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Review Football Manager 2017

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Football Manager 2017
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Release date
4 November 2016
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$63 $21.33
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Review Football Manager 2017 (90 Reviews)

86 /100
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22 November 2016
Review by Fiascotje

Game bought on IG

I would recommend this game to you if you absolutely love Football.
If you don't love it alot then you should buy maybe like FM 16 or if you have the money FM 17. The game is everywhere a bit improved.

  • The profile is much improved
  • You're instant at 200 hours
  • The same as FM 16
  • The price is still high

20 December 2016
Review by Zlapalula

Game bought on IG

O jogo esta muito bem conseguido, o sistema de jogo parece-me bem.
Apenas gostaria que o ordenado que o treinador ganha se pudesse gastar, existir uma parte no jogo que seja a vida privada do treinador. Onde se pode comprar casas, carros e assim...

  • Bom sistema de jogo
  • Não se pode usar o ordenado de treinador

28 November 2016
Review by jelszavam

Game bought on IG

My first FM in the last 10 yrs or so, simply perfect and hard as phuck. Pretty lifelike game engine, and an enormous database. Come on, Gibraltar Leaugue? I want to play the Antarctic Pro League. Way to go SEGA :) JK, if you want a great game, don't hesitate to buy.

  • UI
  • Graphics engine
  • enormous database
  • Too manyon screen information at the same time, hard to distinguish.
  • At times you feel lost in the jungle of pages.

27 November 2016
Review by aslas89

Game bought on IG

It is great! Best match engine as I can see. Every year the game gets better and better. Kudos to Sports Interactive for they effort on making the game better. The price also is low if you consider that it is a game you can play all year long instead of some days

  • Best Football manager of the recent years
  • None

27 November 2016
Review by s3dralius

Game bought on IG

Typical Manager...Let's stay home and ignore everything else for a long time again..So much addiction to the game from a lot of people around the world means it's a good reason for the company to improve this game much more in the future!Enjoy the game and have fun!

  • New players,fixes,stadiums etc...
  • Better manager profile
  • Not improved graphics in 3D mode

25 November 2016
Review by PANOSZ7

Game bought on IG

the game is very awesome,i play more than 7-8 years since the game was championship manager.i 'm addicted to play it for a couple of hours every day..you are a coach of youw favorite team,you win ,you loose,you buy players and you are a manager as say the game..have fun with it

  • match engine
  • better graphics for the stadiums

25 November 2016
Review by gamer-0cbdf8

Game bought on IG

Very cool game, year after year, even though the changes aren't as many as we'd like it to be, or the ones we'd like, still the guys are doing a quite respectable job. The game as addicts all over the world for a reason.

  • New gameplay atributes and things missing in the old versions
  • I believe that we should be able to run the club as chairman after being the manager for a few seasons

25 November 2016
Review by MrArgorn

Game bought on IG

La saga di football manager non smentisce mai, sforna sempre capolavori sotto il punto di vista manageriale, ora c'e solo da vedere se si potrà creare un proprio logo e le magliette per la propria squadra ,visto che negli scorsi titoli non si poteva fare.
In conclusiine,bel gioco e ottimo prezzo. Molto efficienti e immediato l'invio del codice.

  • fast
  • Perfect

23 November 2016
Review by MasterDecio

Game bought on IG

This game is so awesome, im very addict on it, i play alot of hours by day. i love to play online with friends, to pickup a team and manage them, win championship, to play leaguesand be the top team..

  • awesome graphics
  • no pros

15 November 2016
Review by ChiKiTo98

Game bought on IG

Excellent, un vrai FM comme on les aime, meilleur jeu dans le genre toutes consoles confondues, base de données incroyable. FM déniche les pépites avant tous les clubs chaque année, c'est vraiment hallucinant !


04 November 2016
Review by zagrebelo

After 3h still didn't get valid serial number. Very bad service for 1st time. 3h ago I payed you for the game and I am still not getting valid serial number because you think I am a online fraud. What is that, a joke?

    • Takes to long.
    • Bad service