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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass Year 3 background
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass Year 3 DLC

Review Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass Year 3

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Review Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass Year 3 (74 Reviews)

92 /100
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26 December 2017
Review by Baigon (read 8 reviews)

Game bought on IG

2 Years of Rainbow Six Siege = 2 Years of incredible PROGRESS

It is no secret that Rainbow Six: Siege has now become one of the premier league FPS games on the market, especially since the development studio (Ubisoft Montréal) has done LOTS of improvements to the core gameplay, as well as making sure balance is kept at a fair level.

Make no mistake! The Season Pass for Year 3 of the game ISN'T REQUIRED to FULLY ENJOY it!

Why? Because maps are FREE and most content can be unlocked simply by playing.

If you LOVE Siege and want to get more value for your experience, then the Year 3 Season Pass is just that!

  • Lots of nice goodies included in the Y3 Season Pass for players to enjoy
  • REAL 60hz servers have been released
  • Constant improvements to the core game = happy community
  • The in-game Shop and monetization options need some change

26 November 2018
Review by LilSeal

Great game! Absoloutly worth the money! It has a lot of operators to choose from and there are more coming.
Combat is very good. There a fair amount of easy to play operators like Sledge on the attacking side or Rook on the defending side. Just buy it!!

  • Competetive.
  • Gold edition comes with in game vurrency and default operators and year pass.
  • Even games you lose are still pretty fun.
  • A little hard to unlock operators.

13 September 2018
Review by Sandoramix

Game bought on IG

Really good service, the key arrived to me instantly after i paid it. The instruction was really useful. The cost is cheap as game cost ( on that site) and I think i will buy more other products on this site.


06 July 2018
Review by iZaN (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

De los mejores juegos del momento. Los dos primeros años los servidores iban como el culo, pero este tercer año parece que el juego funciona mejor, y le han metido cosas nuevas personalizables ;) brutal

  • Dlc Barato
  • Ninguno

23 June 2018
Review by xriothx

Game bought on IG

The first game I bought on this website. At first I didn't think it was true because compared to other websites this was a lower priced by over 5 dollars. But i received my key immediately so I will keep looking for other deals as well.

  • Received key quickly
  • Good price

15 June 2018
Review by JackHarry83

Game bought on IG

I got the Year 3 pass of rainbow six siege at just 18€, really not bad. good job. I got the Year 3 pass of rainbow six siege at just 18€, really not bad. good job. I got the Year 3 pass of rainbow six siege at just 18€, really not bad. good job.

  • Really Fast
  • Low Price
  • Nothing

17 March 2018
Review by gamer-70ffa1

Game bought on IG

The game is very cool, each year new operators are released, and each year im not disappointed. I buy dlc's because i want to support their works. Its a very cool team play games you should buy it and enjoy it ;)

  • Teamplay
  • Operators
  • graphics
  • few lags servers

28 February 2018
Review by gamer-dab08a

Voila maintenant plus de deux ans qu'Ubisoft à lancé Rainbow Six Siege, plus souvent appelé "R6" ou "R6S" et le moins que l'on puisse dire, c'est que le succès est au rendez-vous.

Le jeu au mécanique de destruction et de combat plus qu'intéressante vous proposes de devenir des agents d'unitées d'intervention d'élite tels que le GIGN ou le SWAT. C'est par équipe de 5 que vous défendrez et attaquerez pour protéger ou capturer un/des objectifs.

Chaque agent à une compétences spécifiques qui lui permet

  • Durée de vie
  • Courbe d'apprentissage très "rude" pour certain(e)s

24 February 2018
Review by KjayCopper

Game bought on IG

Really Fast worked perfectly, easy purchase. i love rainbow six siege and the main functionalities of the game so cant wait until the release the Year 3 so the pass can have its full potential, reliable buy

  • fast
  • reliable
  • Woks

10 February 2018
Review by RokY

Game bought on IG

Great game. Recommended to play with friends, but works just as well if playing solo with other players. Communication is the key to success. The game has a great support and new content constantly keeps the game growing.

  • Great coop game.
  • Awesome gameplay.
  • Good support and community.
  • The ingame shop could use some improvements.

25 January 2018
Review by Bobzy1818

Game bought on IG

Rainbow Six Siege is possibly one of the best shooters out in the market right now. The content updates are great however more could be done in terms of gamemodes and maps. The constant nerfing more to Terrorist Hunt discourages tactical solo play now more than ever which is a draw back to those who would prefer playing alone sometimes as you seem to do twice the work for less of a reward.

  • Worth the money
  • Content updates are fabulous
  • Cosmetics can be seen to be overpriced and a grind to get - encouraging microtransactions
  • Nerfing of services discourages solo play
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