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Payday 2 GOTY Edition

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16 November 2018
Review by lelleemil01

Game bought on IG

really fun game but its really big in GB size thats one of the two negative things with the game and the second bad thing is there is alot of dlc that you may want BUT you dont need them to play the game

  • Fun game
  • Not to hard to run
  • multiplayer with friends 10 times more fun than single player
  • Big in GB size
  • Tons of dlc (OBS not needed)

29 September 2018
Review by DombaPrejz

Game bought on IG

soo good this game is such a good game bgecause you ahve options that you need to robe a bank and take money and you can do misions its such a good game i love it so much because i saw it on youtube--

  • good game

10 July 2017
Review by Formiga

Game bought on IG

Very good game and fast buy thanks IG <3 This help me and my friends having a great time playing and have fun. I receive the game with the Game Of The Year DLC's no scam or something like that 100% legit

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