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17 April 2018
Review by gamer-aff5c2

Nice game but out of stock i want buy one so please give me chance to buy one for this good price please give me chance,i play this game till beta start in battle royale and i want to have PVE game so please.

  • Super price
  • Nothing

02 December 2018
Review by gamer-398d2d

è da 2 giorni che aspetto che sia disponibile tra quanto lo rimetterete acquistabile?spero prima possobile vorrei acquistarlo e giocarci maè già da 2 giorni che aspetto non vorrei che non sarà piu disponibile

  • bel gioco
  • esaurito

27 October 2018
Review by gamer-5d7f83

Put this game in stock already, Has been a month now, what's the hold up?! I wanna play this game so bad and now that they've posticipated the date where they'll make the game free I want it even more now!

  • Nice game

10 October 2018
Review by Datski

I love the game but sadly i can't buy STW for their original price so any chance you could restock it in a near future.
But i still recommend this so if you want to get free vbucks buy it if you can..

  • cheap
  • great game
  • free vbuck rewards
  • cheap
  • out of stock
  • out of stock for too long pls restock soon

08 October 2018
Review by BloreX

I would like to spend even 60 euros now on Deluxe Edition just to buy it, because i cannot buy it on Epic Games for some reason (not enough characters to explain). Please restock Deluxe or Standard Edition. Thanks.

  • Co-op
  • Cheap
  • Instant Delivery
  • Out of stock for too long

08 October 2018
Review by MrrMaverick

we all know that fortnite will leave its early access before 2019 that means that PvE mode is gonna be free after that ,which also means that epic games is probably gonna remove the vbucks rewards in game after the full game release SO i hope u guys understand that and RESTOCK the game

  • 12 $
  • free to play
  • cool game
  • out of stock
  • out of stock
  • out of stock

21 August 2018
Review by gamer-d45a43

Stock, Stock, Stock... Please i need this game... Stock!!!!
This game is Awesome... a tower defense w/ weapons and mele .... i like the no-pvp games. and this is one
like orcs must die? this is your game!

  • hours of fun
  • tower defense
  • nothing

12 August 2018
Review by gamer-niki

Ich würde mir das Spiel gerne kaufen aber nicht für 40€und dann bin ich auf diese Seite gekommen und hir kostet es nur 10.61€ aber mann kann es nicht kaufen weil es nicht auf Lager ist und dann wollte ich fragen ob sie das wieder auffüllen können bitte

  • 50
  • 50

23 July 2018
Review by ImShawty

when the game is gonna be in stock? i want to buy it please. its very good game and for 20 euro on normal i cant buy it, i want to buy it here, i am from conducteir77 stream when i want to donate him with that with his link (go checkout conducteir77's stream its great)

  • 100

19 July 2018
Review by Literă

Can You fill the stock please? I have money for this game for a long time and it's out of stock since april, i think, please fill the stock.

  • Nice co-op game
  • Out of stock

08 July 2018
Review by gamer-521a1c

I want to buy PvE but its out of stock , I ask you will restock it to have time to collect 950 V-Bucks to buy battle pass and to grind V-Bucks , if you can please restock it , im not the once guy who need to restock it .
Thx. :D

  • I'm new at this site but i watch the comments and most of them are postitive :D I wait to restock the the fortnite standart edition and i will buy it at the moment
  • Do not disappoint me :) I belive you :)
  • The once negatve point that i recomment to fix :Buy more stock of the all games because this site staying more popolare Thx. :)

25 June 2018
Review by gamer-87e5bc

I want to buy this product. I really want save the world. I am willing to give up to 30euros to get the save the world. So if in stock please contact me thanks :). Thanks a lot and i hope i can get a save the world copy. :)

  • Cheap
  • not in stock

23 June 2018
Review by Martino Majić

i really want to play this game because is so good and now is on disscount! INSTANT GAMING fill the stock please!
the best game ever honestly and I really want to play it but I want to buy it here beacuse i dont want to give $40 for this game. its to expensive and now when its on disscount i cant buy it: pls fill the stock. thx

  • great game
  • Out of stock for too long

21 June 2018
Review by gamer-3e2cf7

Instant mozete da dodate fortnite u stock jako je extra igra kupio bih ali... Jos je sada i na popustu i mislim da bi puno ljudi zelelo da je kupi to je to od mene a ako hocete vi dodajte u stock ako ne ne.

  • Igra extra
  • Nema u stoku

13 June 2018
Review by NewbieJdawg (read 2 reviews)

why is it not coming in stock? really want the game fun to play and even better whit friends but can`t get it,still its june sixth? why not?Really wanna play and the website is good too but just multiple games are out of stock.

