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22 October 2016
Review by REKT-MusH94

Game bought on IG

Perfect Game !! Totally Worth playing It. This game has to be appreciated a lot and MUST be backed by players. I have played BF4 and Hardline but this game has earned it's respect and deserved to be the "Game Of The Year"

  • Nice Graphics Simply WOW
  • Emotional Campaign
  • Massive Multiplayer
  • Can't Really Dislike this game

12 December 2018
Review by KiraL

Game bought on IG

The game is good, i love that graphic.When you go multiplayer is like hell... you die, is imposibile to not die in this multiplyer game lol...but is funny i think if you dont broke ur pc!Recomand this game is a good price.

  • good price
  • Easy install
  • Cd key come very fast
  • i like the story
  • Multiplayer is like hell.
  • i want the story to be long than this

10 October 2018
Review by CanerBoi

Game bought on IG

Very good game and can entertain for a very long time
I showed it to some friends and recommended them Battlefield 1, they got it and
it proved to be a game you can play with your friends together very well.

  • Graphics
  • Guns
  • Story Mode
  • Earning new guns

07 October 2018
Review by gamer-e611e0

Game bought on IG

Zajebista gra ... jestem mega zadowolony za ta cene ... nic dodac nic ujac 100pkt.!!! lepiej byc nie moglo ... kto by pomyslal ze tak tanio ... chwilke czekalem na kod ... gram od 3 godzin i jest zajebiscie


27 July 2018
Review by Sfekke

Game bought on IG

Battlefield 1 is a worthy successor to the loved Battlefield 4.
While in my eyes not being a replacement it does rock!
DLC is great with maps of seriously great quality.
Only problem is the loot boxes which I'm not 100% a fan of.
When Battlefield V (5) releases I hope they stick to their promise and not deal with that type of petty in-game monetization.
To me it seems like that game will be the worthy successor, but in the meantime this is totally worth picking up!

  • Graphics
  • Balance
  • Variety
  • Connection/Servers
  • Community (Largest part)
  • Community (Small part)

24 June 2018
Review by Iceko0

Game bought on IG

Dobrý den podle mého názoru je toto zatím hra co v takovémhle kontentu nemá konkurenci když nepočítám některé starší kousky ale už jí dál nebudu srovnávat chci říct že tato hra za koupi opravdu stojí až na ten ne moc obsáhlej a nasebe navazující příběh.

  • Hratelnost
  • Multiplayer
  • 1.světová
  • Příběh
  • Hw. požadavky

07 May 2018
Review by Alexis

Game bought on IG

Jeu magnifique, GamePlay riche, et une bonne prise en main, très très bonne optimisation même sur petite config le jeu tourne parfaitement, c'est pour moi sans doute l'un des meilleurs BF depuis la sortie de la licence je recommande fortement !!!

  • Magnifique
  • Nécessite beaucoup de temps de jeu

23 March 2018
Review by Portal2Master98 (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

My third most played battlefield, right after BF1942 and BF4. Really nice weapons and everything just freaking works, so i have no problem of enjoying it with my friends. Really good game made, in my opinion

  • Good game

09 March 2018
Review by I spent a lot of money (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Wow , this game is just amazing , love multiplayer and singleplayer , graphics are realistic , guns and other things also , i recommend buying this becasue price is very cheap and the game is really awsome

  • Graphics

07 March 2018
Review by gamer-14d775

Game bought on IG

i am addicted to this game i havent played battefield since the orginal 1942 i am loving every moment of it . great game to play with friends and just blow stuff up. I will be playing for along time to come.


04 February 2018
Review by Lycris (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Addictive game at the beginning : Quick progression, weapons unlocking, large maps... but after time, you'll see some limits : weapons are not as badass as BF3/4 (ofc it's WW1), same battles same stories, same players. You'll play this game only to decompress a bit after a long day of work. Otherwise, great visuals, nice UX/UI, well optimised

  • Visual / interface /optimisation
  • Fast leveling
  • great multiplayer game
  • Repetitive
  • Buy premium pack to enjoy your experience
  • story mode too short

14 January 2018
Review by Vincent264

Game bought on IG

Great big maps, really a very good game! Requires some sort of skill and good physics, etc.
I can play it easily on ultra settings with DX11 60 fps. However, after some update, the 1080p 60fps setting went very buggy and vague. So I switched it to 1080p 50 fps and everything works fine. Now I use ultra settings even with DX12. That reduces frames with a GTX1060 3GB to about 50 fps, which is good since that is the setting I am using currently.

