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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

I played the alpha, after which I have decided not to get this game. I will only critique elements which are still in the full game or have not changed much.

TL:DR; If you enjoyed Wildlands as much as I did, this game will most likely disappoint. I'd say the game is worth 5 euro's max in its current state. Me and my friends adored wildlands, and despite how similar they are, we both got tired of breakpoint after playing for a couple minutes.

- AI is TERRIBLE. I played on veteran difficulty, and the AI was abysmal, they occasionally walked passed me without reacting to me. They heaped up on staircases and doors, so you can just alert the base, camp a stair, and headshot everyone.

- There is barely any new content. Most guns, attachments, clothing, animations, sounds and vehicles in the game are taken from Wildlands. Customisation has been reduced drastically.

- Guns have lost all value. In the FIRST MISSION I got a lvl 1 HTI, but a lvl 3 M40A1 is already more powerful then that. The HTI was the strongest gun in GRW, but here it doesn't matter what the name of the gun is, its the level that matters.

- Traversing through the game is terrible. When you slip while climbing a mountain, you roll all the way down. For anyone having played GRW, you know that you spend a lot of time climbing, because your vehicle can break down at the bottom of a mountain. Here you just roll down, so you have to walk for tens of minutes in order to get where you want to be. I will retract this point if they fixed vehicle spawns though, I did not get to play around with that feature.

I just found the game to be extremely boring. I didn't feel any reason to do missions or unlock stuff, as I could get good guns just by attacking little outposts. Apparently microtransactions got a bit out of hand, while I can't say much about it, the game certainly was set up for it. I really wanted to like this game, and maybe it has improved loads since the alpha, but the game just had nothing going for us. I've played tens of alpha's and betas, but this one left such a negative impact on me that I decided to not buy the game.

Hope this was useful.

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