Bullet
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet
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Terminator: Resistance
Terminator: Resistance
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The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep
The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep
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DLC TESO: Summerset
The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Rainbow Six Siege Ultimate Edition
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Ultimate Edition
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Total War: Three Kingdoms
Total War: Three Kingdoms
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DLC Total War: Warhammer II - The Prophet & The Warlock
Total War: Warhammer II - The Prophet & The Warlock
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DLC Total War: Warhammer II Curse Of The Vampire Coast
Total War: Warhammer II Curse Of The Vampire Coast
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Warcraft 3: Battlechest
Warcraft 3: Battlechest
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Dawn of War III
Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War III
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Warhammer: Chaosbane
Warhammer: Chaosbane
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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Collector's Edition
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Collector's Edition
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Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
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Wolfenstein The New Order
Wolfenstein: The New Order
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Wolfenstein: Youngblood
Wolfenstein: Youngblood
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DLC wow: Battle for Azeroth
World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth
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BattleTech Mercenary Collection
BattleTech Mercenary Collection
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BG & Evil 2
Beyond Good & Evil 2
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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Pro Edition
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Pro Edition
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Call of Duty: Black Ops 5
Call of Duty: Black Ops 5
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Prime Status Upgrade
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Prime Status Upgrade
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Divinity: Original Sin II
Divinity: Original Sin II
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For Honor Deluxe Edition
For Honor Deluxe Edition
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Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition (PC / Xbox One)
Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition (PC / Xbox One)
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Ghost Recon: Wildlands Gold
Ghost Recon: Wildlands Gold Edition
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Grand Theft Auto VI
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Mount and Blade II
Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord
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Necromunda: Underhive Wars
Necromunda: Underhive Wars
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Payday 2 GOTY Ed
Payday 2 GOTY Edition
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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Croft Edition
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Croft Edition
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Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition
Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition
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The Division 2 Gold Edition
The Division 2 Gold Edition
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The Division 2 Ultimate Edition
The Division 2 Ultimate Edition
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DLC The Division: Season Pass
The Division: Season Pass
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Skyrim Special Edition
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
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The Elder Scrolls VI
The Elder Scrolls VI
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Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia
Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia
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Victory At Sea Pacific
Victory At Sea Pacific
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Vigor (PC / Xbox ONE)
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Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr
Warhammer 40.000: Inquisitor - Martyr
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Total War: Warhammer
Total War is an amazing franchise. For those of you unaware, Total War games take place in 2 parts. One part is on a giant map where you control your army; it is like a board game phase where you can trade, negotiate, etc. The other part is the combat phase with RTS style battle. A lot of people are put off from RTS thinking that they have to be very quick with a high APM to enjoy, but that is not the case with the Total War games.

This one is set in the Warhammer universe and has fantasy elements from the said universe. You can play as 4 different armies with varying playstyles: The Empire, The Dwarves, The Vampires, and The Greenskins. Playing through the game with different factions feels like a different experience. As an added bonus, this game also has a co-op feature. You can play the game with 1 of your friends, which is definitely an enjoyable experience. The map is gorgeous, and the battles are massive. During the battle phase, you have Hero units like wizards, which adds magic to the medieval war going around. Magic is extremely powerful, with fireballs and lightning able to bring down whole sets of troops. Therefore, it is kept slightly limited to maintain balance. There are a wide variety of creatures from spiders to orcs and even flying units. There are, of course, units exclusive to factions such as bats and vampires. Other than the campaign, you can choose to play custom battles with your own rules and settings. You can even have 2 massively sized and powerful armies just go at each other head on and see what happens! It can make for some memorable moments in the game.

For a game as deep, there aren’t many faults in this game. One of the few minor issues I have with the game would be with the system where you sort of gamble magic points before each battle. These points are needed to perform magic such as the fireball spells, which I have mentioned before. It feels very out of place and unnecessary. One other issue would be that sometimes, you start a battle near a small village or settlement on the map, but when you get into the battlefield for the combat phase, the actual battle takes place in a separate location and not near that settlement or village. This makes strategically choosing certain locations for battle advantage feel useless. Luckily, this isn’t the case when the battle is in a big city. This is a fairly noticeable issue, but it probably won’t bother most people.

Personally, I love RTS games, and I feel that most gamers today haven’t even heard of RTS classics or tried them. This game is a great place to start your way off into RTS games, as it doesn’t put as much emphasis on being fast as other games in the genre. Also, If you are like me and also love board games, you will definitely love this!

Set in the Warhammer universe, Total War: Warhammer offers deep gameplay that relies more on planning and execution making it a perfect entry point for players interested in RTS while also providing a lot of entertainment for returning fans. It is a great addition to the franchise, and is definitely up there among the best in the series. A few issues prevent it from being a perfect 10. A must buy for any fans of RTS or Total War games.

Reviewer: Michael UG
Total War: Warhammer II
Total War is an amazing franchise. For those of you unaware, Total War games take place in 2 parts. One part is on a giant map where you control your army; it is like a board game phase where you can trade, negotiate, etc. The other part is the combat phase with RTS style battle. A lot of people are put off by RTS thinking that they have to be very quick with a high APM to enjoy, but that is not the case with the Total War games, where the emphasis is on your strategizing skills.

Going into the game, I was a bit skeptical thinking that this would just be the same as the first one with little additions as Total War: Warhammer was already a really good game, but I was blown away by the sequel. The most notable new feature the special vortex effect is a game changer. The story is that the Elves have broken the Vortex, making it vulnerable, and now all the factions are trying to get control of it for power. To gain control of it, you must perform 5 rituals. You have to complete a few tasks to start a ritual and must protect the location for a while until it is over. But at the same time, the other factions are also trying to perform the rituals, so you have to stop them.

Total War: Warhammer 2 also features some new factions like Tomb Kings, Skaven, Dark Elves. One of them, the High Elves, work very differently from the other factions. They gather influence points, and use it to break up ties between factions. Some players didn’t enjoy this as much, but I thought it was a very interesting addition to the game. The game rarely feels the same in multiple playthroughs with different factions, and always keeps things fresh and exciting.

There aren’t many faults with the game. In fact, I can’t really think of any issues with the game. The game feels incredibly polished. What’s more, even people who don’t play a lot of RTS games will enjoy this as it also has RPG elements from the Vortex quests. They are also giving a free map to the people who own both games that combines the 2 maps. It will have around 100 groups belonging to the 8 races. Again, the custom matches are there with with many options to play around with. You can just enjoy battle after battle with changing scenarios through that for endless fun. The game is also optimised amazingly well! There really isn’t anything to fault in this game!

I enjoyed the game thoroughly. The campaign has a lot of content and many hours of playtime without feeling padded. Plus, there is a lot of fun to be had in custom battles and co-op with a friend.

Creative Assembly could have easily passed off a copy of the first game with a few changes and it would have still been a great game, but they didn’t. Adding new features to the stellar first game, Total War: Warhammer 2 is an incredible game that surpassed our expectations with its high level of polish and fully fleshed out new features. Like the last game, Total War: Warhammer 2 is welcoming to newcomers without losing the depth of its gameplay. It is an amazing game and a must buy if you are a fan of the genre or the first game, and at the very least deserves to be tried out if you are interested in RTS or grand strategy games. Go out and get this masterpiece ASAP!

Reviewer: Michael UG
Expeditions: Viking
Expeditions: Viking is a top down, turn-based RPG inspired by older CRPGs such as Baldur’s Gate. As the title suggests, the game is themed around Vikings, and thankfully, unlike other “Viking” games, does not use it just as a bland trope or a backdrop and forget about it later; this game truly is about Vikings and Norse history. You play as the child of a clan leader, and you are in charge of leading the clan after his death. You have to figure out your way and try to ensure that your clan prevails and is taken care of well.

Starting off, the game has amazing graphics. It is really well done and is very aesthetically pleasing, especially coming from an indie studio. The game is also very well optimised and polished. You will hardly find any bugs, if any at all. A very welcome surprise, coming from an indie studio at this age where releasing broken games with day 1 patches is the norm. The story is lengthy and offers a lot of choices. Do you give a traitor another chance, or do you banish them? Do you invite a stranger to your clan? These are the kind of things that you have to decide on as the clan leader. Each of these decisions will affect your game, even if ever so slightly. You also have a lot of choices in dialogue, and many of them lead to branching narrative choices. This is a game that is directly influenced by your choices. This gives the game a lot of replayability, and you will definitely want to play it again.

The combat is also done very well. It is easy to understand. You will have no trouble figuring out what is going on, and that is crucial in a turn-based game. As mentioned above, it is not a fantasy game. So, you will not see any mages or magic in the game, but that is something unique about this game compared to most other CRPGs set in this time period that have came out over the last few years. The game offers a lot of variety in combat, which depends on your character’s skills as well as the weapons equipped, with the option to learn certain abilities based on both. You will have to use different playstyles in combat depending on your units and the enemies you are facing. The few cutscenes that are there are very moving and well made, especially the introductory cutscene, which hammers home how daunting the task of suddenly leading a whole clan is.

Even a game as good as Expeditions: Viking still has a few things it is lacking in. For one, the character customisation at the start is not in-depth. There is a customisation screen with options, but they are not as many or as deep as other RPGs have to offer, which is a bit disappointing. Also, the game is a bit inconsistent with its voice acting. Some of the dialogue has voice acting and some does not. This is somewhat forgivable since it is an indie game with limited budget.

If you are like me and like CRPGs such as the Divinity games Pillars of Eternity or Baldur’s Gate, then you will definitely enjoy this one. This game is also very pleasing to the eye. Plus, the fact that there are no design flaws is a huge bonus point for me.

The indie CRPG Expeditions: Viking features deep combat system, a choices driven, rich story, and great replayability, making it worthwhile for any fans of the genre. This game is also a great purchase for players looking for a good viking RPG, and considering the pricing of the game, it will likely be a great value. The game has a high level of polish, satisfying combat system, replayability provided its branching narratives, it’s about as good as an indie CRPG can get. The few issues that I did have with the game were small and not noticeable. Definitely recommended!

Reviewer: Michael UG
Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY
Batman: Arkham Asylum is the first game in the series by Rocksteady Studios. Here, Batman needs to save the city from Joker once again and stop the evil. Now the question is, is the game good? I would say yes because you play as Batman using stealth abilities, detective skills, and gadgets for combat and exploration.The further you go in the story, the more gadgets you unlock.

The game is singleplayer, of course, and has achievements to get in story mode. When you complete missions, you get xp and level up. Leveling up gives you ability points to spend on unlocking stealth abilities, detective skills, and gadgets. There are also riddles to solve, marked by green question marks around the map. There aren’t many side quests unlike other games in the Arkham series, but it's fine. There might be some bugs, but I did not encounter any bugs in my playthrough. I really enjoyed playing the game and completed story mode in 10 hours. The game has a lot of action; especially near the end, but I won't spoil.The game itself is beautiful with good-looking graphics, especially for a game from 2010. The weather in the game is always dark and rainy, setting up the atmosphere quite nicely. It has great soundtracks and clear sounds which is a really important part of a game.

The combat in the game is pretty simple. You just have to left click to attack and right click to dodge. You can also stun enemies by pressing the scroll button and use gadgets by pressing number keys multiple times. The game also has some exploration puzzles that you need to solve in order to get into some places on the map. You can also occasionally find hidden locations in the game. You can also use the batclaw to travel around the map faster!

Batman: Arkham Asylum has great graphics, good combat, and, most importantly, a good story.

I'd rate this game 10/10 because I really enjoy the Batman Arkham series.

Reviewer: GGDuck UG
Nioh: Complete Edition
Nioh is an action-adventure game with a fantasy theme. The game is set in 1600 Japan, during the Sengoku era, when the clans were at war with each other before unification. The game is very similar to and clearly inspired by the Souls series of game both in its combat(style and difficulty) and in its aesthetic decisions. You play as William, an Irish man who is on a mission in Japan to collect Amrita. What is Amrita? Well, it is the currency/skill points similar to souls in Dark Souls, and in terms of the story, it is this mystical power that the Monarch of Great Britain is after.

The game has several positives. I may have drawn similarities to Dark Souls, but that isn’t to say that the game’s a copycat. In fact, it is seen as a good thing. It means that people who enjoyed Dark Souls will definitely enjoy this game as well. The game’s visuals look very grim and clearly has a palette more inclined to grey, but that fits the world they are building very well. As for the combat in this game, you guessed it, it is like Dark Souls. You have to roll to dodge enemy attacks, get hang of the rhythm and attack when possible. There are a few differences, though., Your attacks have more backswing, which will take some time to get used to, and you have several stances available for each weapon. There are only 5 unique weapons for you to use. Yes, you read that right. But why am I mentioning this with the positives? The several available stances available for you to use with each weapon make those 5 weapons are more like 20 unique weapons, which is a much larger variety for you to try. Plus, you can switch stances mid-combat which makes it feel really fluid. To accompany these weapons, you also have some extra tools available such as a rifle and some ranged weapons, although you won’t be using these much. You also get a choice of a Guardian Spirit animal which offers you passive buffs and some active ones based on your choice of spirit.

As for the negatives, remember the first positive? Well, that is also one major negative that can turn some off from the game; it is like Dark Souls. If you didn’t like Dark Souls, then you probably won’t like this game. This game is difficult, so if you don’t want to put in the effort and take your time, then this isn’t the game for you.

Personally, I enjoyed this game. I liked the combat and loved the Samurai theme-setting, but the one thing that I didn’t enjoy is that it is very difficult, but that’s just me. The odds are that you won’t have that much of an issue with it, and you will be in mostly for the combat anyway.

This game is an 8/10 in my book. You may end up rating this game higher depending on your tolerance for the difficulty, but this game is definitely worth a look for most people.

Reviewer: ClockWound UG
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the final chapter in the saga of Geralt of Rivia. It is an action-adventure, open world RPG by the renowned Polish studio CD Projekt Red. As you may have guessed by now, you play as a Witcher, a monster hunter capable of superhuman strength and reflexes having undergone mutations. Our protagonist Geralt is on a journey to find his adopted daughter Ciri, who has been missing for years. He must reach her before the Wild Hunt, a group of ethereal warriors trying to find her for her secret powers. Geralt is aided by a wide cast of friends and acquaintances including Yennefer and Triss, his lovers at points in life, Dandelion and Zoltan. The game has adult themes and requires a certain level of maturity to truly appreciate the intricately woven stories.

The game has many positives that it would be impossible to list them all but I shall try to shortlist the most remarkable ones. To start off, the game is set in a gorgeous world, that you are free to explore, that feels truly alive. From the icy mountains of Ard Skellige to the marshes of Velgen to the City of Novigrad, the different areas in the game have a distinct feel with their own culture and atmosphere. The devs have shown a lot of attention to the tiniest of details to make the world feel real. If you block a pedestrian’s way for too long; they get annoyed. It starts raining, and you see people run for some cover. You can even hear people sneezing and someone else shouting “bless you” at them. There are also tons of easter eggs for you to find in this massive world. You can find a prison akin to the one that contained Tyrion Lannister in the Game of Thrones series. Fan of Doctor Who? Well, you can find the Weeping Angels statues in the game, where they actually move each time you turn around! As for graphical fidelity, even 3 years after release, the game looks as good, if not better, than most AAA games that came out this year. Now that’s everything about the eye candies in the game.

What can you actually do in the world? Well, A LOT! There are several quests, both main story and side quest. The care taken to craft even smallest of the side quests can be felt. You may even end up confusing side quests with main quests due to their depth and how some of them tie up with the main story. Each quest will give you several ways to tackle them and can even have several endings. which may end up impacting the final ending as well. You can also take up witcher contracts from notice boards to slay different kinds of monsters plaguing the villagers. And if you ever feel tired from the adventures, you can just roam around the game world challenging bar owners and shopkeepers to a game of Gwent, a card game that is now a standalone game of its own. If you take your time and try to finish as many quests as possible, then you will easily have 100+ hours of content in front of you. Even if you choose to rush through the game, you will have 50+hours to enjoy here. The skill tree also allows for different playstyles, depending on which skills you decide to buy and equip. You can invest your points into combat, magic or alchemy, with each offering a slightly different playstyle. These skills can further be enhanced by various mutagens. In the Blood and Wine expansion, you can also develop mutations that grant you further customization options. All in all, the variety of quests and skills allow you to play through the game differently giving it a fair degree of replayability.

So what about the negatives? Well there aren’t many, and the few ones that I have are just nitpicks. The one that comes to mind is that the combat, along with movement, feels a bit clunky and lacking. You can tap the move key and Geralt will sort of lunge forward 3-5 step. This just feels heavy and not at all smooth, unlike the rest of the game. You can even get stuck because of smallest of bumps since you can’t jump during combat. This becomes a problem when fighting in closed space. Furthermore, In higher difficulties, there aren’t many combat paths that are viable; most notably, Alchemy-centric build isn’t a viable option in higher difficulties, preventing the combat from providing a true RPG experience.