  • Good graphics
  • Good physics
  • Big maps
  • Good matchmaking system
  • Special Edition has premium pass, and more DLC and packs with it for a cheap price
  • GPU and CPU heavy game.
  • After some update 1080p60 buggs, but fine with 1080p50 (GTX1060 3GB)

01 January 2018
Review by raremens

Game bought on IG

One of the best games I've ever played, great graphics, low price. Great community, great support, get's updated regularly, lot's of DLC, many maps to chose from and a lot of weapons to choose from. I'm loving this game.

  • Amazing graphics
  • Low Price
  • Great Gameplay
  • Settings can be confusing at first

13 December 2017
Review by ZuzDCruz (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Great game. Campaign is very interesting and full of action, one of best campaigns in FPS lately. Graphic is stunning and gameplay also, u really get to feel like you are in WW1.
Multiplayer is good also, some skill is needed which is great and u really are satisfied when you get a kill or you destroy a plane, which is about to dive and shoot on you. EPIC :)
I would recommend this game to everyone who likes FPS.

  • Graphics

08 December 2017
Review by drmicb99

Game bought on IG

I didn't played quite a while good looking graphic game like this . It's amazing if you have 3-4 firends and you matched up and play but if you are playing solo it's quite fun too !! Only problem is tanks on conquest , even if you have heavy anty tank grenade it will damage tank 20-30hp !

  • graphics
  • 64 players
  • best game to play with friends
  • old fashioned weapons
  • hard to level up service medals of assault,medic etc
  • maps are full of tanks

07 December 2017
Review by Christopher (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

I really enjoy BF1, its a must for the dedicated Battlefield layers. The Great War was a good pickup, an incredibly powerful representation through what is an utterly brilliant campaign. Must buy ....

  • Great maps
  • I like the dynamic weather
  • Incredible campaign
  • You have to precise adjust in game settings for aiming good.
  • Campaign over too soon
  • Long load times, I suppose

05 December 2017
Review by EVOOM

Game bought on IG

very good , got my key instantly. Activated on Origins works like charms, downloading right now, i had BF1 Trial edition key expired, now when i activated i hope it`s shows Revolution Edition but yes <3

  • BF1 Rev.Edition BUY RIGHT NOW
  • Perfect
  • None

27 November 2017
Review by Jallu-setä (read 15 reviews)

Game bought on IG

I bought it and liked it alot first. But when time passed I got really bored and the game wasnt good anymore, many other people felt the same. As a game this is ok, but I really regret buying it. The biggest thing is that you basically have to waste as much money as you paid for the game to get a few (but vital) online maps.

  • graphics
  • campaign better than expected
  • dlc overpriced, but vital
  • boring
  • no customisation
  • expensive overall

25 November 2017
Review by rouser

Game bought on IG

Battlefield 1's solemn campaign and over-the-top multiplayer may feel like polar opposites, but the complete package is all-around excellent.
As usual great service from instant gaming. Cannot fault these guys

  • Awesome Gameplay
  • Great game ,love it
  • Slow to get going

27 October 2017
Review by Jujazgd

Game bought on IG

Very good game and i hope that it will be even better with premium content.Played for some time standard edition.Good maps,good gameplay,nice graphic,many weapons and still many players that playing this game.

  • nice maps
  • many weapons

24 October 2017
Review by ghostbadi

Game bought on IG

I had already game on other acc , but only base game, so its realy cheep to buy here you get base game+ premium acess for realy low price. You can enjoy all happening in world war 1 because dice make it so real!

