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Warframe: Lightning Pack
Warframe: Lightning Pack DLC

Warframe: Lightning Pack

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Lightning Pack

The Lightning Pack is charged with massive amounts of Platinum, Credits, Mod Cards, Movement upgrades and Boosters for those who want the best in Warframe right away.

• 1,500 Platinum to use toward new Warframes, Archwings, weapons, pets, and more
• 150,000 Credits to assist in making new upgrades to your arsenal
• 20 Random Mod Cards to instantly upgrade your inventory
• 10 Rare Mod Cards to add hard-to-find modifications to your inventory
• Lightning Dash Mod to add Lightning Damage to Bullet Jump and increase the speed of Bullet Jump, while lengthening the duration of Aim Glide and Wall Latch.
• Retribution Mod to add chance to do electrical damage when shield struck by melee enemies.
• Mobilize Mod to increase your Bullet Jump speed, along with your duration of Aim Glide and Wall Latch
• Rush Mod to instantly increase the sprint speed of your Warframe
• Firewalker Mod to add Heat damage and increase the speed of Bullet Jump, while lengthening the duration of Aim Glide and Wall Latch.
• 5 Exilus Adapters to instantly unlock Exilus Mod Slots for Parkour advancements
• Resource Booster and Resource Drop Chance Booster to double the chance and amount of pickups for 3 days
• Affinity Booster and Credit Booster to quickly level up your Warframe, Archwing, and weapons for 3 days
Release date 23 November 2015
Minimum Requirements*
CPU Core 2 Duo e6400 / Athlon x64 4000+
GPU GeForce 8600 GT / Radeon HD 3600
*Tags and requirements are for informational purposes

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