Personally, I enjoyed my time with the game, but I had to keep telling myself not to look at it like a true RPG rather look at it more of an action adventure centred game. There are mods available to improve the combat, which was something that I really needed, and other quality of life changes for small nitpicks you might have.

To sum it up, this is an amazing game, just not an amazing RPG. Go into this game not looking at the RPG tag attached to it, and you will enjoy it extensively. This game is definitely worth buying, and it will offer you a lot of quality content. The only people I would advise to be cautious are the ones that are either looking for an RPG in the style of the Divinity games, or the Elder Scrolls games, or those that want an amazing combat experience. Although, if you have issues with the latter on PC, you can always get a few mods to improve the combat.

This game is a solid 10/10.

Reviewer: Michael UG
We Happy Few
We Happy Few is an open world survival, adventure game with a dystopian setting. This game was crowd funded and was very hyped leading up to its launch. So did it live up to it?

So, have you taken your Joy today?
The premise of the game is that Britain gave all of its children to Germany at the end of The World War.
You play as 3 different characters with different playstyles and story arcs. In this world everyone have to take an anti-depressant called Joy.
The game has a beautifully designed dystopian open world that is very Orwellian. There are NPC’s called “Bobbies”(constables) that are there as enforcers. If they think someone isn’t taking their Joy then they go and correct that. Even in a small group they can be difficult to deal with. Even in everyone’s house’s there is this contraption known as a “Down Detector” that can detect if you are not taking your Joy and call the Bobbies on you.

Hey! You there, why are you running?!
In most games the NPCs will turn a blind eye to the fact that you are carrying a weapon and behaving oddly, but not in We Happy Few. Here, if you are running without reason in the city then the Bobbies will be after you. If you are walking around with a weapon then you better make sure no one spots you, unless you want to face the Bobbies again.

Open up! I want my Blackberry Joy!

You play as 3 characters, Arthur, Sally and Ollie. Once you finish one character’s arc and are about to move onto the next you will be notified, as you will not be able to go back and play as the previous character.
Each one of them has a different story and playstyle.
For example, Sally(my favorite of the 3), is a chemist who has to stick to a schedule because the constables want her “Blackberry Joy” on a regular basis at a specific time, so you better make sure that you are ready with it on the dot.
This is something you have to do in between everything else.
The game also has a skill system and the skills offered are very apt to your situation, for example one of the perks lets you run without arousing suspicion. This is extremely useful as playing without this throughout the entire game may feel tedious as the mechanism of acting a character may get boring towards the end of the game, but this will let you be a bit more free.
The game looks beautiful as well throughout the most parts with only some instances of texture issues.

What will the Down Detector say about this game?
What about the negatives? Well, right now there are few negatives. There are few bugs, but nothing major that would ruin your experience with the game.

Will I need to take some Joy to playthrough the game?
To sum it up, this game is one with lots of potential and ambition but sadly bugs ruin the perfect picture. If you love the idea of the game then you probably won’t regret getting.

Reviewer: Sylla UG
Vampyr is a game set in a grim London where you play as a doctor, who is also secretly a vampire. The setting of the game is that the people of the city seems to be plagued by the Spanish flu and it is up to you to figure out how to cure them. The game has a combat system which is a combination of melee weapons along with your vampire abilities.

Should you drink this game’s blood?
The game’s world is beautifully designed which makes up for the fact that the game isn’t top notch in its graphics.The story in this game is outstanding. I will not delve into the specifics here to avoid spoilers, but what I can say is that this game has a lot of unique mechanics. For example, you can choose to kill someone at the start of the game and that person may have had some valuable quests towards the end of the game, but you will not realise that, unless you go and play through the game again without killing that person. This alone offers a lot of replayability. This game also has a very unique XP system. In this game, you gain XP by drinking someone’s blood, and the more you know about a person the more valuable their blood will be. You learn more about a person through exploring the environment, by talking with them, their friends, and doing quests, if available, for them.

Human combat with Vampire elements or Vampire combat with human elements?
The combat system offers you the choice of a melee weapon to accompany your vampiric abilities. You can level up your weapon. You will not be able to level up a lot of weapons sufficiently, so I would advise to pick a weapon early on and stick to it. You have access to a lot of unique abilities to keep you occupied, so the weapon limitation won’t be an issue.The only negative is that the combat is a bit simplistic. It could be more complicated, but that’s just my opinion. Later in the game, the enemies do become a lot stronger, so the simplistic combat isn’t really an issue there so just stick with the game and it will be rewarding.

Not Vampire-y enough for a bite?
I enjoyed playing through the game, but I am pretty sure you will enjoy it more since the combat was a bit of a let down for me. The game does need you to be interested in the characters for the game play out like it developers want it to, so if you are the type who doesn’t like listening to NPCs talk, and they talk a lot, you might want to sit this one out.

Choose wisely, oh and this game is the right choice
Overall, this game has a fantastic story with some amazing choices for you in terms of making your own story. It also offers a lot of replayability, so you will definitely get a lot of playtime out of it. Stick with the early hours of the game, then as the combat along with the story picks up in the middle of the game, you will have a really unique RPG experience in your hands.

Reviewer: Sylla
Blackwake is a massively multiplayer game centered around naval combat. This game is what Sea of Thieves should have been. You can have massive ship battles against other players. You board ships and fight with guns in first person perspective, which gives this game an FPS element. This game will give you many wonderful hours of playing with friends while fighting off other pirates in the open seas.

Raising a Black Flag
Are you ready kids? Aye aye Captain!
This game has a lot of depth. You can have a ship of upto 10 players with each getting their own role. You may be in charge of manning the cannons, which actually feels realistic and feels amazing when you shoot them. You aim through a small opening in the side of the ship. In the middle of a fight, when your ship takes some damage, you and your crew have to be prepared to split up tasks, as one of you will have to go and patch up the ship, while someone else pumps out the water leaking into the ship. And at the same time, remember to keep shooting those cannons at the enemy. You can even board enemy ships by shooting your grappling hooks. Thankfully, the devs prevents online trolls from ruining your experience by making you need orders from your captain, who is chosen by popular vote, to do so. Fights in Blackwake can get chaotic very quickly, but as long, as you are playing with some friends this will be a blast for sure!

Shoot his head off!
Once the boarding begins, Blackwake becomes an FPS. You will have your loadouts with various guns to choose from, such as: a blunderbuss, a musket, or even just a standard pistol. Moments like calmly drinking tea at the heat of the battle to recover some hp while your friends yell orders and requests for help can be funny as well and adds to the charm of the game. One of the biggest positives for this game is that it has made communication very easy. Even if you don’t have a mic, you won’t have many problems since this game has a really well made commo rose similar to that found in the battlefield series. As you may have guessed, this was a great move by the devs as this game requires a lot of communication.

We’re flooding, Captain!
As for the negatives, the only one right now is the fact that the game doesn’t have a large player base, but you can chalk that down to the game being a niche early access game. Don’t expect this to be a problem after full release.

Pirates Night!
Personally, this is a fun game to play in some free time with friends. That being said, you can always find players on forums and such to organize play sessions with, quite easily. Trying to keep the chaos that the combat of Blackwake inevitably descends to with friends is an experience that you will want to keep returning to. The game is incredibly well made with the only problem being its somewhat small player base, but once you can find a few friends to play with, it won’t really be a problem. Recommended!

Reviewer: Sylla
Hunt Showdown
Hunt Showdown is one of the most unique shooters available in the market right now. It is a battle royale-esque, monster hunting, atmospheric survival shooter. I know that description sounds vague, but I will elaborate on it later. It is an early access game, so expect some bugs that will be ironed out in due time. The question is - is this game worth buying right now?

Ready to go hunting?
Genre Defining
That is a term that I feel describes Hunt Showdown the best. What do I mean? I gave a fairly vague description of the game above, but in all honesty that is probably only way to describe the game, because it is all of those things. If you were to ask me what genre this game is, then I would find it impossible to name one particular genre. This game is so many things combined into one awesome package; the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Okay, so what exactly do I do in this game?
As for what you do in this game, it’s a bit complicated. You go into a game with your character. There are also 9 other players who spawn in, including one teammate. You will spawn with four other players if you are playing solo. Your job is to try and hunt down a monster to complete your “bounty” mission. Your first step is to locate the monster by visiting various named locations around the map and finding clues, which will slowly direct you to the monster. Once you find the monster, you kill it. Then you “banish” the monster (erase its corpse), collect the loot, and extract. Simple, right? Wrong. When you are banishing, your location is revealed to the other players. You will also attract attraction from AI monsters, which are just as scary. Then you will be hunted and ambushed by other players as well as monsters, and you’ll have to fight your way to extract safely.

This can’t be a game, it looks real!
The things that immediately stand out about this game are the graphics and world design. It is a stunning game and with great ambient sounds and sound effects, does a wonderful job of making you immersed. If you choose to play in a night map, then you will get goosebumps and feel terrified as if you really were in a swamp with nightmarish monsters at night. They’ve done a terrific job in creating the atmosphere for the environment.On that note, even when traversing this gorgeous world, you have to be very careful due to the emphasis on sound in this game to pinpoint enemies. Trying to make your way through the woods? Then better make sure not to step on any branches, as they will give away your position. Walking through some ruins? Careful, if you step on some glass, then enemies will be hot on your tail. You literally have to think about your next step and that creates for tense gameplay moments, which is what makes it such a great experience!

A meaningful progression system
There is an overall account progression system in. This is something lacking in pretty much every battle royale game. Thankfully, in Hunt Showdown, you actually feel like you are doing something to progress even when you aren’t winning games all the time. You play as a “Hunter”, and gain xp throughout the game. If you your hunter dies, then you lose all of your gear as well but retain the xp. Then, you have to buy a new hunter and outfit them with new gear. As you level up your hunter, you gain perks like more health, better weapons, and better accuracy. You don’t need to win a game to gain xp, so you can just kill some AI monsters, find some clues, and extract just to level up the hunter. This makes each game slightly different. Are you low on cash? Then you better just try to get in and get out as quick as possible without attracting too much attention from other players. This adds an extra layer to the game and can also add to the suspense with high stakes.

Too good to be true?
As for the negatives, there are a few. Most of them are expected to be ironed out quickly, having been outlined in the developer’s roadmap for the game. The two main issues you may encounter are: the optimization/network issues, and the lack of content. The optimization issue is high on the devs' list and is being tackled actively. So, don’t expect it to be too much of an issue. As for the issue with content, there are only two bosses right now. While this is enough to keep you engaged for quite some time, but if you get really hooked into this game, you can burn out on it quickly. That being said, this is something the devs have mentioned on their roadmap and should be fixed in the future as well.

Hunt Showdown does a lot of things right. It has a lot to offer to a wide variety of people with different tastes. The odds are there is something in this game that will get you hooked, even if it is something like just looking at the gorgeous world. If you are planning on playing this game with a friend, then this game is definitely a must buy. For those planning on playing solo, while it is still worth it, I’d advise you to make friends in game. Playing with a teammate is where the game truly shines at and is the definitive version of this game. I’d rate the game 7.5/10 in its current state, but as the game approaches full release, with bug fixes and additional content, this game can easily be a 9+.

Reviewer: Sylla UG
Alien: Isolation
Alien: Isolation is an immersive space-horror game inspired by the fantastic Alien movie. While there have been several other games inspired/set in the universe of Alien, none of them have done it perfectly...until now. The game takes place 15 years after Alien, and you play as Amanda as she tries to survive and discover the secrets behind her mother’s death at the same time.

Are you ready for some goosebumps?
The Xenomorph is free!
The big bad of this game, as everyone probably knows by now, is the Xenomorph, the original Alien. One of the best gameplay design choices that the devs made was to have the Alien roam around unscripted. You will have no way of finding out when you are going to encounter the Alien; all you can do is sneak around quietly , hoping that the Alien didn’t hear you, because if it did, then you better run! This game will make you truly fear the Xenomorph.

Do you know what fear really is?
This game, as I have just said, will redefine the meaning of fear for you. You will be shaking in your seat as you play this! It will start off with you seeing the Alien’s tail slither as you just avoid an encounter, but then you will start to imagine you are seeing the Alien everywhere even when it’s not even close at all. This comes from the sheer terror of facing the Xenomorph! One of the things that adds a layer of horror is the fact that this game looks life-like. The visuals as well as the audio in this game are stunning. You will have a hard time telling apart from real life and the game as you run for your life. All in all, in any other game the realistic visuals wouldn’t be as effective as they are in this game, simply because of the fear factor.

An immersive game that breaks immersion
There are a couple of negatives when it comes to this game. The major issue I have is that you will not even encounter the Xenomorph until about 5 hours into the game, which just feels like it is setting too low a tempo for a game that should be much faster. The other issue that really breaks immersion is that for the most part of the game, which is about surviving this scary, murderous Alien, you will be fighting humans. Yup, you read that right. You would imagine that on a ship with an Alien killing everyone aboard, all the humans would stick together to survive, but no, apparently the humans are trying to kill you as well. This was most likely done to add a few extra hours to the game towards the end. It’s a shame as such a thing is totally unnecessary. The other immersion breaking flaw is that when you kill someone, you are unable to pick up their gun. The only reason this isn’t as big is because most guns aren’t much useful against the alien.

This is not only a fantastic horror game, but also a glorious tribute to the original Alien movie. Something which no other game has been able to do thus far. The game’s visuals still hold up even four years after launch. While the game has some issues, if you are a fan of horror, or the original Alien movie, then you will definitely enjoy this game. If you are faint-hearted, I wouldn’t recommend this game, and this is not a negative about the game; it simply shows how amazing of a horror game Alien: Isolation is.

Reviewer: David UG
Battle Brothers
Battle Brothers is a medieval, turn-based strategy game with management elements. This game is clearly inspired by Mount & Blade, which you can see in the way you go about trading, and travelling around the world map. The key difference from the said game is that Battle Brothers doesn’t have real-time combat, which is instead replaced by the turn-based strategy aspect. This is probably the best way to summarize this game.

Think before you attack
Combat in Battle Brothers has been done incredibly well, and this is coming from someone who is very picky about turn based strategy games! You have a variety of warriors, ranging from your standard archers or swordsman to people with pitchforks. You can arrange your team in various formations which have unique features and provide their own boosts. On top of that, each individual character will level up and develop their own perks. As a result, you will easily get attached to certain characters; especially when the lone survivor from a long drawn battle goes on to level up and fight for you in many successful battles. But you better be careful. Your characters love can be lost forever due to some foolish mistakes. Furthermore, There are many enemies with their own unique mechanics. Some of them even delve into the realm of fantasy. For example, you will encounter zombies who can come back to life and some monsters who will consume the dead to become stronger and you better be weary.

Finding your golden trade route
One of the things that the game clearly take inspiration from M&B is the way trading is done, as well as the town aspect. Each town has its own kind of economy such as mining, farming, fishing etc. As a result, each town will sell certain goods cheaper and will pay more for certain goods. For example, a farming town will sell you food for cheap, but at the same time, it will pay a hefty sum for a mineral or gem. You will quickly pick up on these things and will look to find your own trade route, which will ensure you get maximum profits in no time!

It looks a bit...unappealing
The aesthetics is the only place I that can give some negative critique to this game. It isn’t the best and will definitely make a few players stay away from the game. However, once you look past the game’s looks and into what the game holds, then you will definitely be pleased with the game.

Are you ready to lose endless hours?
Battle Brothers will do just that. This is the kind of game you will start playing only to look at the clock later to see that you spent the entire day just playing it! That being said, people who don’t enjoy this kind of game will probably not enjoy this one either as it does not reinvent the wheel. However, this is very good in what it does. I wholeheartedly recommend this game. Definitely worth buying!

Reviewer: Dark0wnt UG
Extinction is a Hack and Slash action game with procedurally generated worlds. You play as a hero tasked with saving humanity from...well, extinction! You have to save small pockets of civilization on each map and fight off against the bosses - giants. .

Attack, attack and attack!
Most of the time you will be fighting off against smaller mobs around a small group of people you are trying to save. Once you defeat the enemies in an area, you have to activate a pillar that will ensure that that group of people are saved from the monsters around. Periodically, huge giants will pop up, and you have to fight them. Basically, they are the bosses of each level. But wait, you can’t just go and hack them to death. Each giant will have pieces of armour around its legs, arms, neck, shoulders, and head. You first have to break these pieces of armour, after which you can proceed to take out said body part of the giant. As you slowly do this, you can expose more parts, and once you have exposed enough, you can strike a finishing blow on the giant.

So which map? Oh wait, it doesn’t really matter
There are a few cities you can choose from to play in, but they all are procedurally generated with minor differences. As a result, what might have been an important decision becomes an irrelevant one. This feels like a missed opportunity as they could have made each city, while being randomly generated, have its own features like different types of enemies or additional environmental elements like lava or earthquakes and such. Yet, as they are randomly generated, it does add a bit of replayability to the game which is a good thing.

Remember to fill your damage boost!
One very unique and nice mechanic is that devs have added to this game, is the boost feature. There is a “damage boost” bar next to the minimap, alongside with the health bar. As you kill more mobs and destroy more chunks of armour from the giants, this bar fills up and increases your damage. The game rewards you for playing, and the rewards encourage you to play more at the same time.

