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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Review Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (Europe)

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Review Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (181 Reviews)

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28 October 2018
Review by Šunka (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

I like this game, it's big fun, but sometimes you find some toxic people, but it doesn't matter, when you play solo it's good, but with friends is more fun when you play zombies or blackout or multiplayer (sorry for my english :( ).

  • Zombies
  • Multiplayer
  • Blackout
  • Sometimes toxic people
  • You must have good pc for 60 fps :(

13 January 2019
Review by XLeonX

Game bought on IG

Πεταμενα λεφτα!! Aθλια και θολα γραφικα!! Αρπαχτη κανανε μολις μυριστηκαν το χρημα πανω στην ανοδο των battle royale games.. και δεν εχει και story mode.. ουτε τα 30κατι που το δινουν σε προσφορα δεν αξιζει!

  • none
  • No story mode
  • Bad and blury graphics
  • Bad sound

08 January 2019
Review by Kanjozoku EK9

Game bought on IG

amazing game very good easy to run and enjoyable brought a few times across multiple platforms, The call of duty series lately has had a futuristic twist but this one has been toned down and isn't to in your face about the future

  • very good experience compared to previous cods
  • always get your standard bs xD

05 January 2019
Review by TheHunter896 (read 4 reviews)

Game bought on IG

So even though the game launched with a lot of issues and thus people rating it with -10, Activision managed to patch it up in a week, which is a good job, the game now feels as fun as Black Ops 2, entertaining multiplayer, the weapons progression is satisfying and Blackout mode is a cool mode, personally I don't like it, but it adds something to the game. We have to give a little credit to Activision because although COD WW2 andBO3 were not good, this game makes a difference.

  • Performance wise is very good
  • Great weapon progression and customization
  • BO2 experience
  • Though not being creative, kill strikes are very satisfying too
  • Maps are all close quarters, makes the sniper unplayable
  • Had bugs on launch week, still has some performance issues

04 January 2019
Review by Tex-Rec (read 9 reviews)

I bought the game on Blizzard sale , because Instant Gaming just delivery a EU CD Keys.
I purchased it there , downloaded it , and im stuck to even login to the menu because of an Error that the forum is full with it..

Asked for a Refund and hope i will get it back , to spent all the money to working games on Instant Gaming.

It time to add in the rating - 100 - 90 - 80 and so on..

  • apsoluetly nothing is here positive.
  • Cant Connect Online
  • Can see even the menu to join single player
  • All you get from the Deluxe edition is a loading screen wich one is faling to finish process
  • Only one button is available = Exit to desctop
  • Brocken Gamen

28 December 2018
Review by gamer-9b10f8 (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Great game worth it if you want to play it. The multyplayer options it has are diverse and there is also zombies, multyplayer and battle royal, all game modes have progression system. Grinding is a thing

  • Content diversity
  • none

23 December 2018
Review by TakTik (read 6 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Très bon jeu même avec ces quelques défauts, pour la plupart sur la communauté. Sinon super jeu très bien optimisé et très agréable à jouer. Malgré le fait qu'il n'y a pas de mode campagne sur ce Black Ops 4, et le jeu est relativement facile à prendre en main.

  • Bien optimisé
  • Serveur plutôt stable
  • Bonne personalisation des armes
  • De beaux graphismes
  • De beaux graphismes
  • La communauté un peu trop campeuse
  • HitBox un peu ratée
  • Les spawns toujours aussi mauvais
  • Certaines armes beaucoup trop fortes

22 December 2018
Review by xSleepy (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is a good game. Good gunplay, good performance make this to a decent game, but nothing except the Blackout mode is really exciting.
Blackout has many issues like bugs, bad performance and really shitty graphics, even with my extreme high end pc.
The game looks kinda "blurry", what is not really up to today's standarts.
It is overall a solid game with some minor but still relevant issues.

  • Good Gunplay
  • Good Performance (except Blackout)
  • Shitty Graphics
  • Toxic Community
  • Bad Performance in Blackout

09 December 2018
Review by Oktogen

Acer predator helios 500,i7 8750,gtx 1070 run this game at 20 fps when it find players.
Day i dl game,in 7 hrs it found 2 times enough players for battle royale.
S..t game
Just google "no players in blackout" and low fps on high end pc-s and see how much ppl have problems

  • Nothing
  • Incorect minimum and recomended specs
  • You have to modify your router to maybe aces online content
  • No support due this problems are old,from launch game,and no solution

21 November 2018
Review by ThunderLV

Game bought on IG

Awesome game ! ! ! I enjoy it :) I was playing PUBG all the time . Then i bought this game and after 4 hrs of playing it i went back to PUBG and after one game i just deleted PUBG, because this game have not desync, no big fps drops . Big love


11 November 2018
Review by Sm0K3Y

Game bought on IG

Macht richtig Spaß. Gefällt mir sehr gut das Spiel. Man hat immer etwas zu tun und durch den Schwarzmarkt jetzt hat man einfach ein ziel wo man drauf hin sparen kann. Finde es sehr gut umgesetzt. Kann es nur Empfehlen.

