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Die Sims 3
This is a really awesome game, I can play for hours. My favourite points include create a sim and all the customisation options and also building and decorating the places where my sims live. Actual game play is pretty interesting too, I can get lost in this for hours. The possibilities are endless, you can quickly advance in any career if you put in a little effort meaning your sim can become anything, even president! Its a great break from the real world and a great stress reliever. Many weird and interesting things happen during play as all sims are amusing in their own ways. A great way to relax and create stories, expansion packs also expand this. If you want more customisation options for your sims like clothes, hair ect or build/buy items you can find sites where fans have created some pretty awesome content that you can download for free.

The only negative things I have to say about this game is that you can get lost and loose a lot of time quickly, you think your building a house for an hour and its actually been six hours and the suns starting to come up outside. Also, game play can get a little dry once your sim has accomplished a lot, like mastering most skills, being at the top of the career ladder, had five kids and completed their lifetime wish. Then you have to start all over again I guess... kinda feels like the hard work has all gone though.

Overall a great game and I highly recommend it. Haven't played sims 4 yet so I can't comment on which is better but this is definitely worth your time if your bored/stressed/ need a break from your own reality.

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