Okay, so what else?
Sadly, there isn’t anything else to do in the game which is a big shame, because it is fun to play. The game would be better with a proper progression system or co-op, but the game doesn’t have those features whatsoever.

Should you pick this up?
It’s a tough question. The game does have a bit to offer, but sometimes it feels repetitive, unless you really like melee combat; only then I would definitely say that it is worth it. You can have quite a bit of fun in this game to make it worth picking up. Also, if they add co-op at any point in the future then it would definitely be worth its price tag. In any other case, it is recommended to wait for a big price drop or a deep sale.

Reviewer: Emma UG
Phantom Doctrine
Phantom Doctrine is an espionage based, turn based strategy game set in the Cold War era during the 1980s. The game also has a management element in the way you manage your group of spies and send them on missions around the world. It is similar to the XCOM games and has aided in the resurgence of the genre in the last few years.

Ready for 40 hours of sneaking?
Global Spies
You start off by creating your character. The game offers a lot of choices from how you look to whether you are ex-CIA or ex-KGB, although some of the choices just affect your character’s backstory or starting location rather than the game, going forward. The game takes place in three main phases. The first phase is the base management, which involves managing your spies, hiring more spies, etc. The second phase is the mission deployment phase where you send your spies on missions all over the world with the objective usually being to stop the spies from the enemy faction. The last phase is the infiltration and combat phase. Once you deploy a spy, you get put into the infiltration stage where you go around the mission location to find clues while staying hidden from the enemies. The combat stage gets initiated either when you get spotted during infiltration, or at the end of the infiltration stage. The combat phase is similar to most turn-based strategy games where you have a limited number of action and firing points to position your spies and periodically take shots at the enemies.

Sound and Graphics
The game’s graphics are not stunning, but the aesthetic choices make it look truly amazing. The game puts an emphasis on the foggy, grey and dark environments that make it feel like a spy movie, and as a result, makes it look much better than it actually is. This game shows how much better a game can look with the right design choices. The game’s sound and music are also spot on with the overall design choices. The beat of the music feels in place with the pace of the game. The only place that I can fault Phantom Doctrine is that the guns feel a bit lacking in terms of kick when firing it.

The Visibility Issue
The game does have a couple of minor issues. The main one being an issue with visibility. Sometimes, you will think that you are well hidden behind a wall, but it turns out that an enemy can see you from two blocks away. Games that choose this camera view have to do a better job of showing from where you are hidden and where you are not. Also as a result of this, it feels like you are never fully hidden, and an enemy can take a shot that grazes you from any angle, which is very unrealistic. Another tiny gripe I have with this game is it puts too much of an emphasis on stealth, but this can also be a point of attraction for some players.

Should you buy it?
I’d say that this game is certainly worth a buy. If you are craving for more XCOM, then you will feel right at home! However, if you can’t handle too much stealth then I’d advise against it. That being said, it isn’t too much of an issue. This game is a fantastic addition to the genre, as well as anyone’s steam library!

Reviewer: Linus UG
State of Decay Year One Survival Edition
State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition is a post zombie apocalypse, open world survival game. Yes, I know that this genre has titles in abundance, but this game truly differentiates itself from the rest of the crowd. If you are looking for a game that offers an experience like what you would have imagined from a Walking Dead action game, then this is probably the title for you.

All about the game
Like a Walking Dead game not by Telltale
That would be an apt description for this game. The Telltale games were more about a story told that was set in the same world as the Walking Dead series, but this is a game where you experience being in a similar world. State of Decay is also a sandbox game. Yes, you can do missions, but at the same time you can run off and explore the world, build up your home base with other survivors, and go looting while fighting off horde of zombies that are after you. There is a semi-decent story, but that is not what this game is about at all. You will have a lot more fun by just going around and doing whatever you want. Another thing that makes this game enjoyable is that it is fairly casual compared to other hardcore survival games. So, if you just want to lay back and enjoy this game, you can do that without feeling like you have to be putting in more effort to succeed in the game. The game even also has a simplified inventory system, which can be both a good and a bad thing. For those that are looking for that little bit more immersion or hardcore experience, you may be disappointed by this system, but then again this shouldn’t be the game that you are expect a hardcore experience from.

Hack and Slash
The game has a variety of melee weapons as well as some guns. One thing that ensures that the experience is casual and still fun is that even if you don’t have ammo or a gun, you can always do well with melee weapons. It results in the game feeling very Hack and Slash like. For people that don’t like that kind of experience, they can always stick to the guns. In doing so, it caters to a wide variety of players.

It’s Clunky…
There are a couple of negatives that can be a turn off for some people. The big one is that sometimes the controls feel clunky on keyboard and mouse, but this isn’t an issue when playing with controllers. Also, the inventory can feel a bit too casual. Items have a weight value, which affects your movement. Yet at the same time, every single item takes up the same amount of inventory space, which feels a bit out of place. All in all, I can’t complain too much about these issues; as mentioned before, the game is meant for a casual experience.

Is it worth it?
If you are looking for a Walking Dead like experience, but with a lot of fighting zombies, then this is the game. Although this does not have the IP or any of the actual Walking Dead experience, this is the closest thing to that experience. It is also very casual friendly and caters to a wide variety of players. In addition to that, the base game is available in the Year One Standard Edition, which is similar to a GOTY Edition. You get the base game along with two DLCs for a lower price! The DLCs are great, and will surely add to your experience.

Reviewer: David UG
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
What’s there to be said about Skyrim that has not already been said? Skyrim is the definition of a classic role-playing game. It is the yardstick by which all RPGs are judged. If you have been living under a rock and want to know about Skyrim is, then you’ve come to the right place. You start off the game as a prisoner who is about to be executed, and on the way, you are slowly informed about the state of the world and the factions in conflict. As you are resting your head on the chopping block, a dragon comes and throws everything into disarray. As you escape, you choose between 2 factions(doesn’t really have too much of an impact) and are given a simple task to start you off.

This game is what you make of it
Okay, then what?
You may be wondering what to do next, and that is the beauty of this game. You can do whatever you want. You have no obligations or appointments; you can do as you please. You can choose to go hunting for monsters, you can go explore caves, or you can do the main quests and help your faction in their tasks as you ultimately try and kill the dragons. The world is your oyster and the game is what you make of it. You may want to go into the world of wizardry, in which case you would want to check out the school for magic and take a few classes. You want to go kill monsters? Better head out to the mountains and unexplored caves that are filled with monsters loot waiting for you.

What’s so ‘special’ about this edition?
This edition is the ultimate edition available. It comes with the base game plus all the DLCs as well as remastered graphics. If you haven’t played Skyrim yet for some reason, then pick this up. If you are looking to experience Skyrim again, but don’t want to deal with the outdated graphics and bugs then this is also worth a buy. This is the perfect pack for anyone looking to enjoy a bit of Skyrim. Oh, one thing that hasn’t changed are the chickens. DO NOT kill the chickens unless you want an entire village on your tail seeking revenge!

Mods, mods and more mods
Skyrim is pretty much what made modding mainstream. If you want a more unique Skyrim experience then modding is what you need and while skyrim has every kind of mod imaginable, the Skyrim: Special Edition has its Script Extender only in Alpha. Still, there are a lot of mods ranging from enhanced graphics to reskinning the entire game into something cartoon-y is available to you. There are already numerous mods for the game and more are to be expected as the script extender inches closer to full release.

What’s ‘not so special’
Sadly, Bethesda missed out on a massive opportunity to improve much upon the original game. While the graphics are better than the original, it is by no means up to modern standards. The other issue I have would be the Bethesda Creation Club. While this has made modding your game more streamlined, they have tried using it in an exploitative manner, which is a shame. Nonetheless, steam workshop and third party modding sites are always there. All in all, there aren’t any true negatives to be worried about if you are looking for a good game.

Is it worth it?
If I haven’t been clear by this point, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING IN THIS GAME. As long as you are okay playing an open world, action-adventure fantasy game you will have a blast with this. The best part is each person experiences this game differently. You may choose to do things that your friend had no idea that you could even do. It encourages multiple plays with different playstyles and different character archetypes, which adds to the overall replayability of the game. That with the large modding community for the game should make it a memorable experience for years to come.

Reviewer: Dark0wnt UG
Monster Hunter: World
Monster Hunter: World is, as the name suggests, a monster hunting game. It is an action-adventure game with looting elements which you may expect from an mmo-lite, which this game can be considered as one. You party up with other players or play solo as you go around this gorgeous world and slay monster after monster to collect the loot and bounties available. If you do not enjoy fighting the same or similar bosses over and over, then I do not think this game is for you. That being said, this game does have a very fluid combat system that is satisfying which should help combat the repetitive feeling.

Hunter Creation
This game has a very in-depth character creation, or as it’s called in the game, hunter creation menu. There are a wide variety of options when it comes to customizing your hunter’s aesthetics and appearance. Beyond the cosmetics, the real depth is in the customization of the class of your hunter. You can be ranged or melee, or a tank and more; there is a lot that you can change. This offers a sense of replayability by switching your character’s roles for different play sessions and such. The game also lets you create a palico, cat-like companion, that assists you throughout your missions and makes even playing solo feel like a co-op session.

Loot, loot and more loot
This game has loot…. A LOT OF LOOT. You have a wide variety of weapons to choose from when you are setting out to slay your next monster. You have a wide variety of armour to choose from so that you are ready to block damage for your friends in the next hunt. You have a wide variety of potions that will assist you on your journey. While there will always be an ‘optimal’ choice, the game doesn’t limit you to it. You have a fighting chance with whatever gear you choose to use. A big plus is that the game doesn’t punish you for not playing in the optimal fashion. Instead, it rewards you for playing with a good chance of getting the loot you want, each time you go hunting.This significantly lessens the grindy feeling that is there with other games in this genre. If you enjoy the grind, then don’t worry. You will only enjoy this more, and even if you don’t enjoy the grind, as mentioned before, this game manages the feeling very well.

A true co-op experience
This game is great fun playing solo, but it truly shines when playing with friends. If you are looking for a game for you and your friends to enjoy over a weekend, then this game is the one for you. Don’t get me wrong, playing solo is enjoyable, but this game was built ground up for co-op, and Capcom has advertised it as such. Going around slaying all the monsters of the world while chatting with your friends is a very memorable experience.

Yet, this is also where the place where the game has one serious issue. It has connectivity issues, and that can be game-breaking, especially since the game doesn’t autosave in the middle of a hint. While this has improved from when it first released, it can still be found in some cases, which can put a rather abrupt and distasteful end to your play sessions with friends.

Go hunting!
Well, what are you waiting for? Go get your adventure started! This game is a must buy. It is a great experience that only gets better when played with friends. Monster Hunter: World will give you hundreds of hours of fun and enjoyment.

Reviewer: ClockWound UG
Graveyard Keeper
Graveyard Keeper is described as the most inaccurate medieval cemetery management sim RPG by the devs Lazy Bear Games; it sums up the game pretty well. The game is a management sim RPG with a heavy emphasis on crafting. The setting of the game is that the main character gets hit by a car and somehow ends up in this world where a talking skull introduces you to managing the namesake graveyard. You also need to farm and do a plethora of other activities, like smithing, farming, cooking to make progress. However, you spend much of the game doing things other than tending to the graveyard, like trying to make burgers using meat from the corpses brought from the town by your donkey, who also happens to be a communist.

The Good
The game has a lot of things going for it. It boasts beautiful pixel art with an incredible level of detail. Especially, the water in the game looks stunning. The NPCs you interact with have animations, like the bishop’s who always pulls out a mirror to check how he looks, which shows their personality. This adds to how detailed the game feels. The game also has a sense of humor, often morbidly so, that manages to stay consistent throughout the game and lends to the charm. It pokes fun at traditional fetch / deliver quest in the first fetch/ deliver quest!

The gameplay is mostly enjoyable. The crafting system in this game is deep. The various systems in this game intertwine to grant a large number of options that you can pursue to progress further in the game with. Collecting crop wastes to make compost manure also nets you a few maggots, which you can consume for extra energy (yuck!), or use use as a bait to get rare fishes in the fishing minigame. Furthermore, the alchemy system that you unlock later in the game has a lot of depth as well. The game has a hands-on approach, and beyond the first 10 minutes, you will rarely receive any tutorial or hints on how to do things. It’s fantastic for people who like to learn through trial and error and experimentation. Despite the game’s plot being there only as a device for the game’s setting, completing quests for different NPCs and piecing their stories to learn more about the NPCs, and the world by extension, is a rewarding experience. Even though the combat isn’t anything to write home about, there is also a dungeon with 15 increasingly large, difficult levels that you can go through for some rare items that can be used in alchemy and various quests.

The Bad
That being said, the game also has its fair share of problems. The game still feels incomplete with how some of the tech trees in the late game don’t provide noticeable benefits. Plus, the game has a location in-game that’s teased, that you can get a pass for, but aren’t allowed to go into; it’s not in the game. The devs have cheekily teased it as being available as a DLC soon, but for what’s a full release of the game, this is unacceptable. Next, The incredibly small stamina bar can make it difficult for you to do anything in the early game without going to bed every few minutes. On top of that, with how slow the playable character moves, it can feel like you are spending a lot of your time in-game walking and sleeping. These issues can be fixed with potions and items, but they are not viable early in the game. Also, since the game doesn’t provide any hints, you will be fumbling around, trying to figure things out, which could be fun in and of itself. However, when it comes to elements like the alchemy system, they are not very intuitive, and you will likely be stuck using precious resources trying to craft potions only to get goo. For instance, there is neither a hint anywhere in the game nor is it intuitive that distilling an onion would get me toxic extract, the same onion that I use to make edible, energizing burgers. To help with this, the game does have a fully detailed wiki, but having to pause the game to look at alchemy recipes every time you need a new potion or solution really breaks the immersion.

In addition to that, there’s another problem with the game which can make it or break it for you. The feeling of satisfaction in these games comes through making a steady progress measured through the completion of quests and goals. Many of the quests in the game can feel hopelessly out of reach; so much so that it can take more than a few hours of grind to complete those. This makes you feel like you’re not making enough progress, which severely impacts the game’s enjoyment factor. What’s more, you can only meet some NPCs in a day of the 6 week cycle. Since there is no option to skip days, you’ll find yourself mindlessly grinding away just so that you can get to that particular day to meet that particular NPC. This, paired with the problems with quest difficulty mentioned above, can make the game feel frustrating with moments where you forget about what you were trying to do and feel like the game is trying to stop you even though it’s supposed to not hold your hands at all. I’ve almost deleted the game a couple of times because of this.

There are also a couple of other technical issues with the game. The game has frequent stuttering, especially in certain kinds of in-game menus. It’s not enough to break the game, but is noticeable and takes away from the experience. There are also a few bugs in the game. I have even encountered a few that crash the game to the desktop. With how the game saves only after sleeping, this has made me lose some progress made in a single day, which makes the problem worse if you’re already deep into the game. Credit must be given where it’s due, though; the dev team is constantly rolling out patches and has promised content updates.

In a Nutshell
All in all, Graveyard Keeper at its best is a funny game where you run around crafting burgers, growing crops, burying bodies to complete the weird quests that the NPCs have for you. At its worst, Graveyard Keeper can become a slog with frequent alt-tabbing to look at the wiki for help, and grinding for quests that are far out of reach only to get a similar quest once you’ve completed it. My experience with graveyard keeper was a mixed bag with the issues mentioned above being almost unbearable at times. Still, this doesn’t change that graveyard keeper is a charmingly funny cemetery management sim that can offer you hours of fun. The game feels like it should have been an early release seeing that it needs more updates to fix issues and add more content to be what it promises to be, but when that is done, this will be a memorable experience for the fans of this genre. Until then, I can only recommend buying this game if it’s on sale, or if you are are a big fan of these kind of games.

Reviewer: Cloudyreader UG
XCOM 2 is a turn-based strategy game set in the fantastic XCOM universe. The premise to the story is that there has been an alien invasion and it is up to you to form a task force and save the human race. The game is a part military, part sci-fi strategy game. It offers slightly futuristic variants of familiar weapon classes to use, depending on the soldiers you recruit. The game also has a base management system where you can upgrade your home base. Doing this offers you more options get new soldiers, to upgrade your soldiers and their weapons and skills so that you can improve your chances for defeating the aliens. .

A modern turn-based strategy game
Right now, there aren’t too many turn-based strategy games. While there are some such as the Divinity games, those are more focused on the narrative rather than purely on strategy like XCOM. As a fan of strategy games, I am thankful for XCOM 2 as it has filled that void, and done so really well. For those of you that don’t know how the game works, you choose a small group from your army to go into a mission, and are given specific goals. Each of your characters are given a certain number of points to move and attack the enemy. You have to spend them wisely as you can’t move after attacking, and you don’t want to leave your soldiers vulnerable. More importantly, the only thing that matters is the objective. You can, AND WILL, lose many soldiers that you get attached to. Maybe your very first soldier will have to be sacrificed at the last mission, or risk failing instead. You better be willing to make sacrifices. This risk-based system isn’t seen in many games these days. Most games will be so easy that you never lose a soldier, and if you do, you can always reset the mission and complete it without having to give anyone up.