  • graphic
  • World war 1 real feeling
  • When you see tank you get scared
  • realy nothing for me

03 October 2017
Review by Tukslin

Game bought on IG

This best GAME!!! Battlefield 1 - the game you want to play again and again! New DLC it Awesome!!! Russian army best! Every do playing in this game! The best game I've ever played in my life! All going play)

  • Balance
  • Russian Army
  • Weapons
  • Bonus
  • Price
  • No

13 September 2017
Review by gamer-af6d40

Game bought on IG

I purchased this game with the release of the Revolution edition. It worked well for a few days, until a new map pack "In the name of the Tsar" was published. Since then, the game lags substantially and is at times unplayable - despite a low ping and high-speed internet connection from my side. If this was an issue for a couple of days only I wouldn't worry but Dice don't seem to be able to sort it out. Neither does the company or EA communicate well on the problem.

In the current condition, I would certainly not buy this game again and advise everybody to wait until the lag issue has been fixed! Very frustrating what would have otherwise been a good game (like 80 instead of 20 out of 100).

  • Battlefield, as usual. Pew, pew, pew!
  • Lag, terrible lag on all maps!

10 September 2017
Review by The Meseriasu

Game bought on IG

It is way better than bf4 , as gameplay , movements and all , grapichs looks good aswell , way ahead all cod series . If you want a good game this is it, it have bad parts also but until now is the best game I played.

  • Best gameplay so far
  • Lack of guns and customizations

09 September 2017
Review by HOLYPRIEST (read 4 reviews)

Game bought on IG

very good, i have been a BF player since BF1942, and this is by far the best BF game in the whole series, it is excellent in every aspect that you could want from a first person shooter war game, its easy for time to pass too quickly while playing

  • great shooter, good maps, good online comunity
  • nothing

10 August 2017
Review by Blazzerr90 (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Game is pretty fun. Fast paced, historically accurate. Game is pretty fun. Fast paced, historically accurate.
bla bla bla
i need to make minimum characters.

About instant gaming.. got the game in like 30 seconds.


04 August 2017
Review by WIPO (read 2 reviews)

i play this game on ps4 and i love it so much
now i want to plat it on pc because i love use mouse and keyboard
the best moments is playing with friends, have fun, and dance XD.
i love it so much this game !!

  • graphique
  • gameplay
  • story
  • online
  • nothing!

05 July 2017
Review by Zohanslo

Game bought on IG

this game it's really good. Effects,sound,graphics whole gameplay it's really great. But about team autobalancing is really crap this dosen't work good. Only autobalancing must fix and this game will be te most popular.

  • great graphic
  • effects
  • big maps
  • autobalancing

05 June 2017
Review by Ran:P

Game bought on IG

Good graphics and nice gameplay. WORTH IT.

The campain is not very good as I would say the other BF.
But the multiplayer is very fun and well done.

Don't expect epic plane fight like BF 3 and 4 but expect a lot of other new good stuf

  • Graphics on point
  • Getting a bit borring in the end

02 June 2017
Review by Jeppu (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Battlefield 1 is an amazing fps that puts you in the world of WW1 and the graphics are amazing too! I'll take some points out because of small glitches and bad team balances. still would recommend!!!!

  • Graphics
  • Boots in the ground
  • Gameplay
  • Epic
  • Minor bugs and glitches
  • Team Balancing is really bad mostly

01 June 2017
Review by Paczter (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

The best BF game thay made so far.
I really love the game modes and the updates they do to the game.

The Graphics for the solo plays are Amazing and the shooting is the best.
i love that they finally made a game about the WW1

  • all good
  • nice grafichs
  • nothing

18 May 2017
Review by Kuroneko (read 11 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Great game but you will get bored of it really quickly and the DLC's are incredibly slow to release.

If you want a game that is fun for a short period of time, then i would recommend BF1.
Personally, BF4 was better due to more customization.

  • Fun and different
  • Fast paced and action packed
  • Multiplayer with different maps
  • Large maps with both vehicles and without
  • No future crap
  • You get bored really quickly
  • Lack of guns and customization
  • They changed quite a few things that didn't need changing
  • Super slow DLC releases that don't give much
  • Lack of new content and slow content.