  • 12
  • 14
  • 185
  • 43

10 June 2018
Review by gamer-20e3c3

This game is the best you can get v-bucks, pve with your friends but why out of stock? come on... me and so other people need this could you please at least give us a chance or at least me that i play since beta?

  • super good price
  • out of stock

01 June 2018
Review by gamer-4097c2

Guys, if you don't get the game soon, it will be free after E3 because they promised Save the World will be free game, who bought it alreadythey'll get some gifts in the game. Don't wait too much to get it on the stock.

  • Cool
  • Free mp
  • Out of stock

18 May 2018
Review by Alluz (read 2 reviews)

its very good game and you can play this so many hours but out of stock too i really wanna play this game and i don´t wanna pay this for like 40€ its too much but in here its only 11.49 and its a very good price !

  • Many hours to play
  • Out of stock

04 May 2018
Review by gamer-543c9b

The game is really awesome I really want to play it but its out of stock for like 2 weeks or something I don't knot and I was wondering if you can put it back because I really want to play it and other people wants it as well. I'm playing fortnite from the beta in battle royale :)

  • Awesome gameplay
  • Excellent game story
  • Very cheap
  • Out of stock for a long time

03 May 2018
Review by gamer-265955

Das Spiel an sich ist erstklassig und auch nicht aufwändig und KEIN pay2win Spiel. Man kann es ohne lags auch auf schlechteren PCs spielen und die Grafik ist dan immer noch gut! Allerdings ist es schon ewig ausverkauft und das trotz sehr großer Nachfrage. INSTANT GAMING UNBEDINGT WIEDER AUF LAGER HABEN!!! ES GIBT ETLICHE DENEN ES ZU TEUER IST ES BEI EPIC GAMES ZU KAUFEN!!!

  • Tolle Grafik
  • Macht viel Spaß
  • Keine lags
  • Wenig bugs
  • Extrem wenig Hacker

30 April 2018
Review by clutch

This is a really great game and instant gaming is a really good company, has the best prices ive seen so please put this game back on stock because i really want to play save the world, and i am sure everybody else wants aswell.

  • good game
  • out of stock for 2 weeks+

30 April 2018
Review by gamer-ed6af2

Out of stock for 2 weeks are u kidding me? What is this? Many games are out of stock for a long time.I want to play this game so bad, come on.Other people are complaining too about this problem...You are a very good website but you have this issue.

  • Nothing
  • Out of stock

25 April 2018
Review by Maczikaa

Best game ín ever, but I really want to buy IT.
I love this game, but I dont like this to out of Stock . I really want to buy this game. I Will player with my friends i really really need this game. I suggest this for everyone

  • Best
  • Out of Stock

25 April 2018
Review by DomeCz

Nice game, realyy nice. I need to get a chaser buy a game on this site so I can try Save the world. I still play only battle royale and I would like to try PVE and convince skeptics that PVE part of this game has something to offer.

  • graphic
  • apocalyptic theme
  • building
  • cooperation
  • craft system
  • too expensive

16 October 2017
Review by Enlightia

Game bought on IG

I would give strong 85/100 score. Despite early access, the game offers PvP mode to play for free. The mode is about hungry games like H1Z1, PUBG games. However, it shows completely different approach to the competition. The game promotes more simplistic and chilling gameplay. For instance, you do not have to bother about proper defense, like helmets, armor vests, etc. Here instead you drink a potion and you gain 50 points of armor/shield. Weapons are classified and each class reflects the strength of the firepower. Moreover, what it makes so unique is the creativity and diversity element created by players. To be more precise the game allows you to destroy almost any environmental element for one of 3 resources. Next, you can use those resources to construct your own forts.

Have not played PvE mode just yet! Therefore I wont opinion on that part, but in overall the game is great and fun to play.

  • Cartoonish graphics;
  • More casual than PUBG and H1Z1;
  • Minecraft elements; Your own custom fortifications;
  • Interesting map, enjoyable exploration.
  • Devs will make more maps in the future!
  • A bit smaller map than in PUBG and H1Z1;
  • Poor optimisation, some settings do not work as intended;
  • Repetitive, but it is still in development!
  • Not able to drive, just yet!

18 September 2017
Review by Marco

Game bought on IG

nice game and graffics. OFCOURSE this isnt that game ultra realistica but is very fun to play with friends. I will now try the pvp and i thing that is gonna be awesome becase is like a PUBG and Minecraft skywars combine with a hunger games style.


  • Mecanics
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