A full-fledged base management system
You are given the chance to manage your base, and this mechanic is so feature filled that you would think you are playing a management game. You are in a ship with multiple compartments where you can create wide variety of stations for your army. From tech labs to an armory, it’s all there. There are also benefits to placing certain labs next to each other and this creates its own mini-game of sorts. Some players may not enjoy this, but if you are a fan of strategy games (which this is) you will most likely enjoy this additional layer of strategy and planning.

A weird…restriction?
My biggest gripe with XCOM 2 is this weird time limit restriction on a turn. This forces you to rush a bit which defeats the main attraction for turn-based strategy game fans. While it can add to the atmosphere of everything being urgent and difficult, if you aren’t a fan of that system, there is, thankfully, a solution for that: mods.

Mods are one of those things that make PC often the superior platform to play games on, and the game has them in spades. The most important mod, something I feel that everyone should play this game with, is the one that removes the turn time limit. This will make the game a lot more enjoyable and open to multiple playstyles, which should make it appealing to most strategy fans.

A modern classic
As mentioned before, this game is set in the fabled XCOM universe and is a sequel to multiple XCOM games which are considered by many to be classics. XCOM 2 had a lot of expectations to meet, and having played XCOM 2, I can comfortably say that this game is a perfect sequel. It will go down as a classic; a must have in anyone’s steam library. This game does everything right from the previous games while also improving on those systems and adding new ones that fit right in with the theme of the game.

A must buy?
In short, yes this is a must buy. In more words, what are you waiting for, just go and buy it! This is a game I would recommend for everyone, even for newcomers to strategy games as this game has a fairly easy difficulty mode that shouldn’t be a challenge to anyone. When you do scale up the difficulty, you get one tough strategy game that doesn’t pull back its punches when it comes to punishing you, but making through it all is all the more satisfying. The only negative is that you need a separate mod to enjoy the game fully without feeling pressured to rush the game, which some players still might enjoy. It’s a great addition to any gamer’s library, and there’s no reason keep yourself from enjoying it.

Reviewer: Groiig UG
Divinity: Original Sin II
Divinity: Original Sin 2 is an isometric (top-down view), turn-based RPG. The game has a fantastic and sandbox elements with many deep systems that provide hundreds of hours of content.

Class Creation like you’ve never seen
This game has an in-depth class creation system that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen in other game. It has all the standard stuff of being able to choose your race, gender, appearance, and attribute points. It is here that the fun begins. You can choose your character’s class, and based on your chosen class and attributes, you get to choose 3 abilities that you can use in combat (of which some have effects outside of combat as well). Then you choose some perks. These perks don’t offer any stat upgrades, but change the way you can play the game ever so slightly. I do talk about one specific ‘Pet Pal’ perk later on in the review.

Next, you have what I find to be the most interesting part of this menu - the backstory. You can choose from a few predefined backstories for your character that give your character a few fixed perks, as well as some specific objectives in the main game, and change the way your character behaves slightly. You have a choice of around 10 stories and each one changes the way you play this game, offering immediate replayability. If you want to, you can also choose a blank character with no story and make your own way in this amazing world that Larian Studios have created. Making things even more interesting, you can also meet these other characters in the game and hear about their missions and backstories!

A proper RPG
One thing that I absolutely love about Divinity: Original Sin 2 is how it is a true RPG. What do I mean by this? Think of Skyrim, where there are actual consequences to your actions. There isn’t always a right or wrong choice to make. Sometimes, you will have to sacrifice a member of your party, and a future side quest might become unavailable to you because you needed that character.

The other thing that makes this game a proper RPG is proper consequences to your ‘everyday actions’. If you want to take some goods from someone’s house, then don’t think you can walk in, loot everything and walk out with no consequences. If you are caught in the act, then you better run and not show your face in the town for a while. If you do and are caught by the authorities, then expect to spend some time in jail. What makes it all the more engaging is the amount of freedom you are given over your choices. You can send the remaining members of your party to break out the jailed member, or you can do some quests to collect the money for bail, or you can even just leave them there for a while! All in all, this is a proper RPG, unlike most modern RPGs where you can walk in to an NPCs house and rob them of everything while they treat you like a king from the get-go.

Intricate story with a lot of replayability
The game has one of the best stories in a video game that I have ever experienced. It has twists and turns with many layers of depth. There are also a LOT of side quests, and they aren’t always fetch quests, or just there so you can grind up levels. Many of them add a lot of small bits to the story and game world. Learning more about the world naturally always adds to the satisfaction of completing the quests and, hence, immersion. On a side note, while this isn’t necessary, please take the ‘Pet Pal’ perk available at the start of the game. This perk will let you converse with animals, and you will have a lot of hilarious conversations with them. You will be able to get a lot of quests from these animals which you would usually miss out on if you didn’t have the perk. It’s highly recommended that you get this perk so that you can spice up your playthrough and make it even more enjoyable.

Taking into account the impact of your decision in quests, character creation, and perks, it is obvious that the game branches out in a lot of paths, and you will surely miss out on a lot of content in a single playthrough. You could be on your 10th playthrough only to realize that there were several quests hidden in your previous playthrough only available now because of your choices. With how fun the game is, you will be replaying it a lot and still be discovering new things about the game. Simply put, this game has an amazing value for money in terms of both quality and quantity of the content.

For the negatives..
NOPE. There isn’t any part of the game that fails to deliver. Unlike how it can be with games of this design, even the combat is a great aspect of the game. Although some players may not enjoy turn based style combat, I must say that this is a thoroughly in-depth combat system similar to what is seen in games such as XCOM, which are purely based on their combat! Although the combat could have been tedious after you’ve played this game for about a hundred hours, I can’t say that I found it so (admittedly, I am a fan of turn based strategy games). I still enjoy it now! If you really dislike the combat, then it’s not a big deal. You can avoid a large number of combat engagements just by talking your way out of it! Another aspect of this game that makes it a true RPG.

This is the only word I can say that would do justice to this game. I have nothing to nitpick about with this game. It is an amazing experience even for players who don’t enjoy turn based combat! Oh, and not to mention Steam Workshop support for everyone’s favourite mods. You can find many mods that customize this game to your taste! You won’t regret getting this game.

Reviewer: Michael UG & Emma UG
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical, team based first person shooter that can be considered semi-hardcore, especially when compared to most other shooters in the market. In this extremely competitive game, you can almost certainly kill anyone with just 1 bullet irrespective of gun as long as you have the skill for headshots. This is where the beauty of this game lies; there are several complicated mechanics, but in the end, it comes down to one thing - headshots. Don’t worry if you aren’t that good with aiming, you can always play a supporting role. The wide variety of operators allow you to contribute to and help your team without being the top fragger.

A hero shooter or a shooter with heroes?
First off, what’s the difference between those two? A hero shooter is a game similar to Overwatch and Paladins. It revolves around the characters you choose to play and counter-picking enemy heroes, and using their skillset, kit to fight the enemies. Now, what’s a shooter with heroes? Well, it’s a shooter with heroes! But seriously, what I mean is a game that is primarily focused on being a shooter, but also offers unique hero kits to aid you, and that is exactly what siege is. This game is definitely an FPS first; you can even pick the Recruit, vanilla operator with no special gadget, and still contribute to the team by getting them headshots! At the same time, each operator offers that little bit of flair and uniqueness that makes them enjoyable to play. On top of that, each operator has a different speed+armour and their own set of guns that can only be played by operators of the same unit. Combining all of this, it is easy to tell that Siege is an FPS game with operators that adds their own bit of flair for a lot of varied combat scenarios.

Destructible environments
This is the probably the biggest selling point of the game. The destruction in this game is something akin to the old battlefield games. You can destroy almost everything one way or another. My most memorable moment in the game, after about 200 hours of play, has to be this one time when I was killed (yes, it was a death) through a hole someone had made in a solid wall. He melee’d the wall and made a tiny hole that was barely enough to see through. Even though I died, I was not at all salty. I was awestruck by how cool that was. All I wanted was to try the same thing out next round. The environmental destruction in this game is truly amazing, and its implementation is not just limited to fancy graphics but also factors in as an important part of the gameplay.

The next-gen esport?
This game is making huge strides in the esports scene, and the very design of the game with the emphasis on proper communication makes it seem like this is the perfect esports shooter. One of the mechanics that make it perfect for esports is the droning system. You are given 2 drones as an attacker to scout the map and find the defenders’ setup. You could mark the locations of enemies temporarily but it would reveal to them that you have a drone nearby. As a result, it is much better to just see where they are and instead of marking them, just communicate to your teammates that there is an enemy there. This will keep your drone hidden, unless the defenders manually spot it, but more importantly, it won’t let them know that you know where they are. This simple mechanic is so well suited for esports that it is no surprise Rainbow Six Siege is popular in the esports scene.

Pay to win?
This game has so much going for it that it is hard to fault it. The only place that I can complain is the price of the operators. Still, even in this you are pretty much good to go, as long as you don’t get the starter edition which makes the game incredibly grindy. While it will take you a while to unlock operators, it will keep things fresh and simple for newer players. Above all, like I’ve said before, you can still pick the Recruit and still contribute to the team by getting kills; it is not any easier to get kills on fancy operators compared to Recruit. All in all, while it is ‘pay to skip the grind’, it isn’t really too much of a negative as there will still be plenty of other operators that are fun to play.

Go forth and ‘siege’ this game
Sorry for the bad pun haha.. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a well balanced game with it’s unique flair and an active community. This game is definitely a must buy if you enjoy competitive shooters, or even just multiplayer shooters in general. Another friendly reminder that you’re strongly recommended to buy the advanced edition instead of starter edition. In the end, the only thing you have to worry about after you get the game is the missing hours in your life as it will just eat your time up.

Reviewer: Michael UG
Subnautica is an aquatic-themed survival exploration game. The premise of the game is that your spaceship has crashed on this primarily water-filled planet. You are aware of alien life present on the planet and are armed with just a knife. You must explore and survive, with your end goal being get off the planet by rebuilding your ship.

Early access done right
I’d like to start off by pointing out that this game started out in early access and has been completed. There aren’t many games that do that these days. A lot of developers just take the cash and announce the full release the game without fulfilling their promises, or don’t even release it at all!. Early access survival games are mostly seen as a cash grab rather than an opportunity to make a good game. If anyone is interested in seeing how to go about making an early access game, then Subnautica is the perfect example. The devs deserve kudos for their work and integrity.

Mediocre story, No combat
You read that right. The gameplay is ok, and combat is pretty much non-existent in this game. Your only lethal weapon is a knife in a huge ocean, the primary biome, filled with creatures that want to kill you. The beauty of this game lies in its emphasis on exploration without any combat. You are aware of the alien presence near your crash site from the beginning. You explore to discover hidden caves and bases which give you new technology that helps you fix your ship. The game might not have any combat, but it shows that not every survival game needs to be about killing everything in your way.

Beautiful World
The game is gorgeous. When you are underwater, the god rays moving make it look lifelike. It gives the water this turquoise tint that makes everything underneath, from plants, to animals, and even the terrain, pop and give it a little more edge. This ties in well with the biggest plus point to this game: the exploration. While exploring in other games may be tedious, and even feel like a chore, in this one, it fits right in with the outstanding visuals present.

What about replayability?
Sadly, this is one thing the game lacks. There isn’t really any incentive to play the game again after finishing it as the story is mediocre, and once you’ve explored everything, you pretty much know everything about the game. Although, there is a creative mode which eliminates what threats there are and lets you build amazing bases you can call home. Thankfully, the crafting and base building systems are fully fleshed out and this game mode is a fun experience.

A simple yet wonderful game
As you may be able to tell by now, this game is very simple, yet a fun experience. It doesn’t try to do much and what it does, it delivers phenomenally well. If you are looking for a casual game that you can kick back and enjoy, then this is it. Whether it is after a rough day’s work, or through the Sunday afternoon, this game will relax you and keep you hooked at the same time. I haven’t even mentioned that it is just the type of game that showcases the beauty of VR and should be a plus point for VR gamers. Subnautica offers about 20 hours of content, and would make a fine addition to the steam library of anyone who likes relaxing games with an emphasis on exploration. Definitely recommended!

Reviewer: Kevin UG
Strange Brigade
Strange Brigade is a third person shooter with some elements of adventure games. In short, this is a modern day Left 4 Dead game. You can team up with up to 3 friends and fight mummies and other monsters, as you try and find all collectibles and complete missions. It sounds good enough on paper, but is this game worth it?

Left 4 Dead in 2018?
I wouldn’t be surprised if you thought this was a remastered version of the classic game series in third person perspective. Although it isn’t by the same developers, it does have that same fun factor, especially when played in co-op. Although it doesn’t have the same mods and is in third person, I am certain that any fan of the Left 4 Dead games, and even those who aren’t, will enjoy this game.

Game Modes and Loadouts
Strange Brigade has a campaign of around 10 missions with each taking somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour to complete, depending on your skill and difficulty setting. I recommend playing this game on medium or hard difficulty, and avoiding easy altogether. There is also a horde mode where you just try to survive for as long as possible, which is pretty standard in these kind of games.

As for loadouts, you have a choice between 3 characters. Each one of the characters have a unique primary, secondary, grenade, and special ability. You can unlock more special abilities and weapons through the collection system and by bringing back gold from the end of each game. I will touch on these systems more later on.

Also an adventure game?
I did call this Strange Brigade an adventure game at the start of this review, and I will explain why I said so. While it isn’t as much of an adventure game as Tomb Raider or Uncharted games, it does have some elements that make it an adventure game. For one, there is a puzzle system. While most of these puzzles are quite simple and won’t really challenge you for too long, they do freshen things up in the game and break the monotony of shooting hordes of monsters. There are also various items to collect, each of which make you stronger.

There are also a variety of monsters and bosses for you to discover in different locations. All of these one behave slightly differently, which, again, keeps the game fresh to play and enjoyable even for long sittings.

Collect ‘em all!
As mentioned before, there are a lot of collectibles in this game. It’s a relief that they are nothing like those trivial collectibles found in other games. Usually, there will be 6 collectibles of a set per level/mission, and collecting all of them will give you access to a treasure room which rewards you with a lot of gold. There are also hidden relics that you can find. You have this scrapbook of relics. Every time you finish a page of the scrapbook, you are rewarded with the ability to purchase an amulet. Now, what this is amulet? It is basically a new super ability for your character, and there are some amulets with really cool bonuses for you to choose from. You can also get more weapons for your character with unique abilities like a gun that freezes enemies, and such.

Bang for your Buck?
Overall, this game has a lot of things that keeps it fresh and is great fun, especially with friends. At full price, I can understand why you may be on the fence, as this game is quite expensive. What I will say is that if you are planning on playing with friends, don’t worry about getting your money’s worth back, because you will. Nonetheless, you could pick it up when it is on-sale if you are still on the fence about getting it. Definitely recommended!

Reviewer: Emma UG
This Is the Police 2
This is the Police 2 is a crime management game, where you takeover as the Chief of the town’s local Police Station. You are tasked with having to manage and take care of all the crimes that go on in the town. Nice concept, right? But does it live up to it?

Good Cop, Bad Cop
The cops in this game, have a mind of their own. If you are not nice to them then way you need them to pull through for you and maybe work overtime they won’t. And this is where the management aspect of the game comes in. Sometimes at the start of the game when the cops come to you with requests for a day off, or fewer working hours it’s good if you are able to give them that and keep them happy because later on when you have a barrage of 911 calls coming in, they will have your back and come through for you. But if you are a jerk and just make them work overtime from day 1 then expect them to leave you stranded when you need them the most.

The game also checks your ability to weed out the bad cops. Some of the cops you get are just rotten apples. All they will ask for is time off and not really put in any effort. If you are unable to pick them out from the rest, then you will have a hard time at this game. But this is a fun mechanic as this game is primarily a management game.

Riot at a restaurant or just a long line?
Sometimes the game throws curve balls at you. For example, you will get a call about a riot in a public place but it will just be a large crowd waiting outside. You will have to be able to pick up on these small signs that tell you whether a 911 call is an actual emergency or a prank call. While this isn’t really that important at the beginning, later o, when you are getting call after call and can’t risk sending out officers for prank calls you better be ready. This is also taken to an extreme sometimes and breaks immersion. Some of the calls you get are just so unrealistic that it brings you back to reality that this is just a game. This is a small issue I have with this game, but it can be deal breaking for more hardcore players.

Same as the first game?
Well, not really. While it has the same systems, it also builds on those systems and improves them significantly. It also adds this new turn-based combat system that shows up randomly and only in specific firefight situations. And considering the price is quite low for this game I would say that they have done enough to warrant making a sequel.

Worth it or not?
In my opinion this game is definitely worth it. While it is quite a niche game, it also makes it welcome to newer players to the genre. This is a fun, little game that is also cheap. In my opinion the price fits the value offered and even though the game has a couple of negatives I have no issue recommending this fun game.