14 May 2017
Review by Donald

Game bought on IG

I've enjoyed the game on ps4, and now on PC. It took some time to install, due to the game size. But it's worth the wait. What an amazing game, it looked good on ps4 but on PC the visuals are so stunning! The gameplay is what you'd expect from a battlefield game.. awesome :D

  • Visuals
  • Gameplay
  • Balance between vehicles and infantry
  • None really

12 May 2017
Review by Seanpaul



07 April 2017
Review by x-Timmer-x

Game bought on IG

Single player is rather good, really takes you back to the beginning of 1900's
From the first mission on, this game'll frab you by the b*lls!
Multiplayer is , well, it's battlefield, so no CoD-rushing, but still fun :)
There are hackers out there unfortunatly, but that is the risk of the masterrace...

  • epic single player
  • decent multiplayer
  • different game modes
  • DLC's
  • hackers might f*ck it (as any other FPS)

06 April 2017
Review by gamer-f15e5c (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Its great, most things are done great,very little that i would change! :) 9/10 .Graphics,sound,weapons,whole game is good.Best Multiplayer FPS of decade.Single Player is just not comparable to multiplayer but anyway i play multiplayer so who cares.Sometimes it lags.

  • Graphics,sound,weapons,whole game is good.
  • Best Multiplayer FPS of decade.
  • Single Player is just not comparable to multiplayer but anyway i play multiplayer so who cares.
  • Sometimes it lags.

05 April 2017
Review by LimpzHD

Game bought on IG

One of the best titles ever. When i first tried it i maxed everything and i was stunned by the amazing graphics. Great story, great multiplayer. Perfect for casual and hardcore gamers. Campaign - 10/10 Multiplayer - 10/ 10

  • Stunning Graphics

01 April 2017
Review by Estanis (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Pour moi le meilleur battlefield de dernière génération et certainement dans mon top 3 fps.

Un très bon gameplay et de superbe graphismes, dommage que la customisation d' armes ne soit pas plus poussée

  • Graphismes
  • Gameplay
  • Période
  • Pas assez de customisation pour les armes

29 March 2017
Review by Filip

Amazing i play it all the time with my friends and we are having a great time all together XD

Amazing i play it all the time with my friends and we are having a great time all together :P

Amazing i play it all the time with my friends and we are having a great time all together :)

  • Gameplay

07 March 2017
Review by Gerasimos_K

Game bought on IG

Amazing i play it all the time with my friends and we are having a great time all together XD

Amazing i play it all the time with my friends and we are having a great time all together :P

Amazing i play it all the time with my friends and we are having a great time all together :)

  • Gamepaly
  • Graphics
  • none

06 March 2017
Review by Patrickarlssonn

Game bought on IG

I have been a battlefield player since 1942, with the exception of 2142. I mostly play the games multiplayer so this review will only tackle that side of the game. It's worth noting that the singleplayer is very improved and only second IMO to Battlefield Bad Company.
Some of my all-time favorite gaming moments has been with this franchise and after about 50+ hours in this title i can safely say that it doesn't disappoint.
Battlefield 1 is from the start a fresh and exhilarating take on large full-on war multiplayer. With crisp graphics and a surprisingly well optimized engine (That i have tested on multible machines) it's one of the more immersive FPS games to date. Even on low settings the game looks amazing, even when compared to other AAA titles.

The game features the classic team oriented gameplay that the series is known for, and this time rewarding players to an even greater extent for playing the objective. All classes feel that they serve their own induvidual purpose and role on the battlefield.
All of this combined creates a insanely fun multiplayer enviroment and battles that can force you to just stop and take in the absolute carnage of mortars, screams in the distance and soldiers push through the machine gun fire. This is further added on with a sound design that will take your breath away.

However some reviews on this site highlights some glaring faults in the current version of the game. Aspects as long term progression and content to keep the game from getting stale and repetitive is lacking.
Dice has promised to address this and in the latest "Winter Patch", we got the additions of ribbons and extended level caps on the different classes. A MUCH NEEDED IMPROVEMENT. Furthermore the game is held back by absolute insane grenade spam, it's so bad that some maps can at times feel unplayable. But Dice has acknowledged this issue and started to test changes in the CTE (Community Test Enviroment) to improve the game.
More content is inbound though the various DLC's but these are not included in the base game.

