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80 /100
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18 December 2016
Review by Kuroneko (read 11 reviews)

Super fun game! Massive props to Ubisoft for actually making a really great game.
It really gives you different ways of playing the game, sneaky, guns blazing, just using your techs etc.
A lot of different content aside the main and side missions. Haven't noticed any bugs or glitches which is great!

  • super fun
  • many ways of playing the missions
  • many side quests
  • variety of playthrough
  • a vast amount of clothing and vehicles
  • The ending was kind of a let down
  • Lack of sound settings, just has an overall audio setting.

07 February 2018
Review by AvercromXD (read 14 reviews)

Cooles Spiel, spannende Story, Open World und vieles mehr beeindruckt mich am zweiten Teil der Hackerreihe. Es hat eine gute Grafik man kann viel in diesem Spiel machen und das ganze mit einem Freund zusammen. Die Story ist sehr spannend und mitreißend und vorallem ist sie gar nicht so Realitätsfern wie man vielleicht hofft. Doch manchmal nervt die Ausdrucksweise der Hauptcharaktäre ein wenig.

  • Story
  • Open World Feeling
  • Online
  • Verbindung zur echten Welt
  • Ausdrucksweise

27 November 2017
Review by Jallu-setä (read 15 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Felt brilliant at first, but dissapointed at the end. Nice game to play, but the side missions were useless and I never completed a single one of them. This game is still ok and beats the first wd easily.

  • Better than the first
  • ok gameplay
  • creative gameplay
  • improved from wd1
  • graphics
  • useless side missions
  • gets boring
  • story is a little bland
  • short story

23 July 2017
Review by Speggo

Game bought on IG

Pretty solid 70/100 its pretty much like its predecessor but it has a lot more stuff to do.
You should buy this if you like watch dogs 1 and open map games. Stunning graphics and smooth experience with GTX 1060.

  • Great graphics
  • more stuff to do
  • i love open world games
  • Pretty short story
  • idk
  • idk

11 July 2017
Review by Excellent service (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Nice game, really enjoyed to play. I think the map and the story was a little bit small, but over all it's a very fun game to play. For the ones who love Grand Theft Auto and like hacking will love this game for sure

  • Good story
  • Nice minigames
  • Lot of stuff to do in freeroam
  • First Person in a car is blury, you don't have the detail of the interior of the car
  • Map kinda small
  • Car damages aren't that realistic compared with GTA V

26 February 2017
Review by KP

Game bought on IG

Well, this is everything what Watch Dogs 1 supposed to be. Ubisoft surprised me 100% positively with WD2. It's beautiful, it's fun, it gives player enough challenge with Realistic difficulty level. Beating up missions without even taking any contacts to enemies is pure fun now! Go and buy it, if you haven't done it already.

  • Fun
  • Beautiful
  • San Francisco
  • DedSec
  • It's everything that WD1 supposed to be.

28 January 2017
Review by cookie* [one33]

Game bought on IG

Macht spaß vieles neues dabei.

Aber man muss auch sagen das echt recht schnell langweilig werden kann. Aber die Story is auf jedens falls Spielenswert.

Ich würde es mir auf jeden fall nochmal kaufen :)


15 December 2016
Review by i Am ThE CoDe (read 8 reviews)

Game bought on IG

good game but it is not great game online springamathingies springs some intrest but not so much i dont like driving mechanics not too real feel and graphics not too good they are ok but i like story quite bit buy it "only" 25 + hour game for me max 35


29 November 2016
Review by Ange (read 4 reviews)

Great game, good graphics, great open world, great characters, and a lot of stuff to do. Handling of vehicles has improved a lot and is much better than in Watch Dogs 1! Hacking is also more fun, you have more options now.

  • Good vehicle handling
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