  • Blackout
  • Multiplayer

28 October 2018
Review by Fasutas

Game bought on IG

Just don't buy this game. In every multiplayer match I go there are only assault rifles or smgs in the killfeed. And when you try to play with a skill based weapon you just get melted. Also skill based matchmaking is retarded.

  • Good Zombies
  • Blackout is decent
  • Multiplayer is fucking boring

21 October 2018
Review by etceteraX (read 5 reviews)

Just another Call of Duty game, aimed for children who must have every single CoD year after year. This one doesn't even have the Campaign and Single player mode and the price is higher than the previous ones? This is the company that was made with greed and monetizing every single aspect of the game. It also copies the battle royale genre which other games came up with. The lack of talent, inovation and basicly anything is so obvious, it doesnt deserve a penny.
The game is repetitive, it's been the same for like 10 years now, lack of content, greedy practices of the company and I can hardly say a single good thing about it. And it's not just this CoD game, it's all Cod games from MW3 onwards.

  • Good optimization
  • Repetitive

05 November 2018
Review by ruqex (read 4 reviews)

Black ops 4 ist ein neutrales Black Ops und macht meistens Spaß, doch: es gibt viele Waffen die unbalanced sind obwohl der Hauptpunkt des releases eigentlich das balancing war. z.B. ist die Spitfire mit schnellfeuer einfach auf kurze Entfernung unaufhaltsam da man sehr schnell Tot ist trotz den 150 Leben. Die Spezialistenfähigkeiten nerven sehr vorallem wenn man auf Streak ist. Trotzdem macht es oft Spaß.

Instantgaming hat malwieder gute Arbeit geleistet, schnelle Lieferung, schnelle Aktivierung.

  • Grafik
  • Tarnungen
  • Spielmodi
  • Schwarzmarkt
  • kein pay to win
  • ein Paar unbalanced Waffen
  • Spezialisten

20 October 2018
Review by SpoooodaLs

Definitely bought this game as I got sick of the PUBG chinese hackers, so far it has been really great.
Whenever I get bored and wanna try something different there is always zombies and classic multiplayer, which is very fun also.

  • Blackout

18 October 2018
Review by Need2Sleep (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

I didn't get outfits for my DIGITAL preorder? It was delivered by time but it supposed to be a digital version but its cd version, i would like to get digital version that was preordered ? thank you....

  • Delivered by time
  • This isnt digital preored how so i cant unlock outfits

17 October 2018
Review by iGalaxy_13 YT (read 7 reviews)

Game bought on IG

El juego esta perfecto salvo por algun jugador toxico que me encontre y el time to kill que es demasiado grande. Los mapas estan bien creados y se puede mover uno con mucha fluidez En resumen COMPRALO

  • Multijugador
  • Zombis
  • Blackout
  • Esencia de bo2
  • Camperos / Pilla respawns
  • Guiris Toxicos
  • Time to Kill

16 October 2018
Review by Soy Batman (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG



16 October 2018
Review by Unbreakable

Game bought on IG

Is Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Multiplayer good? The PC version of the game had some concerns during the beta, have those been fixed for the full release of the game? Here's my take on the good and bad of CoD Black Ops 4 Multiplayer so far. Let me know what you think of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 so far, and what console or platform you are playing on. If you've played Blackout or Zombies shout out in the comments with your impressions so far

  • -_-+
  • --

16 October 2018
Review by LilPieYt

I bought this game and i loved it, it is a very nice game and the grafik is also nice.
Probs to Treyarc and Activision well done.

I played this game with my friends, we had really much fun at the beta.

  • Grafik
  • Gameplay
  • Blackout
  • nothing
  • nothing

16 October 2018
Review by great (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

I got the game for the battle royale mode. Its really great. Gonna uninstall PUBG now. And if you need a break, you can play some of the other 10 multiplayer modes. "Controll" is really fun in a classical capture. This will be one of 2018/2019 top 10 games, maby even top 5.

  • many modes
  • fun
  • minor bugs on release

14 October 2018
Review by got the key (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Survivor mode feels like playing some beta of PUBG. Not the same feel in game as PUBG. Some errors, needs restart from time to time. Some server problems also, resulting in lag during gameplay. Multiplayer maps are ridiculously small.

  • Good moving
  • bad sound, feels like playing in monosound
  • needs a monster machine for good graphics

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