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05 July 2017
Review by masap

Game bought on IG

Mainly bought because of the Parenthood game pack and I love it. Raising children and playing families is my favorite in The Sims. Haven't tried the butler and bowling yet but the furniture and CAS items are a nice bonus.


22 January 2018
Review by Zbordek (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Very good game! I like those DLCs, htey actually make you feel like you play something. Adds much gampelay, especially the Parenthood game pack (similiar to TS3's Generations Expansion Pack). Stuff packs are good too.

  • much fun
  • many bugs

08 September 2017
Review by Naza

Game bought on IG

El código lo tienes al momento, es muy fácil añadir el juego a origin y por el precio que tiene la compra de estos bundle packs merece mucho la pena.
Yo tengo claro que seguiré comprándolos y sin ninguna duda no me arrepiento de haber conocido la página instant gaming, ya que nos facilita mucho el poder comprar juegos a buen precio.


14 July 2017
Review by gamer-3ad0a6 (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Very fun to play with all interesting new interactions, also the stuff additions aren't bad at all. New Glamour lifestyle gives your Sims family interesting ways of storytelling, although bowling stuff makes it even more fun to play with.

  • Great family interactions
  • Many new stuff
  • Character values difficult to achieve

22 June 2017
Review by gamer-cdb28e

Game bought on IG

I was waiting for this bundle very much. Adds a lot to the game.
Love the new interactions, it's way harder to raise a kid now, pretty realistic.
Finally the butler is back also.
Sadly came with a lot of lags amd freezing but what can we expect from ea....

  • More realistic game play
  • Great new cas items
  • New aspirations and moodlets
  • Great value of content
  • Unbelievably buggy Lost 4 hours of game because it crashed when clicked on save & exit.

22 June 2017
Review by gamer-0bef00

Game bought on IG

I've been waiting for this bundle! Parenthood is very useful game pack to family playing users, and user who want to experience CHILDCARE HELL. This pack makes parenting much harder, but much worthwhile.

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