Reviewer: David UG
Rimworld is a simple but expansive indie, survival-management game with an emergent story. Curious as to what this exactly means? Read on! You start off with a small group of survivors on a foreign planet. You have to ensure they survive and maybe even start their own settlement/civilisation so that they can thrive!

A completely customisable experience
When you start a fresh game, you are given a huge variety of options to customise your experience. You can change difficulties, your starting location, your survivors’ backstory and so much more. The biggest aspect of this has to be the ‘Storytellers’ but more on this in the next section. If you want to play a game while laid back on a Sunday afternoon then you can make this game so, if you want a challenging experience that keeps you on your toes then you can customise this game to be just that. It’s all left to you.

Emergent Story
This is a big selling point for this game. Each time you play this game, irrespective of your customisation choices, it feels different, and this is why. This is also the place where your choice of Storyteller matters. You are given quite a few choices. But first, what exactly are these storytellers and why do they matter so much? Your storyteller is basically the narrator of your adventures. You have a wide variety of options. You can choose one that doesn’t really give you any challenges ensuring a more “laid back” experience. You can choose one that gives you challenges at regular intervals. And best of all, if you are up for the challenge, you can choose the storyteller that has no rules! They throw everything at you irrespective of your progression, forcing you to find innovative and unique solutions.

This simple element to the game ensures that even if you customise two games exactly the same with even the same storyteller, you will almost certainly still have a different experience.

Doesn’t it look a little too much…like something familiar?
Funnily, it does and the game you are thinking of is Prison Architect (another fantastic game). There actually is a reason for this and that is the developers made a deal allowing Rimworld to use some of the assets. Now for some people this may make the game feel a little unique and that may be a negative but I think I speak for most PC gamers who love indies that despite the lack of uniqueness, the game’s art-style is still a thing of beauty and can be considered a positive rather than a negative! But at the end of the day, the aesthetics of the game is something very subjective and it is up to you to decide, but I for one am a big fan of this kind of art-style.

HOURS of content at your fingertips
This game, thanks to its customisation features and emergent story mechanic, offers hundreds of hours of content with tons of re-playability. If you are wondering whether this game is value for money, don’t worry, you will most likely not find a game that offers more value for its price tag than Rimworld. This is a fantastic indie gem and a true masterpiece.

Reviewer: Daniel UG
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 is, as you may have a guessed, a simulator where you take the role of a mechanic tasked with fixing and refurbishing cars. The game offers a variety of cars and lets you upgrade your garage and get better at doing your job, as you progress through the game. There are a wide variety of cars that you will have to learn to deal with as well!

Lie Simulator 2018?
Now I will get the negatives out first before talking about the good stuff. A lot of people seem to think this game has features that it just doesn’t. For example, you can’t drive up to warehouses in car, but you can choose from a variety of warehouses to work in. You can drive cars in a test race track, so that feature is in the game, even if not as expected. There also seems to be the assumption that you can take a broken car and remake it however you wish. This is partly true. You can change the liveries and aesthetics as well as the internal furbishing of the car. But you can’t change the parts of the car, if the car did not have a spoiler you can’t add one while repairing it.

As you can see, the game does have some negatives, but none of them are deal breaking and are quite manageable.

A Laid-Back, Chill Experience
At the end of the day, this is designed, as a simulator and like many other simulators this can be played in a very laid-back manner. This is the kind of game you can play for hours after a hard day’s work. You start off small, with a small warehouse and not a lot of high-end tools or expensive cars to fix. But as you work your way through the game you can upgrade your warehouse and make your life much easier. You can also ride the cars you fix and repair on a test track so that feature is there in the game. While it may not be up to the standard of dedicated racing games, it is a feature that is quite enjoyable to spend time on.

A Simple Yet Enjoyable Game
This game may not seem like it offers a lot, but it is a very enjoyable experience. This isn’t the game you are going to play endlessly in one sitting, but it is the kind of game you will keep coming back to for a fun and casual experience. It does seem to deceive some people with expectations before playing the game, but I have covered those in the start of this review, so you should be going into the game aware of what it has to offer.

To summarise, this game offers you the experience of being a car mechanic in a very rewarding manner. It also lets you test out the cars and upgrade your warehouse, tools etc. This game doesn’t cost a lot and, if you are looking for a game to enjoy from time to time in short bursts then look no further!

Reviewer: Kevin UG
Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War
Warhammer 40k:Gladius is a 4X, Grand Strategy game set in the fabled
Warhammer universe. This is not to be confused with the Total War
game ventures into the universe, as those are real time strategy games
unlike this. This game is in fact one of the few Grand Strategy, 4X games
in the Warhammer universe and I must say, it definitely matches the
outstandingly positive standards set by the Total War games. This game
offers you a full campaign with you taking charge of all four factions
available, a co-op mode, multiplayer and a custom match mode where
you can play vs the computer.

Which Faction Will You Draw Power From?
The game offers you the choice of 4 distinct factions. You can choose
from the Space Marines, the Astra Militarium, the Orks or the Necrons. I
will talk about each of these factions in brief.

The Space Marines are pretty much, the human race. They are extremely
well trained and well armed with high-tech weapons.

The Astra Militarium are an alien empire, they consist of a large number
of supporters and while they are loyal, they are also prone to fleeing
from high pressure situations. They are strong in numbers but are
weaker 1v1.

The Orks are a tanky alien race. They are very sturdy and tough to kill. As
you may have guessed the name is a hint to the traditional fantasy race
of Orcs and are very similar to them.

The Necrons are an ancient race that have futuristic tech and vehicles.
Not much is known about these guys, except that they can be very
deadly to face.

Research, Research And More Research!
The game is very similar to other grand strategy games. You have 4
resources to gather and you spend them to build more structures, get
more units to either fight or gather resources, research tech upgrades
etc. One thing that I must commend is the immense care taken in
designing the tech tree of each race. You have several tiers to the tree
and each tier has about 5 upgrades. You must research at least 2 to
reach the next tier. Some buildings require certain tech upgrades as do
certain units. Each faction has its own unique tech tree as well.

While we are still on the topic of gameplay let’s talk about the campaign
missions. The campaign offers you mission after mission in enemy
territory, till you eventually wipe out all the enemy factions. The game
does offer some amount of diplomacy, but the odds are you will win by
wiping out all the enemy factions.

A Must Buy For Every Strategy Fan!
This game does A LOT right and not a lot wrong. I for one don’t have
anything negative to say about this game, my only issue was with the
pre-order bonuses but that is irrelevant now. This game takes a beloved
franchise and makes a fantastic turn-based strategy game out of it.
Whether you are a fan of Warhammer games or a fan of strategy games
(or even just a fan of games in general!) this is a must buy. It offers hours
of content, plus re-playability with the 4 distinct factions.

Reviewer: Michael UG
Golf With Your Friends
Golf With Your Friends is an arcade mini-golf game. You can play in both
single-player and multiplayer. The base game offers you 7 themed
courses with 18 holes each. The game lets you host your own servers or
join other players through a server browser. But the best feature above
all has to be, the workshop support letting you make your own maps and
courses as well, as playing on courses designed by members of the

Fun Only With Friends?
This game may be called Golf With Your Friends, but don’t let that deter
you. This game lets you check out everything in single-player and, if you
are still looking for a more social experience, open the server browser
and join some lobbies. The game also lets you customise the game
experience however you want! When you setup a lobby, you can change
many, many variables. You can have a low gravity setting or if you want
to mess with everyone else you can have the ball be a cube instead! The
possibilities are endless!

Customise To Your Heart’s Content!
As I have already touched upon, this game offers you a lot of
customisation. From the variables that affect gameplay to cosmetics, it’s
all there! You can even do things such as, change the colour of your golf
ball, add a hat and even skins just so that you can stick out in a round of
mini-golf with your friends.

But where the customisation shines in this game has to be, the
workshop. If you get bored of the 100+ holes available in this game, then
why not take a shot at making your own course with funky features and
unique mechanics? Heck, if you think it’s good why not make it public
and let the masses try their hand on your masterpiece?

Party Night!
We have all had those weekends where we play some game with a
group of friends for hours on end, not to be competitive or anything but
just to have fun. So why not check out this fun, little game even if it is a
bit niche. For those that have been gaming for a long period of time
might be reminded of those old browser flash golf games, when they
play this. It’s a very cheap game even at max price and there aren’t
really any issues to not get it. If you are able to get it with some friends,
then even better, but that isn’t a necessity to enjoy this wonderful game.

Reviewer: Nozzy UG
Assassin's Creed Odyssey
The Assassin’s Creed franchise is a one of the greatest franchises in
gaming history, but has also been a…Less than mediocre franchise at
times, to put it nicely. I still remember when I first played the original
Assassin’s Creed game, it was an entirely new and unique genre at that
time. There was no other game like it, and since then it has inspired
most of Ubisoft games to be like it in design and gameplay. But then the
bad years of the AC franchise came when a new AC game was an annual
event and every new game just felt more and more like the previous
game, but with more bugs. I can’t stress how great of a choice it was to
take a break a few years back from making a new AC game. Last year,
they came out with Assassin’s Creed: Origins and that was a fresh new
installment. It had all the good mechanics from past AC games while
adding new ones. All in all, it rejuvenated and breathed new life into a
once dying series.

So now, what about this year’s title? Odyssey - Is it back to the
monotonous and dull games of years past or does it match up with what
Origins had to offer?

Is this still Assassin’s Creed?
One stark change to the franchise (since Origins), is the fact that the
game has moved to a much more of a focus on having RPG elements
than being Hack and Slash-like, like in the original. This game also has a
huge importance on collecting unique and fancy loot. While it may not
be like the loot collecting in games such as Destiny and Warframe, it
does hold its own. In the end it is not in the same genre as these other
games and is not designed to be a looter game. Therefore, for a game to
not be a “looter”, yet have the astonishing variety of loot found in this
game is a huge positive.

Combat and Gameplay Mechanics
Something that is common to RPGs, but not to most previous AC games
is the level system with skill points to put into various abilities. At the
start you will not have many abilities or skills and the game may feel like
a hack and slash game, but as you progress through the game, the
combat will also get better. I can say with certainty that this game has
one of the best combat mechanics you will see in any game. You have a
wide variety of blocks, attacks, assassinations, etc. at your disposal.

There is a bounty system, if you harm innocent lives and commit crimes
then there will be a bounty on your head. And at times when you least
expect it, you will be notified that 1 or more bounty hunters are after
you. Now these aren’t the same as the tiny, trash mobs you fight most of
the game. No, these bounty hunters are more like boss fights. And when
you see them you better run as fast as you can unless you want to risk
your life.

There are many more unique gameplay elements that I will touch on in
other parts of this review.

I will try and give a brief summary of some parts of the story without
spoiling anything. You have a very basic character creation system with
the main choice being whether you choose male or female character.
Throughout the story you are trying to reconnect with your past while
also trying to change the future of Ancient Greece for the better.

You face a cult throughout the story and you are given this flowchart
with various members of the cult but with their identities hidden. You
can perform missions and other quests to uncover more information

about these members and once you have identified them you can take
them out. One by one, you try and take down the entire cult. But keep in
mind that most of these members aren’t easy to kill, they are extremely
challenging and there is a hefty reward for killing them with exquisite
loot drops.

You also have Greece split up into various regions and in each of them
you can influence a particular faction such as the Spartans and Athens.
Once you have earned enough influence you can wage war on the other
faction in the area. These triggers a war-type mission which is a huge
scale battle. Once you have defeated enough of the enemy you have to
fight a final boss to finally defeat the faction and gain control for your
allies. This is a unique game mode not seen in other games and is a
wonderful addition to this game.

Naval Combat
Now earlier in this review I said that they added new elements but kept
good ones from previous games, and one good decision was to bring
back the naval combat from Black Flag. There are a few changes such as
no cannons, since there weren’t any cannons during the period the
game is set in. But they have replaced them with things such as a javelin
barrage. All in all, there are small changes to the naval combat, but it is
just as good as in Black Flag. One thing that adds to the experience, is
the gorgeous water textures and graphics. Sailing through this huge
open world looks, as beautiful as you can imagine.

Graphics and Performance
This game has some of the best graphic design and artwork you will see
in any game. Yes, some of the assets are reused from Origins, but that
just tells you how beautiful Origins looked and this one is even better. To
add to the amazing graphical quality, the game runs, as smooth as
butter. And this isn’t just for me, but for most people on the internet.

This just shows how much has changed since the days of AC: Unity
where the game was a bug infested mess on release.

Go and get the game ASAP!
What are you waiting for? This game is a masterpiece. While there are a
couple of issues when it comes to the leveling system being a bit too
much of a grind towards the end game, a couple of side quests will help
you on your way. Don’t buy the microtransaction currency to boost your
character, don’t support this corporate greed. Just play some side quests
which won’t be an annoying thing to do, as this game is truly enjoyable.
It’s a game you will come back to time after time and enjoy over the
period of months rather than rushing through the game in a weekend.
This game is definitely worth the money for old fans and new ones too!

Reviewer: Neal UG
SCUM is an early access survival game set in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic
setting. So, what sets this one apart from hundreds of other early access
survival games? Well, this is THE SURVIVAL game. This game gives you so
much information that one may think it is unnecessary,but it is
necessary. That is what makes this game so unique and so addictive.

Eat your Vitamins!
As I said this game is probably the most realistic game ever. When you
hit your metabolism info tab, the games gives you so much information
that it might be daunting at first.

You have info about your heart rate, oxygen, blood pressure, internal
and external body temperature, your BMI and last, but definitely not
least vitamins and minerals! You have pretty much all of them, from
your standard vitamins to minerals such as Sodium and Iron, it’s all
there. You have about 20-30 vitamins and minerals you have to keep
track of!

Like I said this may be daunting, but once you play the game for a bit you
will see how this is necessary. The game is designed to be a hardcore
survival game. When you eat food, you must make sure you are eating
the right food to stay healthy and get enough calories. You ate too many
calories? Then make sure you walk, run and travel long distances to burn
those extra calories. You are planning on travelling long distances? Then
make sure you have some water to quench your thirst and DO NOT
forget to take some weapons to stay safe.

Right now there might not be a full game but trying to stay alive is a
game in and of itself. You have to maintain your bodily functions by
making sure you poop and pee regularly (and healthily). You have to
make sure you don’t get any diseases and if you see any symptoms, you
have to try and identify the disease and find a cure by yourself. Oh, and
be careful, if you are desperate and turn to cannibalism then you will get
the same infections and diseases as the person before you.

Why Though?
Right now the game is still in early access and it can be about 6 months
to a more complete product. As a result, the game right now doesn’t
have a lot of stuff you absolutely HAVE to do, but there is a lot of stuff
you can do. This game is still more proof of concept than a proper game.
There are no quests and missions yet and more importantly there is no
base building and social infrastructure yet. But there is a proper
hardcore survival sim here.

Cut To the Chase, is it Worth Buying?
In short, I would say yes. This game is getting updates and the devs are
working endlessly to get the full game out. Right now they have a very
good gameplay system and even trying to survive for a period of time is
a test. Right now the game is quite cheap at only $20, but as the game
gets closer to full release expect the price to increase. Expect the game
to come out very soon and I definitely have seen enough to have faith in
the developers. If you are hungry for a true survival game and are willing
to expect a few crashes now for a better game tomorrow (and not to
mention the better price now than later) then this is definitely worth

Reviewer: Linus UG
Space Hulk: Tactics
Space Hulk: Tactics is a re-imagination of the classic Space Hulk board
games, set in the Warhammer universe. This game is a turn-based
strategy game with a sci-fi theme. You have 2 races available to use, the
Space Marines(humans) and the Genestealers (aliens). As a result, you
have 2 campaigns for each race and both set in different time periods.
You can also use both races in multiplayer. The game also comes with a
custom map editor and you can make your own maps to play on vs the
AI or you can upload them to the workshop to use them in multiplayer
against other players.

Marines or Genestealers?
As I have already said there are 2 distinct races available for you to check

If you play as the Space Marines, then you go in with a team of around 5
beefy but slow marines. You generally want to make your actions slowly
as these guys are slower and can easily be punished for taking the wrong
choices. You are given a number of action points to spend and it takes
points to even rotate. So as a result you will want to be cautious of the
much faster alien race around every corner.

If you choose to play the Genestealers then you won’t have a cap on the
number of units but each one is generally weaker. But you are much
faster than the marines and can get around quickly. You also have a
radar ability to check around corners which the Marines don’t have.

Overall, you have a choice from 2 distinct races and if you have played
too much of one of the races and feel like you need a change, the other

race is always available in both multiplayer and in singleplayer for a
more leisurely experience.

Intertwined Story
As I have already said there are 2 complete campaigns for you to play
through, with an intriguing story. Now both of these campaigns are filled
with missions of varying types and diversity to keep you hooked for a
while. And I should also mention that the story is quite good and even
though both take place in different time periods they are intertwined in
terms of the plot. I do not wish to spoilt it but I can recommend that you
play them simultaneously, although you won’t be missing out if you play
them independently for the first playthrough.

