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Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition

Review Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition (Europe)

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Review Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition (417 Reviews)

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10 October 2017
Review by MatroxX

Game bought on IG

Very fun game, especially when playing with friends. You spend hours roaming the city and through the dlc the outskirts too. Definitely worth the purchase. It can be a little boring when playing on your own though.

  • Co-op madness
  • Crafting
  • RPG
  • ZIPLINE!!!
  • Vehicles
  • slightly repetetive

24 October 2018
Review by Vojtěch Jílovec

Game bought on IG

Definitely got alot more than I've expected from this game.

The story is very good and more fun than the story of other games I've played so far.
But if there's one thing I did not enjoy about the story is that the main character, Crane is constantly making the worst decisions possible and there's no way of you choosing what he should do, unlike it's said to be in Dying Light 2.

  • Fun Gameplay

22 September 2018
Review by Redosc

Game bought on IG

The best Zombie/Apocalypse Game on the Market.
I played the whole Campaign and had very much fun the whole time.
The game is challenging and pretty fun aswell.
It was my favorite Game on PS4
Its definetly worth a try :)

  • Open World
  • Long Story
  • Multiplayer
  • little Community

15 August 2018
Review by Wall (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

As a modern co-op game connoisseur, I'd call this my definitive coop experience of all time. The amount of fun and replayablility on this game's coop is yet unmatched, at the time of speaking. So if you're looking for that great coop experience, this is it.

  • Best Coop of its time
  • Condensed single character story

14 June 2018
Review by PBSkillz

Game bought on IG

LOVE IT, what a great game! I was a huge fan of Dead Island so this game looked to be a great replacement. It did not disappoint! Single player is loads of fun, however the multiplayer invasion can be slightly annoying


21 April 2018
Review by Excellent Game is work (read 6 reviews)

Game bought on IG

its, very fine game, dobro za jebati nekome mater ako volis da igras nesto poput ovoga,..
very funy multiplayer-coop-lan-singplayer game.. its very very nice game.. i love to play it...
sve u svemu dobra igra

  • co op

07 November 2017
Review by gamer-4996c0 (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Personally i think this is the best zombie / horror /parkour game ever created.
Thank you for the good experience.

Added value through free dlc's and extra stuff to enhance your playtime further. ;)

  • Super good story
  • compelling mechanics
  • Interesting twist ;)
  • short story
  • Confusing controls

15 July 2017
Review by Matiss (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Awesome game! I recommend! Main benefits is open-world environmet and survival type game style. To those ones who enjoy zombie-apocalypse games, this is a perfect choice. With good elements of horror genre, this game will surely make you scream.


14 November 2016
Review by gamer-0cc3d6

Game bought on IG

Really good game. Lots aside quests to do so you dont need to just follow storyline all the time. Great atmosphere and nice game to play with friend as co-op, specially against other player being monster. Graphics are good if you take in account it is really big openworld sized game. However I often get sick of this game and lately needed to take break a lot because i keep hearing zombies too much xD.


19 September 2016
Review by gosif

Game bought on IG

best zombie game available.starts out slow but gets much better as you progress and gain new abilities.
feels like playing far cry with mirror's edge mechanics.
if you are on the fence about buying it, do not hesitate.


22 April 2016
Review by Joe_Mac647 (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

brilliant game really enjoy it i love how to zombies are so much like the ones on 28 days later theyre worse at night just like the ones in that film in fact if they made a game of that film id still prefer this game


01 March 2016
Review by Alfonso

Game bought on IG

Dying light has become one of my favorite games. If you liked the Dead Island series this is the game for you. There are plenty of missions to do and there is a night mode if you want more of a challenge. With the addition of the new following add on, it makes the game twice as fun.


