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02 November 2018
Review by milinks

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This game is a refreshing change from the generic stealth, and hacking games, being as "open world" as the story line can allow, it has a unique way of utilising the GUI and in game choices. The hints it gives means youre never far from being lost, but leaving enough choices for you to find restarting can be often.Overall its an excellent game, the graphics are very good, and it plays well on an average rated pc with no issues. Definately worth a punt!

  • graphics excellent!
  • Gameplay and story is innovative.
  • Enjoyable side missions
  • Had Opportunity to be a bit more "open world", which would've increased gametime and interest.
  • Controls quite cumbersome when using keyboard and mouse
  • Difficuly to remap

07 January 2017
Review by Armsmaster

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Very good game!The story is great!The game is super cheap now and the graphics are really good.Some of the tasks in game are boring but the game is Ok.The multiplier is interesting.Мany thanks to Ubisoft for this creation.

  • Good game
  • Good storyline
  • Interesting characters in the game
  • Atmosphere
  • Many innovations
  • The game wants 4 physical cores to run smoothly

31 August 2016
Review by AidanDunmore (read 3 reviews)

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This is that kind of 'this could have been an amazing game but it's kind of meh' - game.
But it's good enough for 7€! This game could have been far better and it was a mess on release, actually. But for this amount of money its okay.

  • Graphics are actually pretty with a nice reshade mod
  • Story is alright
  • Interesting game mechanics
  • Atmosphere
  • very cheap now
  • Downgraded graphics
  • game mechanics potential isn't used to it's fullest
  • becomes boring after a while
  • bad port (framedrops even with very good specs)

21 October 2015
Review by Bajo-Moj-SRB (read 2 reviews)

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The game is rly perfect.I rly enjoy playing it.I prefer u guys to get this game.
The story is great.Online is rly good a Lot of thing to do with friends.
U r playing as aiden whic is a hacker.I think i mostly love this game because u r in place of hacker...

  • U r a hacker
  • Graphics r great
  • Story and online r Great
  • U can controll whole city :D
  • Cant dive underwater
  • No hellis or planes to fly

27 January 2015
Review by danny1876j (read 3 reviews)

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How good this game is, depends on what you want from it. The single player story is really good, if a little cheesy in parts. the main character Aiden Pearce is pretty boring if truth be told but the other characters make up for it, as there is some really good ones. I enjoyed the hacking within the game, although maybe there wasn't as much detail put into the hacking as i would have liked. The graphics are really good (if you have a powerful PC) the early performance issues have generally been cleared up now. I compare this game to the first assassins creed. Its a new premise, with new ideas yet its a little bit thin and can get boring. but assassins creed then rectified these issues with the second game, so i feel the next watch dogs will be really, really good.

The multiplier aspects are interesting, and it is best to leave the option to allow other players to invade you game on. i really enjoyed playing online in the first few weeks of the games release, as it was new to everyone so people hadn't exactly worked out the exploits. now that everyone knows how to tell if someone has invaded your game, it spoiled it a bit for me. once i found out how to check, it played on my mind and found myself compulsively checking, and it eventually ruined it for me. so i wont tell you how to tell, and i suggest you don't find out!

online tailing and online hacking are the best online modes, with the other modes being pretty dull. online hacking, is absolutely awesome when you get a genuinely great encounter. but just frustrating when the target is fully aware that you are there and decides to just speed off in a really fast car! one tip... if tailing someone, don't use a motorbike. NPCs do not use motorbikes so only a real player can use one!

the game is super cheap at the minute, so i would say it is fully worth the money. just for the campaign alone, and the chance to play the first one in what is probably going to be ubisofts next big franchise.

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