Extremely Slow Paced
One small issue that some players may have, is that the pace of the
game is quite slow even for a turn-based strategy game. If you are a fan
of strategy games, then I think you will like this, but if you are new to
strategy games and do not think you will enjoy the slow pace then I think
you might want to come back to this at a later date.

Take your time and enjoy this treat
As I have said, it is a slow-paced game. So don’t stress and take your
time! This game is really good, even if it may not be to everyone’s tastes.
If you are into strategy games,then I think this is a purchase you won’t

Reviewer: Emma UG
Postal 2
Postal 2 is a first-person game that is can be, as dark-humored as you make it. The game has a fully interactive story. This game is a sequel to the original Postal game.
Postal 2 is a game about performing daily errands. The game is a classic, with a ton of re-playability.

How dark do you like it?
Postal 2 has a fully interactive story. You can choose what to do. You can peacefully complete these errands, or create a chaotic environment while completing them. No worries though as the concept of the story is easy to pick up and enjoy. The game includes 89 achievements that can be earned easily while playing the game. The errands in the game can be as easy as returning some library books or buying some milk from the store. You can just do these and nothing else, or create a chaotic environment for everyone. This is a basic summary of the game.

Feels right:
The story is completely comical. However, please just know that this game can come off as offensive at times. Guns are used in the game as frequent as you choose to use them. The gunplay is pretty good for such a classic. There are a variety of guns to choose from. They each feel pretty realistic, with a realistic tone to them.

Graphics and Sound: In a single-player game, graphics and sound is everything. The game manages exceeds my expectations. The game is graphically pleasing. The audio is wonderful, it has the perfect ring to it. The game’s audio and graphics are easily comparable to a newer game, even though this game is over 15 years old! Although single-player games aren’t as popular, as multi-player games because overall they usually feel the same. This game is an exception because of the originality of the game. The game has the 3 things necessary for a good game, good audio, graphics, and gunplay. This game manages to exceed these, even for being so old. The length of the story depends on what you do. It offers a ton of re-playability.

Reviewer: Daniel UG
Fear The Wolves
Fear the Wolves is a Battle Royale game with its own unique twist on the genre. It has had a rough time with early access and the launch, but if you are an avid battle royale fan you might want to keep your eye on this one.

Another Battle Royale game? *Yawn*
I know most people aren’t really keen on trying out another battle royale game as the genre is getting really saturated right now with new releases still being churned out. But Fear the Wolves has put its own unique twist on the genre in numerous small ways. Each one making sure the game offers a slightly different experience from other titles in the genre but at the same time ensuring the game stays true to any standard battle royale game.

To start off, the game takes place in a futuristic Chernobyl. Instead of a random circle that does damage to player’s outside, parts of the map get marked as ‘radiated’. This doesn’t happen in a circular manner but in patches from the outside working to random point on the map. If you are in this area not only do you take damage but it also reduces your max hp as well. But don’t worry as there are a few items such as anti-radiation pills that can revert these negative debuffs. The game also has several items that let you survive in the radiation zone for a while such as hazmat suits and oxygen tanks.

Okay, but why Fear the ‘Wolves’
Now, the reason behind the name of the game. Have you played any battle royale game, spawned in a quite location. Sneak your way to the final circle and die to someone you didn’t see? It makes you feel like you wasted the past 20-30 minutes of your life and that you didn’t really do anything in the game. Well this game has found a way to counter that in a very intuitive manner. This game introduces these mutant wolves. They are spread across the map. They can do a lot of damage and need to be dealt with swiftly. It may require an entire magazine at times just to save your life. It introduces it’s own element to the game. As it requires numerous resources, you may want to be in an area where there are more players. This will make sure you are less likely to run into a pack of wolves plus it’s fewer bullets to kill another player than a wolf.

This sounds perfect, what’s the catch?
While this game is unique in a largely un-innovative genre this game severely lacks players. You may be forced to go to a server with worse ping just to find a full game. Some times you may not be able to find a game at all because too few players. But if you are from a region where there are players or in a timezone where you are able to play when most others are then this isn’t as bad of an issue.

Final Verdict:
While this is a good game at its core, I can’t recommend it at full price because of the small playerbase. However, if you are a fan of battle royale games and want a taste of something slightly different it’s worth picking up. To others, I would still encourage picking up this game on a sale.
Two Point Hospital
Two Point Hospital is a hospital management, sim game. It is the
spiritual successor to the classic Theme Hospital game. In fact, some of
the devs of this game were working on Theme Hospital. The main game
has you take charge of a series of hospitals with different issues and
scenarios such as, being situated in an area prone to natural disasters,
not enough land space, etc. As you progress you can earn money to buy
new things for your hospital - from vending machines to a syringe
machine (yes, there is a thing such as a syringe machine in this game),for
your hospital. You can even go back to your previous hospitals and make
improvements to get more money.

*Everyone “wants to break free”*
This game also has a very humorous setting. There are a variety of
diseases that are completely unrealistic,but hilarious. For example, there
is a rock-star syndrome where everyone dresses up as a rockstar and
think they are Freddie Mercury(for those of you that didn’t get the
‘break free’ reference, it is a song by Queen) and they need psychiatric
help. I don’t want to spoil any more of these. Rather you check it out for
yourselves as they will be quite a funny surprise.

*Help! Ghosts everywhere!*
In this game, if your patients die then they come back as ghosts to haunt
your hospital! The only way you can get rid of them is by getting your
janitor to take care of them. But your janitor will only do this, if they
have the right skillset and aren’t afraid of ghosts. This brings me to my
next point. You have to choose the right people for the right jobs. Each
member of your staff has unique skills that make them better for different jobs. Some may be better to be in charge of diagnosis, some might be better for patients to see after surgery and things like that.

*A lightbulb for a head…haha*
If you are looking for a serious game then you may find some of the
jokes not funny and breaking immersion. But then I don’t think this
game is for you. Just by looking at the aesthetics, you can tell that this
game is supposed to be comical and to play when you just want to blow
off some steam. I absolutely love the art style and design, but I also like
casual games. The only negative I have, personally, is the lack of a free-
play mode. You only have the scenarios/missions mode and while this is
enough to warrant the game’s price it just feels that a free-play mode
would have made this game perfect.

*Worth a buy?*
Well, yes! As long, as you aren’t looking for something too serious then I
think you will like the game. While I still would have liked a free-play
mode that doesn’t take away anything from what this game has to offer.
It is a wonderful throwback to older management games, and
particularly to Theme Hospital. I have had a blast playing this game and
will come back from time to time.

Reviewer: Draxter UG
Tyranny Commander Edition
Tyranny is an isometric, action RPG set in a medieval-fantasy period.
Now, you must be turning your heads away as this genre is quite over-
saturated of late, but fear not, as this game has one extremely crucial
and unique distinction. That is in the story. The premise of the game is
that a war has just gotten over and the “evil” side has won. Now you
work for this faction and are basically cleaning up the aftermath of the
war. And the big difference is that this game gives you total freedom of
your decisions. You can choose to be sympathetic and show mercy to
the people or you can show your dark side and be, as the name of the
game might hint, a tyrant!

*Be Your Own Villain*
This game offers you a very thorough character creation option. You can
choose to be an archer or a swordsman, a rogue or a tank and so on. You
can be whatever you want and customise everything to the tee. This one
feature in itself offers this game a ton of re-playability! Once you
finished the game as a frontline tank, why not try experiencing it as a
wizard? The possibilities are endless!

*Truly Freedom Of Choice*
As I have said in my opening paragraph, this game shows you the other
side of the coin when it comes to the classic tale of Good vs Evil. You are
on the side of Evil and you have to ensure the homeless people who
have had their lived ripped apart in the aftermath of the war are dealt
with. You can choose to throw them all to jail without reason or you can
be a merciful character in a world without heart. The choice is yours.
This is where the RPG element of the game stems from. You can choose to invest in skill points that will aid you on your journey or you can choose ones that might hinder your decisions but help you in combat. This is a vast and diverse system that is easy to understand but has layers of depth for more experienced players. The path is yours to forge!

*Snail’s Pace Combat…Yawn*
This game has a lot of positives but there is one negative aspect to it that
I feel has to be stated in a review, and that is the combat. This is real
time combat with the option to pause so you can micromanage your
party members and use their abilities. There is the option to have the AI
control your party members, so you can keep the combat real time, but
,as you learn more abilities it becomes harder to play using this, as the
computer may not target who you want to target or may heal the wrong
member. So the game immediately forces some amount of
micromanagement on players and on top of that the combat is …. just
dull and extremely slow. I don’t know how else to describe it. Some
players may enjoy it, but I can’t say that I did. Even players who enjoy
slower strategy games might not enjoy this game’s combat.

*Get Started On Your Path To Tyranny*
Now I have talked about the one big negative and that is the combat but
don’t let this deter you as the rest of the game is quite enjoyable. It has
re-playability through just the character creation, not to mention the
choices you will have to make. It also has a unique and interesting story
to keep you hooked. I can safely say that a lot of people will enjoy this
game despite the combat gameplay being kind of a let down.

Reviewer: Groiig UG
Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition
Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition is a remaster of a classic fantasy CRPG game that goes by the name of “Icewind Dale”. This game can be considered a virtual Dungeons and Dragons game as well, as it shares a lot of similarities in its RPG aspect. This game is also what has inspired many of the best selling isometric RPGs in the market currently, such as the Divinity: Original Sin and Pillars of Eternity games.

*Write your own stories!*
This game, like the more recent entries in the genre, has a vast and deep character creation system even though this game is around 15 years old! You can choose from a variety of gender, races and professions as well as allocate stats and traits. As you progress through the game you will realize that the story of your friend’s tale and yours will be completely different, simply because of the decisions you have made in the game. At each crossroad or each issue that comes to you in the game there will be a number of different options available for you to take and make your character, be whoever you want them to be. If you want your character to be diplomatic, you can do that, if you want them to be arrogant and cocky you can do that as well. The choice is yours.

*Graphics remade?*
The original game’s graphics definitely looks very dated when compared to modern day gaming. But the Enhanced Edition has polished it up and made it look more modern while keeping the iconic art-style, which is extremely special to the people who have played the original game. Even if the Enhanced Edition graphics aren’t up to the standards of Divinity or Pillars, but don’t let that fool you as this game has so much depth to make up for its shortcomings (which are few). This game has so much quality to offer and to wide variety of tastes. If you like RPGs, sound/music design, art design or great storytelling there is something for you in this game.

*Make your fantasies a reality in this game*
This game lets you go on your own fantasies and adventures, make them a reality, as this game is definitely worth picking up. If you are a fan of RPGs and would like to see how they got to where they are today, then this game will show you what they were like 10-15 years ago. If you are just a fan of quality PC games, then this has quality in spades. Or if you are a game collector than this is definitely a must have for the game library!

Reviewer: Michael UG
Northgard is a city building strategy game, similar to the classics such as “The Settlers” series, but it removes most of the hardcore elements and makes the genre more mainstream and accessible for new players to the genre. This game takes on a Norse setting and theme with army contingent being Viking-like, as are the appearances of the buildings and other structures that you build in the game.

*More Casual or Dumbed-Down?*
The thing this game does different from other games in the genre is that, it removes some of the hardcore mechanics such as, having to have roads connecting buildings and instead this game gives you specific locations to build certain buildings. This ensures that newer players don’t mess up their city design and are eased into the genre.

The game has a story mode with an interesting story, as well as online and co-op modes to build cities with your friends. The story follows some Vikings, who after years of searching for a new home find a suitable location and that is where you take control of the group of survivors. You are not only tasked with setting-up a new home you also have to ensure the clan can thrive and grow in this uncharted area.

*Art Design and Viking Horns*
The art design for the game is stunning. The graphics are also up to par with modern standards. But let me explain why the art style is nearly perfect for this game. The art style gives the game a slightly cartoon-y feel without making it too casual. This one aspect of the game makes it feel very welcoming and open to new players without shunning away hardcore fans. Along with the art design, the music choice and sound design compliments the art in the game perfectly. These 2 aspects of the game elevate the game to a whole new level.

*Better than the Older Games?*
Sadly, while I can recommend this game to everyone, I can’t say it is better than the older games in this niche genre. But I can say this is the right game for this generation of gamers compared to the older ones. Some may say this is a downgrade, but in my opinion it is just designed for the modern market. Definitely worth picking up, but fans of games such as the Settlers series might have to manage their expectations.

Reviewer: Draxter UG
Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is the sequel to the award winning game - Pillars of Eternity. This game has everything good about the first game plus even more interesting game elements. The biggest addition is the naval combat, which is there in spades. This game is like most other CRPGs where game offers you a chance to make the character you wish and level them up as they progress through the story as well as recruiting allies and teammates.

*Find Yourself!*
This game offers you a chance to create any character you wish. You can make them look however you wish in terms of appearance. You can choose from a variety of classes, you can be a druid or a mage, a wizard or a warrior the choice is wide and it is yours. You can also dual class and be a mix of different classes, for example you can be a battle-mage, a character who is focused on battling with a bit of magic to maybe buff yourself and allies. One thing the game does better than most other games in the genre is that it offers you a LOT of choices, as you level up in terms of new skills and abilities. The game also lets you choose to continue from your save in the first game, if you have played it. You basically take your character and a few decisions from the first game carry over. But fear not, if you haven’t played and are missing out on the story because this game does a good job of catching you up with the events of the previous game. Others have said that not playing the first one didn’t create a huge difference or gaps in story, but they wish that they have had played it, as it is also a great game.

*Best Combat in the Genre?*
I am a huge fan of this genre and out of all the games I must say this is the one. This is a huge compliment because a lot of games don’t do combat right in this genre. This game has real time combat with the ability to pause it. You can also have the AI to control your allies, although as you play more of the game I suggest you take control of them yourself for more precise decisions. This is something that the other games also have, but there is a certain way that combat has been balanced in PoE 2 that it makes everything feel just right without being too difficult to learn. Don’t get me wrong there is a learning curve for the hardcore fans, but the skill floor is quite low to accommodate for newer players of the genre.

*Ship Combat: Good or Bad?*
The answer to that question is - actually both. The naval combat in this game is good but can also be bad at times and that is the only negative thing I have to say about the game. The ship combat initially is quite dull compared to the rest of the game as it takes form in a text-based format. It makes the game feel like the text-based games from 30 years ago but with a lot of RNG. Although there are some elements that are good about it. There are several roles on the ship and you need the right people in the right role to do those jobs. If you have a surgeon firing the canons, then don’t expect to be hitting a lot of the shots. There is also boarding and that is the highlight of the naval combat. The combat scenarios that come up when you are boarding a ship or being boarded yourself are definitely one of the most fun times in this game. I don’t know why exactly but I guess it might be that it is very close quarters combat in a game like this doesn’t happen often.

*Hours and Hours of Content*
This game is definitely worth picking up and it even does a good job of easing newer players into the genre. It has hundreds of hours worth of content and that is just on a single playthrough. This game offers a tonne of re-playability with the option of multiple character with different playstyles.

Reviewer: Neal UG
Ghost Recon: Wildlands
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands is a massively open-world, third person shooter. You are in a squad with 3 other members (these 3 members are either other players or AI witch player can control) and are tasked with completing missions across fictional Bolivia. There is a story here but this game in my opinion is primarily a co-op sandbox game.

*Open World To Beat All Open Worlds?!*
This game has the biggest open world you will ever see, but the best part is that it is fully accessible from the moment you jump into the game. The game world is filled with missions, collectibles and conflict zones in every nook and corner. There is always something to do in the world of Ghost Recon: WIldlands. There is an overarching story that affects the game world, but that story never restricts your freedom. You and your buddies are free to go to a high-risk areas with nothing but pistols and try and fight your way through it at any time. You don’t have to wait for the right story mission or worry that finishing a particular mission will block off an area. The world is also littered with stuff to collect which I will touch on in the next section.

*Craft Your Gun Without Really Crafting It*
As I have already mentioned the world is filled with stuff to collect and discover. Most of the collectibles are in the form of resources, guns or gun modifications. This game offers so much choice when it comes to your preference of guns. The game makes it feel like you are crafting your gun despite there being no crafting system in the game. That is how detailed and plentiful the mods are to each gun, as well as the variety of different gun types that are at your fingertips. Just be sure to turn on the markers in your options menu, or else you might miss out on most of the guns and resources, as they won’t be highlighted. This is one of the few gripes I have with it. The markers have to be either all on or all off. You need them on to find stuff in this amazing open world, but the problem with that is that it pretty much gives you x-ray vision which is not something most gamers want.

*Is There Something For You?*
There is definitely something to do in this world at any given time, BUT is there something for you? While this game does have a single-player mode I can’t recommend this game at full price just for that experience. The place where this game truly shines is the multiplayer and co-op. Do not treat this game as a tactical shooter. Treat this game as a destruction sandbox where you and your mates go to have a good time.

