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Human: Fall Flat

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26 January 2018
Review by Dr.Noxifer (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Amo i giochi phisic based. davvero bello da giocare. ora con la modalità multyplayer sarà ancora più bello! codice arrivato istantaneamente. bello da giocare sia con il pad che con mouse e tastiera. CONSIGLIATISSIMO

  • Ben strutturato
  • storia un pò breve

12 March 2019
Review by totsu

Game bought on IG

Very funny game to play with your friends! There is a lot of levels which difficulty warries... You can do anything to your marshmello character. You can paint him, give him a hat, clothes, or just import a face... Me and my friends had a lot of fun with that.. Overall a very fun game that u should totally buy.

  • The controls are very funny
  • Character creator in this game is fantastic
  • With friends you will definitely love this game!
  • The game is kinda lackluster without friends.

15 January 2019
Review by Tales (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Absolutely hilarious to play with friends or your own! It never gets old. Really makes you think sometimes and i't incredibly addicting. Can never get enough of this master piece! Totaly recomend it!!


16 November 2018
Review by RexentieTv

Game bought on IG

Rly good game! Is very funny and make much fun. Rly interessting story of a little charakter! I love this game!
Sehr sehr gutes spiel. es macht wirklich sehr viel spaß den kleinen Charakter zu steuern ich kann es nur Empfehlen!

  • All

09 November 2018
Review by Nanonix

Game bought on IG

I simply love it. Super addictive and beautiful game. I love the rag doll physics. It can get very challenging.
I had to rage quit once... There is some glitches sometimes, but that is what i expected with freedom to grab on to anything.

  • it's challenging
  • it can get frustrating

20 October 2018
Review by 1NightGaming1 (read 5 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Very fun can get a bit repetitive tho but you can make it fun by playing online or with your friends, it also has split-screen and that makes it so funny with your friend. The game's mechanics are ok bit strange as its like you are a rag doll all the time.

  • Very fun
  • Bit repetitive

14 August 2018
Review by MilanINSTANT (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Really funny and thinking game hhaha i really having fun playing it and its cheap and really good and alot of people playing it and easy you can get someone to play with if you dont have hah thanks !!

  • Besttt!!!1

21 July 2018
Review by Lukavi Lisac

Game bought on IG

i played it with my friend, its great, 10/10. if you are looking for som co-op game this is game for you!!
but it's short :(
i dont know what else to say, thank you instant gaming for this lovely game
its in beta

  • fun
  • fun
  • fun
  • short

05 April 2018
Review by ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ (read 2 reviews)

Странная игра, геймплей которой упирается в мышление и физичиские возможности игрока
В соло в игре нечего делать, но с друзьями....
Становится гораздо веселее
появляется больше вариантов прохождения (иногда даже не задуманных с начала) что делает игру интереснее

  • Графика
  • Идея
  • Геймплей

12 February 2018
Review by malvarr (read 4 reviews)

Game bought on IG

This game is an incredible amount of fun with friends. While people say that it's short, and that's true, you can waste a lot of hours in the game by being unable to move because you're laughing, it doesn't go as you planned, or you just want to throw your friends off the map. They're also implementing workshop, so the community will now make more maps for more fun. Get this game if you have someone to play it with, and enjoy the goofiness that is Human: Fall Flat!

  • Fun
  • Goofy
  • Hilarious
  • Short(?)

31 January 2018
Review by Mandrakegoon

Game bought on IG

nice and funny, really good.
a little monotonus but really good after all, it is a bit short but alway enjoyable
i really liked that game despite thats not my kind of game
I've played it all in multiplayer and it was really funny

  • cool gameplay
  • nice quest
  • lowprice
  • monotonous

24 December 2017
Review by Kiiromon

Game bought on IG

Super cool game to have some fun with friends! It's also good to play alone for a bit, and while there's not like a big plot or something, it's just funny. Also the customization is just perfect, I love it.

  • It's great to play with friends
  • Can be kinda frustrating after a while

17 December 2017
Review by Dad in a reasonably priced car

Game bought on IG

Challenging but fun game! Has a nice i will play this again in the future feel to it and all the family can give it a go. Its a nice gem to have in your steam collection and a game you should play when you feel like you want a break from the world

  • Different
  • Challenging (in a good way)
  • Fun to play

03 December 2017
Review by Rui (read 6 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Very funny game! Laugh for hours! You get to play with friends and solve puzzles together. Great environment and funny stuff happening. The fact that you can customize ur characters is also great! totally worth the price of IG! Thanks once again

  • fun
  • only 8 levels :(
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