To finish this review off: I have had some of my very BEST gaming moments playing this game with my brother and i dont regret buying this game at release. Dice has shown the community that it takes the games flaws seriously and will work to improve them, that is more that some studios does and it deserves to be mentioned.
In it's current state the game has it's flaws, and only buying the base game might shorten the longevity of your time with it. Overall i will give it a score of 90, it only misses a perfect 100 due to a few flaws. (NOTE this is only at the point of the review).

I would recommend this to anyone that is a fan of FFS shooters and teamwork oriented games. Hope to see you all on the battlefield.

  • Well optimized and good graphics
  • Sound design that is second to none
  • Developer support
  • Lives up to the Battlfield name
  • Fun and immersive gameplay
  • Slow progression
  • Grenade spam
  • Lack of content in the base game, Premium is almost a necessity

27 February 2017
Review by x0Z3ro0x (read 4 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Best story line I have played in a LONG time. Then to be able to jump into multiplayer after is even better. The only problem this game faces is lack of users online in multiplayer. Sometimes MP can feel dead and empty.

Other than that, you will find yourself matched against users far more skilled, which can be a bit angering at first. All and all this is an amazing game!

  • 10

26 February 2017
Review by MZPERXD

Remek játék! Szép grafika és nem is kell erőmű, izom PC hozzá. A kampány mód lehetne hosszabb és kicsit élvezetesebb, de ez egy online játék elsősorban. A játék néha kidobál, a szerverek néha túlterheltek és kisebb hibák is maradtak még benne. De nagyon jó játék!

  • Nice Graphics
  • God Sound
  • Server Bug

04 February 2017
Review by gamer-356643

Game bought on IG

its working but you need to type the full code manually - (why there is a minimum characters left? anyway this is just text to make the minumum characters left thing go away :/ bit weird but anyway thanks for reading this review! :)

  • its working
  • cheap! :)
  • you need to type the full code manually

29 December 2016
Review by conv1ct (read 5 reviews)

Game bought on IG

rly nice game. u will need buy this if u love BF game or something like that.... nice graphic, nice sound and very very nice singleplayer and multiplayer. fast shiping from ''instant gaming'' and i got in sale

  • graphic
  • smal bug

24 December 2016
Review by lemordu222 (read 4 reviews)

Game bought on IG

-grenade land
-arme useless au début (aucun dégât)
-beugé comme d'hab.
Tu apparait tu te fais grenade ah foison, il te faut un chargeur un paquet de balle pour kill un mec, beug de viseur, de glens pour le snip, .... déscue encore une fois d'un BF.

  • beug
  • grenade spam
  • arme impuissante au début face au joueur de plus haut niveau

21 December 2016
Review by Wall (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Finally, a game that can replace all the redundant shooters out there, and improve on the teamwork community. What this game provides in terms of graphics, ease of use, variety, and accessibility is unmatched in all other recent titles.

  • Best replacement for CS:GO to date

18 December 2016
Review by Lobo007

Game bought on IG

perfect game, very realistic, dinamic weather, its cool when it changes to fog, but annoying as well, i would really really recommend this game if you are interested in war, and shoter games. lalallalala

  • nice graphic
  • nothing

04 December 2016
Review by Yotatan

Game bought on IG

Great and kick deliver, as always ! will recommend to all personn who need great game at low price with secure and safe payment. I use this site for 4 years without any problem or with very quick response.

  • Fast deliver

27 November 2016
Review by Hellvamp (read 11 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Well its definitely battlefield. Don't expect something different than that!
I like it, slower progression time than the previous battlefields but thats ok.
Great sound and Great effects! A solid 80!

  • Atmosphere
  • Sound
  • Graphics
  • Gunplay is maybe "too" realistic for a shooter type like this
  • Feeling is very different compared to BF4 and BF3
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