*Worth Buying?*
As for whether or not it is worth buying only you can decide. If you are not going to be playing with friends then I’d recommend waiting for a sale, but if you are okay playing with random players online or can convince a few of your buddies to get the game then I can recommend this game. This game will give you a lot of laughs and a great time that shouldn’t be missed out on.

Reviewer: Michael UG
One Finger Death Punch
One Finger Death Punch is a fast-paced simple fighting game. It goes around kung-Fu battles with varying modes and styles. It is a game based on attacking and wrecking. A brawler where you punch left or punch right. Rhythm game-like, but with no rhythm. The actual rhythm comes with the fighting where every click is an actual attack.
The player needs to attack when the enemy is in the range of the attack. The ranges change depending on how well you are doing. So if you combo enough the range gets bigger and may let you do a charge move. Weapons give you extra range too.

The game basically goes around a solo fighting stickman that battles hundreds of enemies advancing in chronological order. The game is easy to learn and but pretty much challenging to master. Well as a matter of fact the game cannot be mastered since you always are prone to hit one extra button by mistake. You start as a student. After several levels you unlock master levels where it gets harder. After master is completed, you unlock grandmaster where the difficulty is maxed out and the gameplay gets to its extreme. Can you make it from a student all the way to a grandmaster?

Speaking of the control configuration, they are pretty much the simplest ones out there; LMB to attack left, RMB to attack right. That's all of it.

As an overview of the game's graphics, they are decent for an indie game. What's cool is that some objects in the background can be used to kill opponents. Some opponents are kicked into tables or walls that are in the background and break them. Some killings have cinematics like breaking the skull that happens in slow motion and lets you take a breath from the fight and enjoy the sound of the breaking.

Skills can be acquired by reaching a certain level and playing it. Some skills are cool and important to the fights and some are just there for no important reason.

*The enemies*
First comes the basic ones. The ones that can be one shot. Those ones aren’t a big deal. A simple LMB or RMB and you’re done with them. No matter how many they are and how frequent they come, if all the enemies are like basics, you can ace the battle with a 10/10 health.
Second comes the dodgers. Those ones come tricky since in the middle of the fight, you get one that needs to be hit one to the left then ones to the right. It might not be a problem, but with high speed and high frequency of enemies, those ones are damned. Some of the dodgers come of three hits or four hits. ( 3 hits as in L-R-L for example and 4 hits as in R-L-R-L)
Third comes the tanks. Those are easier than the dodgers since they require you to hit them two, three, or four times but in the same direction. (like 3 rights, or 2 lefts and so on).
Fourth comes the mixed ones where they are tanks and dodgers. Those are the ones that have a weird combo to hit them. They require 3 or 4 hits which are like (L-L-R-L, R-R-L-L, R-R-R-L) and so on.
Fifth comes the enemies that have a crown above their heads. These have a so-called brawl attached to them where there is a specific combo that shows on the screen and you must hit the right keys in the right order to get rid of them.
Finally, there are the bosses. Boss fights are cool since a boss changes pattern every time you hit him and has a long life which makes it nice to keep on hitting him right and left.

All in all, the game is fun to play and competitive if someone wants to fully complete it. The story isn’t a story, pretty much completing levels to unlock another. Skills are there to upgrade the experience. Weapons are there to spice up the battle and add fun to it. Nobody should ignore this because of its graphic style, because it looks like a web game. Everyone should pretty much play it because it is satisfying and vicious and responsive. For the cool level variety, for the fun and challenge in every level, and just for pure Kung-Fu experience.

Reviewer: Steve UG
Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds or as everyone calls it PUBG, is an FPS, battle royale game that gained huge success when it was released for an early-access in March 2017 and gained huge player base, over 1,3 million players have played this game on PC alone!

*Breaking the rules and breaking records!*
This game was one of the first battle-royal games that had so many players, it broke the ice for the rest of BR games, and as everyone knows battle-royal game mode is practically in every shooter as of today.

At the beginning you land in an island with around 100 players. Islands (maps) are quite big, some say that they are even too big, but there is alternative for that, as the game currently has 3 maps with 4th on its way. When you land on the ground first thing you have to do, is search for a weapon, as every other player around you will try to kill you the moment they see you, and you have to be ready for that!

Once you find your weapon, you have to look around and make sure, that none is following you, or if none is around you. After that look at the map and check where the circles went. Map keeps getting covered in blue zone which damages you quite a lot, and you have to make sure you are not in it!
Then you can chose your strategy, ether run and look for a loot while also risking your life going for loot crates which drop from planes regularly, or play safe and move slowly, while trying to kill people who risk their life for better loot.

*Fun with friends!*
As everyone has heard by now the phrase “Where we droppin’ ?” originated from PUBG. This phrase is used frequently at the start of games in squads of players.
This game is fun and competitive playing solo, but it becomes a completely new experience when you play with your friends. You end up having a lot of laughs and a lot of high-skill plays. As you understand each others playstyles you work with them in synchronisation. This game gives a lot of options to get better in terms of gunplay and game sense in all its game modes, but playing in squads or duos definitely adds a new element of teamplay skills to the game and gives it a new dimension.

*Too much too fast?*
Over all, I would say that this game is fun, if you don’t get “burned out” by it, with that I mean, not playing for too long, or have it as your “main game”. Because it may get a bit boring to loot, run, get killed and do it all over again for 3 hours a day, but if you play it occasionally, then you will be very happy with it, as I didn’t had bigger adrenaline rush from a game, as I got from PUBG while sitting in last circle surrounded by 2 more players and trying my best to survive and bring home that chicken dinner!

Because for moments like these, I would like to grade this game high! It gives a lot of great moments and laughs, it because of funny plays or the vehicle bugs in the game that sees your motorcycle flying across the map! It’s an amazing game but don’t burn yourself out on it!
Highly recommend it!

Reviewer: Groiig UG
Portal 2
Postal 2 is a first-person game that is can be, as dark-humored as you make it. The game has a fully interactive story. This game is a sequel to the original Postal game.
Postal 2 is a game about performing daily errands. The game is a classic, with a ton of re-playability.

How dark do you like it?
Postal 2 has a fully interactive story. You can choose what to do. You can peacefully complete these errands, or create a chaotic environment while completing them. No worries though as the concept of the story is easy to pick up and enjoy. The game includes 89 achievements that can be earned easily while playing the game. The errands in the game can be as easy as returning some library books or buying some milk from the store. You can just do these and nothing else, or create a chaotic environment for everyone. This is a basic summary of the game.

Feels right.
The story is completely comical. However, please just know that this game can come off as offensive at times. Guns are used in the game as frequent as you choose to use them. The gunplay is pretty good for such a classic. There are a variety of guns to choose from. They each feel pretty realistic, with a realistic tone to them.

Graphics and Sound: In a single-player game, graphics and sound is everything. The game manages exceeds my expectations. The game is graphically pleasing. The audio is wonderful, it has the perfect ring to it. The game’s audio and graphics are easily comparable to a newer game, even though this game is over 15 years old! Although single-player games aren’t as popular, as multi-player games because overall they usually feel the same. This game is an exception because of the originality of the game. The game has the 3 things necessary for a good game, good audio, graphics, and gunplay. This game manages to exceed these, even for being so old. The length of the story depends on what you do. It offers a ton of re-playability.

Reviewer: Draxter UG
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
Wolfenstein 2: The New colossus is an alternative history, first person shooter with an emphasis on story. This is the sequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order which is a reboot of the Wolfenstein series. For those of you that are unaware, Wolfenstein is a classic sereis and the original game is what started the single player shooter genre.

*The Story*
The Wolfenstein series is an alternative history series that tells a story of what might have happened if Nazi Germany would have won the World Wars. This game, in particular is a continuation of New Order. Don’t worry, you don’t need to play the first game to play this one, but I do recommend it as a game. Your assassination of the Nazi General in the first game was a short victory, as the Nazis are fighting back. You play as a member of the Resistance and the last hope for humanity and the world. This is the basic summary up to the start of this game. The story starts off seriously, but it doesn’t stay that way. It takes on a more casual and comical tone for the rest of the game with the addition of laser guns and flamethrowers. Each playthrough of the game will take around 15 hours to finish.

I have good news for fans of shooters and that is that the guns feel meaty and powerful in this game, as it should. There are a number of guns to choose from, in fact the starting gun varies depending on some of your choices as well and in this game lives on its guns this offers re-playability. All the realistic guns feel right for the time period as well as feeling good to shoot and kill people with. As I have already said, the game does take on a comical role and with that comes a few humorous guns to use such as flamethrowers and laser-based weaponry.

*Graphics and Sound*
As this is a single player game, the graphics and sound are extremely important and I’m happy to say, that the game hits the ball out of the park on both of these fronts. The sound and music, is absolutely perfect especially when it comes to the sound of guns and shooting them.

Even though the game is a few years old, the graphics also holds up to modern standards. When you start playing the game you may even confuse it with a game that released in 2018!

*The Perfect Trilogy?*
The single player shooter genre isn’t really, as massive as the multiplayer equivalent for a number of reason. Mainly, they all feel the same and don’t sell as well. There are 3 things needed for a good single-player shooter game and those are story, gunplay and art & sound. This game perfects all 3 of these sections. The only negative thing I can say about it is that the story may not be realistic for some players. Even the length of the game is great. It takes around 15 hours to finish but offers quite a bit of re-playability with different game starts.

Reviewer: Michael UG
The Banner Saga 3
The Banner Saga 3 is the final episode in the Nordic/Viking themed epic trilogy developed by Stoic and published by Versus Evil. This is an indie strategy game series that started off with the original Banner Saga in early 2014. The second in the series came out in mid 2016. This series also has its own unique and distinctive artstyle that is loved by all those that have tried out the game.

As I have said, this is a turn based strategy game. You will control a small party of warriors in each combat sequence. After you defeat each enemy your party grows stronger and your characters earn some item drops. Those that are fans of turn based games or strategy games will surely love this game’s combat loop. It is also very inoffensive so that even those that aren’t too fond of turn based games or strategy games can still find enjoyment in Banner Saga 3.

The game also has a city builder aspect to it. There are 2 main groups you control. One is the village of your people. You must choose how you wish to lead your people. Do you wish to be benevolent and help the poor of the village or do you wish to use all your funds to improve the defences. Each choice matters and can have an impact on how your story ends. Meanwhile the other group is a bunch of warriors from the village who are in search of the ‘darkness’ to end the misery once and for all.

*Art and Sound*
Even taking one look at this game will give you a home-y feeling. This game has wonderful 2D aesthetics that look hand drawn. It has a warm feeling around it that makes you feel comfortable and pleasing to look at but at the same time you know you have a battle on your hands and need to stay focused to successfully complete the game. The sound compliments the art design of the game to perfection.

This is the third title in the Banner Saga series and as a result you will be jumping in to an ongoing story if you choose to start with this one. Don’t fret as you won’t feel lost although playing this game would make you want to go back and play the first two titles. If you are okay with spending a bit more money I’d highly finishing the games in order. The general story is of the people of the village you are controlling and their quest to vanquish the ‘darkness’(the big bad of the game) once and for all. I do not wish to spoil too much of the game so I won’t talk much about it but it is one of the best stories in gaming. The game also has multiple endings, you will definitely want to replay this game to try and find all the endings as it is so interesting. Heck, you will want to play all 3 games again as decisions in the first two games can influence the story here. Thankfully all the games are quite short so it doesn’t feel like a chore

*A True Masterpiece*
This game is a true masterpiece and stands alongside games such as The Witcher 3, GTA V, Bioshock series, Prey etc. On first sight while the game looks appealing it may not strike you as one capable of standing next to some of these other games but it’s just another example to not judge a book by it’s cover. The Banner Saga 3 is polished and does well in all departments. It’s not too expensive and has a good 10-15 hour campaign length, fit for the price. It also offers a ton of replayability that extends to the prequels in the series as well. Definitely a must buy

Reviewer: Michael UG
Dynasty Warriors 9
We have played this franchise for several generations backward, and Koei Tecmo and Omega Force have decided to try something new with the "Dynasty Warriors 9". In this latest review of the war of the three epic realities, developers have chosen an adventure in an open world in which players can explore ancient China and participate in key battles and witness the crucial moments of a significant era.

If you are a veteran of "Dynasty Warriors" games in any respect, you will notice the familiar elements of the story. Either way, an open world for one player is full of surprises, depending on how you watch it. Only its existence adds a lot of unprecedented shades of gaming, most of which are optional. However, in this part of "Dynasty Warriors," there is much more that you can do than any previous part, and the game also attracts players by having a large number of RPG elements.

Ready Set Hunt!

You will be caressing, lying, cooking and collecting things. Every secondary shootout happens for resources. The items you collect, the animals you hunt and the fish you catch will allow you to make objects and weapons; Cooking meals improves your skills and gives you the chance to earn XP. Of course, you do not have to do any of this to progress through the game. These activities are there only to build your character, and your concern can depend on the campaign and the stories of the person you choose. However, if all these additions were measured on an RPG scale, they would not be worth much because everything is largely lacking in comprehensiveness. Every secondary task is nothing more than going to an object, unless it's about helping your allies get to the main campaign in the campaign. Those who give you tasks and goals themselves are nothing special, nothing worth remembering. They are here to get XP points, prey and (in some cases) to help you learn about the world and how it works. Each side trip serves to help you prepare for great battles.

Then, there is a research, a function that is almost completely new in this franchise. In the typical "Warriors" game, you never really stop to look around. In "Dynasty Warriors 9", the game itself invites you to do just that. When you feel you need a break from fighting and collecting items, you can deal with the viewing of rich environments. Since all of China is accessible to you, you will find yourself in different environments. However, although the open world is relatively beautiful, do not expect to present China in its true light. At first glance, your environment within the game is worth the research. The more you study it, you will be less interesting until you find a new ecosystem. The size of the world in "Dynasty Warriors 9" is, however, impressive, and Omega Force deserves applause for making the world that so easily fits the rural, mountainous and bamboo forest areas. What simply misses the game is less blurry frames.

The Three Kingdoms

Improved graphics can be seen where needed - characters look great. They're not perfect, but they're great. Particular attention has been devoted to the details of all our three Kingdoms heroes. We can very easily say that the characters have the most details in the whole game, and if you are a veteran of the fractions, this can provide you with real pleasure. What makes the game even more impressive is the size of the character set. Developers have once again expanded the list, so the game now has over 83 unique characters. Even worth mentioning to soldiers too. Though you will massacre hundreds, if not thousands, of the same faces, we can not deny that their models have been upgraded, especially with regard to armor that very well reflects the illumination of the world. These details help you forget everything else during the fight, and, to be honest, fighting is what counts. Fighting the "Dynasty Warriors 9" will compensate for some of the gaps in the game. Bending between Lui Bei, Lu Bu, and Zhou Yu, we noticed sharp animations and unique sets of movements, all of which have the same purpose: killing waves by the wave of enemy hulls.

In addition, developers have expanded the battle from previous parts by implementing new stunts, bumps, and counter-attacks. Counterattacks function as in Arkham Rocksteady games, but this similarity to this game ends. When you start killing your enemies, each ability can ease chain combinations of attacks and flowing movements that seem to last for an entire eternity, and in the middle of a thrilling sea of martial arts, you will discover the soul of this game. You may also notice that the sound design is different for each weapon. If it's blunt, the feedback is dull, and if it's a sword, you'll hear the sound of metal, and so on.

Is that your voice Oh brave warrior?!

However, the sound is another problem in the "Dynasty Warriors 9".I am not talking about the ambiance of the environment or the conflict of soldiers, but i am specifically referring to the lending of votes. "Dynasty Warriors 9," tells your story by interlacing the inserts and dialogs in real time (preferring insert). For both of you, you will frown on the characters and their choice of dialogue. This is a joke full of surprises because behind some of the heroes there are good actors, and behind some of them not really. In many unfortunate cases, decisive warriors will excite threats in a faint voice. This is not helped even by the fact that some parts of the written dialogue are simply poor. However, if i need to sort out a good versus bad dialogue, i would say that dialogue, taking into account everything, can pass.

The fact is that "Dynasty Warriors 9" functions as an experiment. This is Omega Force's first attempt to make an open world title, and although every aspect of this game is not great, it still represents a package that provides more where it needs and which, in its essence, retains and improves the original H & S (Hack & Slash) experience. When i found myself in a situation that some of my tasks were dead, i would have skipped it and headed straight to the battlefield. Since boring parts are mostly optional, they are not completely negative. At the same time, i was completely impressed when i realized that all the items you collect and all the sites you discover stay in one place between the campaigns, between the characters, and between the kingdoms. The continuity resulting therewith facilitates progression and allows players to easily approach the main aspect of the game: campaign campaigns, the completion of which allows access to unique characters on the huge list.

Reviewer: Michael UG

Sniper Elite 4
Sniper Elite 4 is the latest installment in the sniper stealth series and you play as protagonist Karl Fairbourne in war ridden Italy. The game has massive levels in the campaign but only is eight missions long. Each mission allows you to play any way you want at your own pace which is useful for planning your next move. Cooperation mode returns as long as a multiplayer mode with a returning mode from the third game called survival.

