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24 March 2016
Review by brian

Game bought on IG

echt een heel mooi vervolg van de eerste grid
mooie auto's en nog steeds realistisch genoeg voor zijn leeftijd
daarom speel ik dit spel nu ook nog
zeker een aanrader en vooral voor het geld wat je ervoor betaald

  • nice cars
  • hard to play

24 June 2018
Review by D1pl0m4t

Game bought on IG

It is an interesting game. Love how you can modify the cars. Also, love how there are a variety of races. I would recommend this game to people who are into racing games. You will not be disappointed.

  • 100

17 June 2018
Review by morbidrage

Game bought on IG

This is an easy arcade style game to kick back and start nailing nice apex's around corners. Wish was more u could do with the game pretty linear. Just fun racing game to have to waste some time on. Love the old school derby style racing.

  • graphics
  • to easy

04 March 2018
Review by Adam (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Best racing non open-world game i ever played. recomended it. Polecam tę grę wszystkim fanom wyścigówek, gra na prawdę warta uwagi, można się świetnie bawić solo jak i multi albo na podzielonym ekranie z kolegą. Polecam.

  • cars, tracks,
  • driving model
  • graphics, audio, feeling
  • out of bugs
  • none

19 February 2018
Review by Krayzi3Bon3

Game bought on IG

Amazing classic. Great variety of tracks and the handling is great as usual, like all Codemasters games. Would have loved a few more cars as well as some additional game modes. This will remain one of my favourite series

  • Handling
  • graphics
  • not enough cars
  • too short

15 January 2017
Review by Cromatik (read 7 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Gute Mechanik des Spiels und eine flüssige Bildwiderholungs rate ist ein MUSS für jedes Autorennspiel! Hier machen sie im Grunde alles richtig bis auf die tatsachen dass man nicht wirklich sein Auto individuell Tunen kann. das bedeuted farben des Autos kann man ändern doch an der Karosserie kann nix getan werdens


20 October 2016
Review by Dev

Game bought on IG

A well designed game with a cool story and amazing graphics and relation to reality! Strongly recommend it.Graphics are amazing and Physics of the game is realistic. Even though difficulty is a bit high but it's still a decent game to buy!

  • Graphics are amazing
  • Physics of the game is realistic
  • difficulty is a bit high

18 January 2015
Review by Azgoth (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

I am a fan of race game and I was really happy to see this second opus of grid so now that I have played many hours at this game, I can say that it's a really good game.

The graphics are great with a new engine that made the car details really amazing and also the details of the racing circuit.
There is many details even if when you do a race, you don't really look at them (at least if you don't want to lose)
You can also personalize your car which is a good point for a game like this but it will only be for the appearance.

The story of the game is the more basic story possible but as the most important thing is to have a good gameplay, this isn't a problem.

The gameplay is really good and you have plenty of cars to have a play with.
There is also many race circuit which help to not have the feeling to always made the same race.
We can sometime do some race when it's rain or when there is fog, etc and this is really interesting because we won't play the same way when it rain or when there is fog.

If you like online game, you can go and play with others players and try to win the race.
The only problem with the multiplayer is that many player will just hit you and if you like a proper race with skills to determine the winner, it might not be the good thing to play online.

If you like the racing game, you can go and take this game because you will have a good time with this game.

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