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26 July 2017
Review by Extiriority (read 3 reviews)

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The best Hitman game so far

Finally Hitman is back. I was disappointed by Absolution, it was a very dumbed down Hitman game, with only couple of good levels first being the best one. The new Hitman game gave everything I desired and more.

It is a completely different game. You’re being thrown into huge levels and must eliminate your targets. But unlike in Absolution you can choose countless ways to do that. You can explore the maps, find disguises and walk almost freely everywhere or you can sneak. You can kill innocent people or just knock them out. Shooting everyone will not work here like it worked in Absolution. You can make your game easy or hard depending on your playstyle. Sneaking while wearing suit might be very hard. If you get appropriate disguise you’re safe to walk around. So it’s up to you how to play. Disguise works differently now and has logic to it. If lets say you knock out a security guard and get his uniform, some security guards will get suspicious but most of them will not notice there's something wrong with you. Same goes for all other disguises, so while you can move freely you must avoid some people.

You can simply follow your targets and kill them, you can lure them into a bathroom by poisoning their drink and drown them in a toilet, you can set up an accident and electrocute or blow up your target. If you have a required tool you can disguise as mechanic for example and drop the lamp on your poor target. You can infiltrate the most secure zone, make your target think that you’re someone else, talk to him and then kill him. There are countless ways to achieve your goal. This game has really good replayability value, it has challenges and various timed events, so every playthrough can be totally different.

Graphics are really nice, can’t say anything bad about it. Game runs well, there’s many object on the screen and many things happening on the map, fps stays steady most of the time. Game looks brilliant, so much detail, so much going on.

Many people disliked episodic format. I personally liked it. There are couple of reasons why. First is that releasing episode after episode developers always can improve the next episode depending on user feedback. Another thing is, if you want to buy it day one you don’t need to spend 60€ on it, you buy one episode, save some money, buy another one, so it works better for people who can’t pay full price. It’s a shame if this was the reason why the game sold poorly. But I think there’s another reason to it which contributed to poor sales. Absolution…well…it wasn’t good, people were disappointed and were afraid to buy this one, especially when it’s released by Square Enix, I love them, own most of their games, but sometimes they make stupid decisions. But to my surprise this game has only one DLC and no pre-order. I hope the second season will follow the same formula – no DLC and pre-order bonuses.

Another thing people disliked is always online. I personally have no problems with that, but I can understand those who has. But hey it's 2017, who doesn't have internet these days?

So if you like absolute freedom, sandbox style gameplay, want many hours of enjoyment get this, you’ll not be disappointed.

  • Freedom to do what you want
  • Huge levels
  • Great graphics
  • Replayability
  • I don't really know

07 June 2017
Review by gamer-31b1db (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

If you are into games to sneek your way trough, this is a game for you.
There are many ways to play the game, it is all your decision how it ends.
I was a huge fan of hitman absolution and I hqd just the same experience with this game.

  • many hours of playing
  • sometimes hard

25 March 2016
Review by Metal00 (read 4 reviews)

Game bought on IG

"Full Experience" Yeah sure, you get with this only Paris mission and thats it, you will play myb 5h of this game and then useless, they say.. they will add missions one by one till end of this year ARE U FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!???


19 March 2016
Review by Diego

Game bought on IG

It's so awesome I quit every other games and only play this one. I dont know what to say more. Best game in the series. Best stealth game ever. I have never played so much of one level of any game before, except for previous hitman games, but still this is the best

  • Open sandbox design
  • Many ways to kill targets, literally unlimited
  • Sometimes disconnection happens, pretty annoying
  • Sometimes bugs caused NPCs to look through walls
  • Sometimes bugs caused the NPCs to skip or stop their routine

18 March 2016
Review by Nikola

Game bought on IG

I like this game but comparing to Hitman Absolution this is atupid, the game has no story and every mission is assassinate someone, so i think that this game is not worth the money (sry for my English).

  • Good graphics
  • Good gameplay
  • Bad story
  • Bad missions

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