The game has a became a more realistic sniper game with a few new additions. The game now has a new special ammo that is silenced ammo meaning, the bullets are silenced instead of making a sound when ejected from the chamber. Authentic difficulty has become an even bigger challenge than its previous installments as you have to worry about wind, gravity, muzzle velocity, and resources. It feels like a more realistic sniper game and it becomes satisfying when getting a kill from long distances. Coop mode is back and it feels more enjoyable with a friend as you both can be a pesk to those Nazis and work as a pair to get the missions done faster. Multiplayer has also returned but feels blank due to some game mods except one where you have to kill each player at a certain distance almost like sniper versus sniper. Survival is well survival but with a twist. You hold an area and in that area, Nazis can shut off your resupply location and it does not turn back on for a few rounds,

Karl Fairbourne is sent into World War 2 Italy where the Nazis have a new secret weapon and he must eliminate the ones responsible and uncover the weapon fr the Allies. It's actually a complex story that also involves OSS and the Sicilian Mafia with Nazis also causing a conundrum due to the fact that this weapon is dangerus and they want to keep it secret.

Overall Score:
This game gets an 9/10 because of the authentic difficulty and the coop mode giving the game a new way to play.
Tannenberg (+Early Access)
Tannenberg is an authentic World War 1 FPS title. The authenticity of the game is taken seriously by the developers. Here, the guns truly feel like they are from an age long ago with lower accuracy and rate of firing, and not just reskinned modern guns. You also have iconic trench battles from World War 1. The maps are also set in pretty iconic locations in the eastern European front of the war.

This game is not like the many popular run and gun games of today like Call of Duty and such. You will die, a lot. Then, you will get better over time and learn to take the good fights and avoid the bad ones. Tannenberg is a difficult game, but it is all worth it for how rewarding it can be. It is certainly a breath of fresh air when every shooter feels the same; you run around spraying your gun, hoping you to kill as many people until you die, and then respawn and repeat. The game punishes you for dying, and you will have to get better to stop dying. The guns do justice to the time period they were from. The machine guns are slow and mounted. Firing accurately with guns is difficult as there are no scopes. There is a lot of trench combat, and you will be in mud for most of the game. This is not pseudo-realistic like the previous Battlefield game. If you want to see what World War 1 was like, then this is the game for you.

However, there are still a few issues with the game. The most glaring one being that the graphics are really bad. It looks like the game was made a decade ago when it was made last year., and this was not an aesthetic choice. Hopefully, they can polish up the game a bit, but it is unlikely that they will completely overhaul how the game looks. The other big issue is that the servers aren’t populated often, so the game will be filled with bots. This can be a good thing since you can experience the game even if there are no other players, but at the same time, facing bots in a PvP game only takes away from the experience. On top of these two issues, there are some smaller bugs and issues, but being an early access title those should be ironed out by the time of full release.

An authentic WWI shooter from the creators of Verdun, Tannenberg, set on the eastern front, features a punishing but rewarding combat system that suffers from poor graphics and a small player base. In its current state, I would suggest waiting a bit to see if it improves, or wait until its full release to buy it. Still, if you want to experience an authentic World War 1 shooter and have some money to spare, then you should get this as it is fairly cheap. If you have a small gaming community and maybe can organize play sessions, then it is highly recommended as long as you can looks past the graphics. If you get this game, expect it to be different from other shooters. It’s not done different for the sake of being different; the rewards of surviving such a challenge with your skills and teamwork is immensely satisfying.

As it stands, this game is a 7/10 and can be a 8 if you play with a bunch of friends.
SpellForce 3
SpellForce is not one of those games, whose return is expected by millions of fans.

On two chairs

Continuation is forged under the auspices of a return to the roots - a kind of universal answer to any questions if it is an old series that was brought back to life. So it was with the "Cossacks", so it was with the "Master of Orion". True, Orion did receive its dose of necessary changes. That's SpellForce III did not escape them.

Basically, it's all the same hybrid of real-time strategy and role-playing game. You have a hero, or even a few, who live by all the rules of the RPG. That is, they get experience, new levels, learn skills and change equipment to the one that is more abrupt. With the only proviso that the camera can always be torn from the hero and lift it to the "RTS" height.

Here the game is completely different. Heroes are no longer powerful loners: they strictly need the support of other soldiers. Infantry, archers, cavalry - the whole gentleman's set of any strategy. In truth, in SpellForce strategy is something much more than RPG. Properly "swinging" the hero is able, of course, to put a pack of enemies and himself, however in a large-scale clash, in which the formations of units become important, their construction and tactics, and not just stupid "rush", it is desirable for the hero to take care of himself. The benefit of the character can be dazzled not only by the fighter but also by the masters of support, around which the soldier wakes up with a sword and the horse does not get tired.

Work with the population

At the level of strategy, SpellForce III has changed markedly. Each location is divided into sectors that are subject to capture and retention. They could be called "control points" with a stretch, but there is a difference. The sectors do not supply a certain abstract resource, as it was in the series Dawn of War and Company of Heroes, but they live in peasants, civilians, ready to follow your instructions. Muzhichi cannot be added or subtracted, you can not overtake him in another sector, which is easier for you to protect: where a woodcutter was "registered", where he will live until the end of the party.

Here the game is already waving at The Settlers, drawing the life of the villages. True, production chains are not here, and they are not needed - in a hybrid game it is extremely important to balance both entities so that they do not overshadow each other. Therefore, the management of the settlements is very simple. You order to build barracks, all sorts of storerooms, distill the inhabitants from one building to another, thus changing the focus of production. And the more sectors-villages you capture, the greater the forces you can roll out against the enemy, well, other capital RTS-truths. Sitting in a corner with one unhappy farm, apparently, there is not a single chance.

In this case, SpellForce IIIIt does not look like a game capable of knocking out hundreds of warriors. Here and the maps are more like labyrinths, suitable for RPG. Here, there is room for tactics for the company level. More importantly, SpellForce III uses the Line of Sight system, which in the strategies is a rare guest (you could meet it in the same Company of Heroes 2 ). The fog of war in this situation dissipates not all at once, if you get to the field of review of your "units", but depending on the terrain. An enemy fighter can take shelter behind the house, and your detachment marches past two steps and does not notice anything. I think in the early stages of online battles this property will be used to the fullest, and in the campaign, he will find a place: a lonely hero who escaped from prison, patrols with a predictable route - well, you understand.

I was especially interested in the balance between the parties to the conflict, of which three are people, elves, and orcs. Mr. Pollis especially stressed that the players reproached SpellForce III for lack of asymmetry, that is, each faction had about a common set of "units", but with different appearance and some properties. In the release version of the army will cease to be reflections of each other, which, of course, decorates and diversifies the gameplay.

If only the asymmetry does not concern the general balance of forces (when one faction is objectively stronger than the other). So often suffer RTS, dependent on the plot, and SpellForce III promises a campaign for 30 hours or more.

SpellForce IIIit is worth giving a chance, and it is unlikely that it will fail.
Rate: 9/10
Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale
Islands of Nyne is semi-futuristic FPS battle royale game. The premise of the game is that the vistas around the world have been transported to the location the battle royale takes place in. Most of the game works as you would imagine: you drop down, get guns, ammunition and armour, and try to survive till you are the last one standing; the simple concept of a battle royale game.

So you must be wondering why even bother looking at it when we already have so many other battle royale games saturating the market. For starters, this game does enough different to make you like it. First off, the game has 50 players drop in instead of 100, and the pace of the circle as it moves in is dependant on the number of players still alive. As a result, the games gets over relatively quickly (within 20 mins). It makes the matches long enough to have those tense moments that we all crave for in a BR (battle royale) game without ever feeling bored. Also, the game’s movement mechanics are quite fluid and smooth. It is very reminiscent of csgo. For instance, You run faster with your knife and bunny hopping, and so on. Plus, the game also has fixed recoil patterns which is a really good thing because by practising you will definitely get better and there is no element of randomness when it comes to accuracy. Since headshots are are really important in skirmishes, this adds an element of skill to the game rather than reliance on luck. Moreover, the inventory management is a lot more streamlined, making it easier to use on the fly. It’s something that other BR games could learn from. In addition to that, They have also prevented grenade spamming by keeping a limit of 3 grenades. In a similar fashion, there is also a limit of 3 healing items to maintain the game balance. The devs have definitely achieved the competitive nature they wanted in their game.

Now for the things that need a bit of work. There are a fair few issues that can be fixed before the full release as the game is still in early access. There are some minor bugs, which is to be expected in early access. So. I won’t focus on those for now, but do note that they are present. The other issues are with the core design choices. They made the game very sci-fi like with the armour and skins of the game, but they have still missed out on so much potential. Instead of using real world vistas, they could have added futuristic structures. It feels like they just wanted to reuse models so they went the vistas route. Along with that, the sounds from some of the guns is also very misleading. For instance, the sound of the deagle is that of a pea shooter, but the damage it does is still quite high. As a result, they don’t feel like they belong together. What’s more, the guns are also very basic, and ones that you would see in any other military shooter game. You have the ak47, p90, deagle etc. They could have made laser blasters and ray guns that rip apart shields but do not damage your health health, and other unique elements like that. Doing so would also have added a lot more to the sci-fi setting of the game, while also gaming the with a unique element. Because of the disparity between the setting and the vistas, and the lack of noticeable sci-fi elements, the game often feels like it is having an identity crisis between a sci-fi game and a modern military game.

Personally, the game was quite fun. It made the same experiences provided by BR games, but made them feel more fresh and streamlined instead of clunky. But the design choices were a big put off for me. I don’t expect there to be much change with the core design, but hopefully, by full release, they will have ironed out the remaining bugs and added some much needed elements to the game.

While let down at moments by conflicting design choices and some early access bugs, Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale is still a fantastic fast-paced BR game with a competitive spirit. If you like the concept of BR games, but don’t enjoy the other titles then you should definitely give this a shot.
This game is 8/10, but could easily be an 9 if they do things well for full release.
Conan Exiles
Conan Exiles
The Valley of the Lost Women

The setting of the game is simple. The protagonist, sentenced to death by Hyborian, is tied to a cross and left to die in the desert. After being hung briefly, they are suddenly saved by Conan himself; apparently, to somehow justify the name of the game, because the legendary barbarian will never appear again, but before you see the miraculous liberation, the game comes to an abrupt halt for character creation where you can choose your hero’s gender, race, appearance, and religion. After the creation of the hero, you are released into a seamless open world.

On a note, you can’t help but notice the nature of the editor in character creation. There is an option that allows you to the adjust the size of genitalia and other intimate body parts of the lousily voiced protagonist. While this can be seen as a quirky aspect of the game, with many other things lacking and this only being a catchy superficial detail, it ends up feeling like an attempt to grab more attention.

There is no tutorial in Conan Exiles. You will have to learn everything through trial and error. In a strict sense of the word, the game has no quests whatsoever. However, there are goals that are shown on the upper right corner of the screen. These help you get acquainted with the basics of the game.

Treasures of Gwalure

Crafting is an important aspect of the game, and the players will have to mess around with a lot of ingredients for that. At first, it will just be simple materials stones and branches, then you will need rarer resources like: stellar metallic ore, or the blood of a demon. In search of these ingredients, you will have to traverse many beautiful locations - deserts, jungles, snow-covered valleys, swamps, and even a volcano. Unfortunately, the collection of resources is somewhat tiring. Useful materials are hard to find, and instead of getting to admire the scenery of Hyboria, you will mostly be busy cutting down trees, breaking stones, and hunting animals.

The tools used change what exact resource you will be getting. For instance, if you chop the tree with an axe, there will be some wood, and if you prick the tree with a pick, the bark. The character needs to drink and eat, so as not to die of hunger and thirst. You need to hunt animals for food. And for complete safety, you will want to build a house or even a fortress of your dreams if you are feeling up for it. You can also climb steep cliffs and cook on a bowler hat, something that’s reminiscent of last year’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. That’s where you are brought back to ground with naked bodies and a game that doesn’t play at all like BotW.

Religion is an important mechanics in the game. Belonging to the confession provides unique equipment recipes, sacrifices allow you to invoke the huge all-destroying avatar of the chosen god. When you start off, the game lets you worship only one deity, but their numbers can be increased later in the game. I'm not a bore, but where is it seen in Hyboria that the minions of Seth, whose teachings completely contradict each other, simultaneously give praise to the solar miter!

Another notable mechanics of the game, a quite unusual one, is slavery. In order to get yourself a slave, you need to trash the enemy before they lose consciousness, then tie them and make them rotate the wheel of pain. It works the same way as it does in Conan’s film. The system of slavery is needed for proper organization and development of economy. A warrior slave can be made to guard the house, the smith slave will make an improved weapon, and the dancers take care of the filth that can be picked up in the ancient ruins.

All the rascals in the house

Conan Exiles has several modes - PvP (each player was removed from the cross personally by Conan!), online PvE and a singleplayer campaign. The game is punishing; you can die very quickly. The maximum number of players on a server is 40. Although the true potential of the game is reached in multiplayer, the singleplayer campaign is also good - you can play only for that.

After you die, experience gained and skills learned do not disappear, but the character literally starts with a bare back and only items in the chests are not lost. That is, of course, if you are not playing the campaign on easy difficulty level. In addition to that, you have to start with character creation every time you join a new server in multiplayer, which is really annoying.

There have been a number of impressive changes after the release, including, but not limited to, an increase in the number of resources, recipes, and monsters. The devs have also added new animations, deities, and biomes. The game has come really far from when it was first released in early access in early 2017. Taking a year and a half for full release from early access worked for the sandbox survival game Conan Exiles, but there are still some quality of life and game balance issues that need to be fixed. The game doesn’t quite capture the feel of the mystical world of Conan: The Barbarian, so it may be the cause of disappointment for fans of franchise, but it is still a solid survival game. Recommended for fans of survival genre.
Rating: 8/10
Mount and Blade: Warband
Mount & Blade: Warband is a medieval action adventure role-playing game with elements of strategy and management. In this game, you can choose who you start off as, ranging from a measly peasant to a meddling scholar to a high noble. Naturally, if you choose to be a noble, the game will be easier as you will have good standing with various kingdoms/factions, and likewise you won’t have any standing and won’t be treated equally by the lords if you choose to start off as a peasant. You start with a small army, and as the game proceeds, you can choose to invest in more soldiers for your army.

The game is an RPG in every sense of the word. What you want to do in the game is entirely up to you. You can roam the lands and become a well reputed and wealthy merchant. You can try and usurp the kingdoms of the Calradia and be the only ruler. Your can terrorize the villages and towns as a fearsome bandit captain. You can also join sides with another kingdom and aid them on their journey, or you can just be a mercenary selling their services. The options are limitless, and they are all yours to make.

The game is a masterpiece. You will get a lot of content to enjoy in this game. The hours will just fly by! The game has a lot of options available to you in how you want to approach the game. This gives the game a lot of replayability. You create your own adventure and make a story through your actions in Calradia. The sequel is also coming out soon, so this will be a great first step into the franchise. The devs are amazing; they have put a lot of love and care into this game. The expansion Napoleonic Wars adds multiplayer to this game. Multiplayer is engaging with so many players in one single battle it is an amazing experience. Most of the time you can keep it casual and have a hilarious conversation with the other players as well. Also, there are people who organise battles that recreate history in game. It is amazing to see them recreate wars of real world in a game like this. At first glance, this game looks underwhelming, but if you give this a chance you will be pleasantly surprised. It is definitely money well spent.

The only negative would be that the graphics are a bit dated. For those of you that really want high quality graphics, this game won’t have much to offer. That being said, the game is still amazing and most people who play the game don’t really mind the graphics. The other issue that some players might have with how the game lacks any real narrative, but it shouldn’t be a problem for most people. The strength of the game lies in making your own story through the numerous options that you always have available to you.

Whenever I play this game, I get completely immersed and lose track of time! You can enjoy this game endlessly and if you do ever get bored(impossible), then you can always install a few mods to try new experiences. There are wide variety of mods available from simple diplomacy, cosmetic mods to total overhaul mods that can change the setting to that in LOTR or Game of Thrones or Sengoku era Japan. There is something for everyone to be found in the workshop. Even if you aren’t a fan of medieval setting, you can easily add a mod to the game through the workshop that changes the game completely into different which interests you. The game has an active modding community even 8 years after its release. This speaks volumes about how relevant and well-liked the game still is despite its aging looks.

Overall, this is a really good game. It is an iconic and a masterpiece that has gone on to inspire many more games and developers. Right now this game is quite cheap and with the upcoming release of Bannerlord, this is a great place to enter the series, and you are definitely going to enjoy it.

Improving on the ambitious Mount & Blade, the stand alone expansion is a fantastic medieval RPG deep gameplay, endless replayability, and an active modding community. If you look past the aging graphics, this game has a lot to offer with its rich RPG elements and the sandbox world. The game doesn’t have a central narrative, so if you are looking for that you’ll have to pass up, but the game wouldn’t have been much different with a narrative anyway.

Seeing how cheap the game is, it’s a highly recommended purchase.

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