09 February 2016
Review by Isabel

I love this game; buy it. I am so happy they gave us a DLC

Einfach alless stimmt bei diesem Spiel; die story, die charaktere, die nebenwuests sind abwechslungreich und spannend; man bekommt teilweise neue Mods für seine Waffen! Das ist mit das größte; die Waffen - und die Finisher moves <3

  • Everything
  • Cradting system is awesome
  • Story is really good and believable
  • Different zombies
  • Cool Charakters
  • Umm I don't know it's one of my fav games

30 January 2016
Review by Brandslangen (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Amazing game with excellent graphics,
Lots of side-quests and a well done main story.
Extremely fun game to play with friends,
spent most my time lauhging at zombies or me failing to jump to ledges.
Higly recommend this game for anyone!

  • Good main story
  • Non-stop action
  • Many options on differnet side-quests
  • Awsome leveling/skill system
  • Co-Op Multiplayer (excellent game with friends)
  • No custom map multiplayer available yet
  • Even on low graphics requires above average gaming machine for smooth gameplay

01 December 2015
Review by adrian

Game bought on IG

best zombie game Ive ever play :) there are a lot of missions, so there is still something to do :) during the day you can go everywhere but during the night, better hide somewhere :) waiting for new dlc :)

  • zombie
  • open world
  • nice graphics

12 October 2015
Review by xvengeance (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

I bought this game when there is a discount on instant-gaming and I did not dissappointed.That was the right call the buy this game definetly.I will just pump some posivite and negative points about this game :)

  • atmosphere
  • parkour mechanics
  • Be the Zombie mod
  • boring side-quests
  • klişe diyaloglar

01 September 2015
Review by Hellvamp (read 11 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Truly a great COOP game once again! Dead Island devs brings us this beast of a game!
Way less bugs! More ZOmbieZ to slay!
Anywho, this is a great example of a true cooperative game. Having eachothers backs is most important in this game. That makes it very hectic and fun.

(if you plan to stroll out in the night,,be prepared, like super duper prepared)

  • Tight Controls
  • Crafting

19 August 2015
Review by soullost

Game bought on IG

excellent, more speedly service, really great game.
i always buy on this site and i nevere ever had any problems, one of the best key site i know,
best client service,great games, practice site and really instantly.

  • excellent

01 August 2015
Review by ZondaF12

Game bought on IG

The game was very good however had very bad optimization when first released. The story line was not very good on the game and If they made that better the game would be amazing. The graphics were great and the mechanics were also great

  • Fun
  • Great Freeroam
  • Great graphics
  • Bad Optimization
  • Bad Story

02 July 2015
Review by Nan

Game bought on IG

If you enjoyed Dead Island, you're going to love this game. It's like a better, prettier version. Of course, it is from the same makers so perhaps it's a given that they games are quite similar at times.

The game is at its best when played with a friend or other people online, there are some competitions created in multiplayer mode and so forth. Who wouldn't bash zombie skulls with a friend anyway though? Moreover, the game offers two different modes. One is normal, where you're a survivor and basically just try to get along. The other is a mode where you play as a kind of a super zombie and infiltrate the games of other players (can be turned off though)

Honestly, I only have two complaints about this game: it felt a little short story-wise and the ending fell a little short for me. In that, my score for the game would be 95, it was nearly perfect.

  • Visuals
  • Fun
  • Multiplayer
  • Different modes
  • A little short story-wise

09 June 2015
Review by Bleemak (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Dying Light. Is a beautiful looking game with a lot of zombies. It's basically better version of Dead Island. With amazing parkour system and likable main character. Story is just filled with cliches but it's not that bad like some say. But it coud've been better.

Gameplay is similar with other zombie games, first player melee combat that is frustating first since your stamina is so low. But it has meaningful upgrade system and you want to use every point. And then there's the all-powerful non-stamina costing kick. How we all love you.

Zombies are your normal-type zombies but at night, the game changes. In a good way. It's scary. And with upgrades including new items and weapons and mod support the game is in the end good.

  • Amazing parkour

06 May 2015
Review by JKrohn1 (Jamie) (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

If you liked Far Cry 3 and if you are into zombie survival games look no further. This game keeps you going and I have lost many of hours on side quests alone. Random encounters are repetitive but they are still good. I have played for around 24 hours in total and although some parts have had me close to breaking point I have continued to enjoy the game.

