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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 background
Warhammer: Vermintide 2
Retail price: $33

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87 /100
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22 May 2018
Review by Baigon (read 8 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Vermintide 2: Electric Boogaloo is a decent FPS indie game with solid core mechanics, but don't be fooled, as the game's still in Early Access and needs a lot of work to outdo its predecessor.

I recommend you buy this game below the current asking price, preferably when a miracle patch hits the live servers. Unfortunately, FatShark Games has a proven track record of doing things too little, too late, promising development road maps, only to implement changes very late into the game's life cycle.


- Avoid opening any "Commendation Chests" (level up reward) you might earn, until you reach Power level 600 (max level, with max level items), so that you can INCREASE your chances of earning higher quality loot/future cosmetics in the 1.1 update

- If you're currently out of friends or co-op partners, I STRONGLY ADVISE using a Discord server such as Squirrel Squad or Blood Moon Inn to find players to play with

- Sadly, the game currently has a "meta" where certain class/weapon combinations are better than most, you can try what you like, but for those interested, right now ( patch LIVE), most classes are useful with the exception of Sienna's Battle Wizard that suffers from badly designed class mechanics.

- Performance may vary. The game has exceptional issues and a very intrusive Anti-Cheat system that will use up PC resources during play time. Understand that the DX12 version isn't optimized properly yet, so if you don't have a modern PC, use DX11 for best performance (NOT graphical). You can switch Shadows and other optionals (such as High Quality Fur) OFF, since you won't gain that much of a visual benefit, as much as you'll get a nasty performance dip.

REMEMBER: The game is VERY CPU intensive. If you have a weak CPU, I suggest going into the Launcher > Settings and changing the Worker Threads to 3 or 4 just to be safe. Also, if you want EASY games and have a BAD CPU, just host a game and you'll have an easier time since ALL ENEMIES use real time scripts that take up a lot of CPU power for the purposes of calculating pathing, behavior etc.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review! Remember to leave a LIKE for more!

  • Stunning visuals in a unique gothic fantasy setting
  • Well written characters with distinct personalities
  • A Jesper Kyd (HITMAN, Assassin's Creed etc.) soundtrack
  • Fun with 3 other friends!
  • Poor optimization - VERY CPU intensive on DX12 mode
  • Balancing (careers/weapons) is poorly executed
  • Unintuitive & grindy progression system
  • Right now, very weak in new features/content
  • Low population at this time (5k players online on average)

18 April 2018
Review by Nauhath

Game bought on IG

Fantastic Game, combines edge of your seat intensity and constant action with a streamlined design thats perfect for playing with a group of friends.
All in all, Vermintide 2 is an awesome coop game with some little flaws. Highly recommended. Would rate 8.5/10.

  • + Awesome core gameplay
  • + Beautiful maps, each having a top-notch varied ambience
  • + Solid variety of enemies to fight
  • + No microtransactions, ingame purchases or similar crap as promised by the developer
  • + Fair DLC system (assuming it is the same as in Vermintide 1): you can join a DLC-map without owning said DLC, only the host needs it.
  • - Crafting system has some flaws
  • - Keep customization still mostly unimplemented despite being advertised
  • - Repetitive voice lines and chatter from the characters without an option to reduce or disable it.
  • - Currently available achievements are underwhelming compared to their Vermintide 1 counterparts
  • - Even the lowest difficulty may be a tad too unforgiving for new players with their starting equipment, especially for those with limited experience in similar games.

29 March 2018
Review by gamer-166cda

Game bought on IG

Awesome ! I didn´t play it yet but I belive coop with GMyers will be fine. I mean.. shooting his head will be fine. U know, when is somebody black and poor he have no option so.. :3 Yea.. and grafic looks fine too.

  • Friendly fire
  • GMyers
  • No vagen :/

23 March 2018
Review by The God Emperor Valentinus

Game bought on IG

It basically takes everything that made 1 great and makes it even greater. A large variety of enemies, separate branches per character and stunningly beautiful (and large) levels.. Amazing experience!

  • Levels are really big with multiple ways to progress.
  • A whole lot of different enemies (and Spawn of Chaos, which you'll learn to hate!)
  • Characters get their own "tree" now, with a total of 3 variants. This makes each character somewhat more unique.
  • Soundtrack is pretty damn good, feels tense at moments.
  • You get your own awesome castle!
  • The levels feel somewhat disconnected from each other at times.
  • No versus mode (not really a negative thing, but I'd love to have it.)
  • The castle feels too empty. Some more NPCs would likely make it better.
  • Spawn of Chaos
  • No Greenskin/ Tomb Lord or Bretonnian on the team.

11 March 2018
Review by Ranto (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

A great game, different from the first, but still a similar formula. Really good graphics and a much improved story. All round a lot of fun! Not going to change the gaming market, but well worth getting for some fun games to be played

  • story, graphics, lots of fun!
  • very similar format to the last

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