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Total War: Warhammer II background
Total War: Warhammer II

Review Total War: Warhammer II (Europe)

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Review Total War: Warhammer II (95 Reviews)

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11 October 2017
Review by 7he Green Arrow

Game bought on IG

almost the same gameplay with the first game but the big difference now is that there is no race conquer restrictions! as most of may have discover from various reviews the game seems more like an expensive expansion rather than a sequel to the warhammer series

  • no race conquer restrioction
  • almost same gameplay
  • feels like an expansion rather a sequel of the series

12 December 2018
Review by Slivko (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

I would say its a pretty legit game. When I started playing I was so confused but then I started to understand the campaign better and the rest followed. Recommend cause of the variety of fantasy races.


13 November 2018
Review by mr.tunnel

Game bought on IG

If you love Warhammer and TW you gonna buy both games WH1 and WH2, you gonna get a lot for your money especially if you're buying cheap keys on trusted sites. There's absolutely no reason not to have both of those.

  • - Sandbox feel of the game with Mortal Empires
  • - Old world is mainly unchanged.

07 November 2018
Review by Amarrow (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Un excellent jeu de Stratégie et de Gestion, je le recommande fortement !
Il pousse comme comme tous les autres Total War la Stratégie a son paroxysme
Le petit plus que je trouve a cet Opus c'est L'immense variété d'Unités proposer et ce pour chaque Factions.
Même si je le trouve très gourmand pour la plupart des configurations PC Total War WarHammer 2 est Excellent et a une grosse re-jouabilité

  • Graphismes

09 October 2018
Review by Thaar

Game bought on IG

What can I say about this game.
It's really good so far. Better than the first version.
It allows to play on a gigantic map with all factions from this game and from the first one.
I indeed recommend this series of games to anyone who enjoys warhammer.


11 August 2018
Review by UnitedGamers (read 20 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Total War is an amazing franchise. For those of you unaware, Total War games take place in 2 parts. One part is on a giant map where you control your army; it is like a board game phase where you can trade, negotiate, etc. The other part is the combat phase with RTS style battle. A lot of people are put off by RTS thinking that they have to be very quick with a high APM to enjoy, but that is not the case with the Total War games, where the emphasis is on your strategizing skills.

Going into the game, I was a bit skeptical thinking that this would just be the same as the first one with little additions as Total War: Warhammer was already a really good game, but I was blown away by the sequel. The most notable new feature the special vortex effect is a game changer. The story is that the Elves have broken the Vortex, making it vulnerable, and now all the factions are trying to get control of it for power. To gain control of it, you must perform 5 rituals. You have to complete a few tasks to start a ritual and must protect the location for a while until it is over. But at the same time, the other factions are also trying to perform the rituals, so you have to stop them.

Total War: Warhammer 2 also features some new factions like Tomb Kings, Skaven, Dark Elves. One of them, the High Elves, work very differently from the other factions. They gather influence points, and use it to break up ties between factions. Some players didn’t enjoy this as much, but I thought it was a very interesting addition to the game. The game rarely feels the same in multiple playthroughs with different factions, and always keeps things fresh and exciting.

There aren’t many faults with the game. In fact, I can’t really think of any issues with the game. The game feels incredibly polished. What’s more, even people who don’t play a lot of RTS games will enjoy this as it also has RPG elements from the Vortex quests. They are also giving a free map to the people who own both games that combines the 2 maps. It will have around 100 groups belonging to the 8 races. Again, the custom matches are there with with many options to play around with. You can just enjoy battle after battle with changing scenarios through that for endless fun. The game is also optimised amazingly well! There really isn’t anything to fault in this game!

I enjoyed the game thoroughly. The campaign has a lot of content and many hours of playtime without feeling padded. Plus, there is a lot of fun to be had in custom battles and co-op with a friend.

Creative Assembly could have easily passed off a copy of the first game with a few changes and it would have still been a great game, but they didn’t. Adding new features to the stellar first game, Total War: Warhammer 2 is an incredible game that surpassed our expectations with its high level of polish and fully fleshed out new features. Like the last game, Total War: Warhammer 2 is welcoming to newcomers without losing the depth of its gameplay. It is an amazing game and a must buy if you are a fan of the genre or the first game, and at the very least deserves to be tried out if you are interested in RTS or grand strategy games. Go out and get this masterpiece ASAP!
This game is definitely a perfect 10/10

  • Graphics
  • Mods
  • Coop Campaign
  • Competive Multiplayer
  • More Races
  • Same gameplay as the 1st game

31 March 2018
Review by Ady_2160

Game bought on IG

The best strategy game you can buy right now.
And if you have the first one, global map, all out war !
The battles are amezing, full armies, thousands of soldiers clashing in real time :O imo, Creative Assembly made one of the best Total War game ever !!

  • warhammer
  • a lot content
  • replayability
  • price dlc

15 March 2018
Review by Froztik (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Absolutly stunning game, the first one is very good (in my opinion) but this one is also rocks!! If you like total war games, you must absolutly try this out too. Maybe a bit of a harder total war game, like the others.

  • you can't get bored
  • creative forces
  • uniqe factions
  • new strategic and tactical options
  • some bugs
  • can make you addicted
  • long load times
  • few playable races in multyplayer

28 October 2017
Review by Nawaki (read 10 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Well it's a huge improvement on the first one, which was already a really really great game. Especially now, when the combined map came out. With so much potential out there and with future DLC this could easily be 100% game...

  • Huge variety of factions
  • Improved over the first game in every way
  • Lore bending

05 October 2017
Review by Freak

Game bought on IG

Epic game. It is a must for people who played total war warhammer. Far more better optimalised then the first total war warhammer. Better graphics, gameplay, epic battles and that big campaing if you have both warhammer games is absolute nuts.

  • Gameplay
  • Optimalization
  • Graphics

28 September 2017
Review by Raclette (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

cette première partie de map, parait immense et pourtant elle n'est pas aussi grande que l'autre !
Le jeu garde les mêmes mécaniques que le premier opus, celui ci n'est que la suite logqiue rajoutant les races manquantes ! (verra t on les ogres, et autres factions?) ou allons nous devoir attendre le 3ème volet ?
Rajouter l'objectif du Vortex magique était pas mal, je n'ai pas encore passé assez de temps dessus, mais j'ai déjà accroché ^^.

en sommes si vous êtes un habitué de la saga foncer si vous aimez Warhammer..
nb : l'introduction à la campagne a été beaucoup plus détaillé pour les nouveaux joueurs de la série Total War. !

  • Les races manquantes
  • nouveaux contenus donc !
  • amélioration / modifications de l'interface
  • nouvel objectif !
  • introduction à la campagne bien faite
  • Futurs DLC surement payant

28 September 2017
Review by diablotin mange mère

Game bought on IG

des lezard, des mamouth, un bordel sans nom, je kiff
ca aurait pu etre qu'un seul et meme jeu avec toute les races d'un coup au lieu de nous faire casquer nos daronnes

Minimum characters left : 33Min

  • lezard
  • mamouth
  • gros bordel
  • cheross
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