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29 August 2017
Review by vvkappel (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

can't get enough of this game the story is awesome and it is so different to any other game ive ever played. I enjoyed every second of my playthrough and every second of the second and thrird as well!

  • awesome story
  • refreshing
  • not for the weakhearted

22 December 2018
Review by Freakzontour (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Got this since i had nothing else to play while waiting for Metro:Exodus, Cyberpunk and so on..
The game is pretty neat and surprised me in a very good way!
Give the game a try or you might miss out if you like First Person Shooters.

  • its not Fallout76

18 February 2018
Review by Neurosurgeon (read 6 reviews)

An excellent and my personal most favourite game of 2017.

A thrilling story with haunting yet amazing moments and plot twists. A place where your empathy and choices depend a lot.

Gameplay with different types of enemies including the most iconic shape-shifting mimics that you never know when and where are they going to sneak on you. A complete opposite of it is the big monster that hunts you down unless you find a good spot to hide and wait 2 wasteful minutes there until it goes away (or you can just try to kill it).

Combat system offers more than it can - with a lot of special abilities like the one that alows you to shape-shift into almost anything. Weapons are a possibility too (shotgun, laser thing and a pistol), but more importantly the tools that let you escape, solve puzzles, repair and slow the enemies.

Some of the puzzles are too challenging but very rewarding - if you will try to cheat codes for example safe doors, etc. then you can't because the game has set different unique codes for everyone, so you will have to watch a lot of YT guides (unless you are a genius).

The map is definitely not the type of "get there once and never get there back" maps.

With a dedication this game can be your dream crush, you just have to try it (demo is available).

  • Variety of weapons
  • Creative and tough enemies
  • Thrilling scene
  • Puzzles and map (levels)
  • Amazing story and soundtrack
  • Ending wasn't that satisfying

12 February 2018
Review by chimon0815

Game bought on IG

Wer SystemShock oder Bioshock mag wird nicht enttäuscht und findet sich gleich zurecht.
Das Kampfsystem ist ok und die Möglichkeiten Talente, Waffen und Psi Kräfte zu modden ist gut gelöst.
Kaufempfehlung +

  • immense atmosphärische spiele Erfahrung
  • grafik ist schlicht

10 August 2017
Review by gamer-0f84e0 (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

This reminds me of System Shock more than anything in the last 15 years. Everything happens in a single space station. Constant paranoia of shape shifting enemies makes the player watch every step. Weapons are unorthodox and thus interesting.

  • Athmosphere

05 May 2017
Review by gamer-09c39c

Game bought on IG

Good enemy physics , poor environment graphics , character model blends badly with the scene , and is also out of scale , However i bought the game for its talented idea and story line which will blow your mind .don't be afraid to explore there are plenty of routes and secrets, smash the glass its leads elsewhere. search , scrounge survive.

Not everything you see is real. or what you see.

SLI 960 NVidia
3.4 GHZ 8 core core cpu

  • Great new story
  • Poor Enviroment graphics

05 May 2017
Review by lojza

Game bought on IG

Good game. High fps on lower hardware, played on 1060/980 and great experience. On GTX 1080 Ti is overkill. Good graphics, only few glitches or bugs, totally playable from 0 day. Good games for these price ...

  • good optimalisation, good fps, great gaming
  • nothing
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