Just a heads up if you do purchase it, sleep often and stay up high, I have lost a lot of survival XP with silly errors or forgetting to sleep to save the XP. Night time survival is worth double but is much harder.

  • Fresh game play
  • Challenging but fun
  • Great Story
  • Easy sometimes
  • Random hickups while freeruning

06 May 2015
Review by Cliff (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Great game! Even better when playing with friends!
Dying light mixed in a lot of elements from other games and merge them together to create a new type of experience. The zombies fighting was crazily fun.

  • Very fun experience!
  • End game exploration seems lonely and it gets boring after a while

03 May 2015
Review by REV3L4TION

Game bought on IG

tolles spiel mit super grafik und netter story. leider trifft man ständig auf die gleichen zombies, es gibt schätzungweise vll 10 verschiedene models von den standart-zombies. die waffenabnutzung ist leider katastrophal. ständiges raparieren nötig... alles andere ist sehr gut gelungen. 90/100

  • graphics
  • parcour
  • zombie models
  • weapon wear

28 April 2015
Review by Aereidh (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Fast delivery no issues with site
Great Game, love the world and the free running, a few issues maybe lacking difficulty levels zombies and night become too easy after a while, and quarantine zones also too easy wile playing with friends. They will be adding more content thow and the Developper tools will bring loads ofs player mods to the game so yeah go for it


05 April 2015
Review by Techi

Game bought on IG

Le jeu est vraiment super, qualité des graphisme niquel et gameplay de malade! Je conseil ce jeu à tout les fans de jeu zombies!

  • Gameplay
  • Graphisme
  • Histoire
  • Pas de vehicule

24 March 2015
Review by chupitos

Game bought on IG

Good game, good surprise and easy beginning .... need more different weapons and a save system different from the one we use to have.

  • easy to play and very beautiful
  • save points, no save where you want

21 February 2015
Review by Duskspark (read 10 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Dying Light is a very fun zombie title that strings together brutal combat with incredibly solid free fun mechanics. Despite some poor performance issues, Dying Light is well worth your time and money.

  • Solid Free Run Gameplay
  • Brutal Combat
  • Zombies!
  • Poor Performance

09 February 2015
Review by JJK (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

I am a huge fun of zombie games and i have played many of them. When i played Dying light i was so amazed from its gameplay and its unique parkour and fps killing style of zombies that i have being playing it for hours!
The huge city and the free roam style is awesome offering you many places to visit and many alternatives to follow. The almost realistic day cyrcle is something new to those games and especially the night is so creepy cause to wonder cause of the super zombies.
The campaign was good but a little short to my view. But you have a lot of sidequests to do which are so worth, cause of some unique rewards you get from many of them.
There are pretty enough weapons in the armory but i really liked that they are getting better and better the more you play.
The skill tree is huge with many new moves and other stuff changing the gameplay as you keep learning them.
I havent tried the Be the zombie DLC as a hunter but i enjoyed it as a human.
I would recommend this game to anyone who likes zombie games and want to play with other teammates too with the coop feature which i almost used by 99% of my playthrough.


27 January 2015
Review by Oxygen (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

The single player: it starts all a little dark because u hear about a virus but don't get where it is all about. When u get down on the ground from a plain u get right in the middle of a zombie group that attacks you. You get saved and infected. I did play already for about 5 hours now and i can just say this: what an awesome game they made. It just takes me in to the game.

The multi player: It's called: be The Zombie. Well by that says, sound logical right? There are 4 players and 1 zombie. The zombie needs to kill the humans and the humans the hives from where the zombie can spawn. I did play it for about 1 hour and it's a great future in this game. You can also change the settings of the single player and make it open for everyone. What means that you can do missions in the time of laying single-player campaign.

A great start already so far. In my opinion: Totally worth the money. And especially here on Instant-Gaming.

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