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23 June 2018
Review by gamer-acb98c

Game bought on IG

Great price and it worked! Saved me $10. I did a little research before buying because i was skeptical and was worried I was going to waste my money. But I was able to redeem the code and it worked! :D


16 November 2018
Review by Serene Sara

Game bought on IG

Seasons has always been one of my favorite expansions to the Sims game and this is just another great Seasons expansion. It's a lot of fun and adds in a lot of the seasonal fun things that the game is missing otherwise.

  • snow!

25 September 2018
Review by Pixie's Adventures

Game bought on IG

I've been waiting for this DLC ever since the base game came out! It makes the gameplay much more realistic and I just simply adore the new celebration features. The mud puddles and sims autonomously jumping into them is quite annoying but it can be fixed with a mod.


13 September 2018
Review by Stan

Game bought on IG

I really enjoy this game. It adds so much reality toe the game. So much te do. Really great stuff ahead for Sims 4! With Cats and Dogs its even more enjoyable. I love dogs jumping around in puddles. Umbrella's are amazing. Children playing in the snow. People burning in the sun ... something like that haha.
Having people plant stuff in spring and Autumn. I love it!

  • A lot new stuff
  • Real Weather

05 August 2018
Review by gamer-4d43ee

Game bought on IG

Purchased the game and it works well, however, I noticed that the email and security questions on my Origin account have been changed. I can no longer purchase games through Origin and cannot access my own account. I will never purchase from the site again as they apparently hack your account when you redeem the code.

  • Immediate download
  • Changed email on account
  • Changed security questions
  • Caused a lengthly discussion with EA Support

23 July 2018
Review by Kimberley Jenkin

Game bought on IG

I love this DLC so much, it's totally worth the money and you can trust this site all of my games come from here it is awesome and as soon as you purchase it you get your code to insert and it's legit such a great add on I love it so much

  • It's fun and amazing
  • No negatives

04 July 2018
Review by Tessa-bawss

Game bought on IG

Best DLC of the sims in my opinion, totally changes the game. It becomes way more realistic and hosting christmas and halloween parties makes way more sense now. The only minus point I could find is that you can't change your sims birthday

  • makes it more realistic
  • calender is costumisable
  • cant change your sims' birthday

27 June 2018
Review by Suelady (read 4 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Seasons in Sims 4 is the best DLC accross the Sims Franchise from TS1 to TS4. I love the unique weather situation in each world. So much gameplay added. The calender feature is incredible especially because you're able to personalize it. Now you feel like you can do a bunch of stuff and it doesn't get so boring quick at all. So much to discover. Now if you had doubts you really shouldn't get here the bundles and start playing. Highly recommend to get all DLCs except may My 1st Pet Stuff to really enjoy it all. I haven't played it really that much because l was more a builder but now l want to play more and start even telling stories. To sum it up: Seasons is a game changer indeed.

  • A bunch of gameplay added
  • Game changing feel
  • Improvement in all areas
  • CAS items for all ages available
  • Fun, quirky NPC's added
  • Missing new summer shoes (oh well)

26 June 2018
Review by gamer-c0bf09

Game bought on IG

Key came through straight away and loaded no problem into origion. Fast quick and excellent price highly recommended for all games and download content. Use the service loads and never ever had a problem.

  • quick delivery

25 June 2018
Review by Ludvik

Game bought on IG

This expansion pack is definitely the best one that's been made for Sims 4 so far and in comparison will two previous season expansion packs, this one is much better than the previous ones! I love The Sims 4 and with Seasons and holidays add-on I can't stop playing it now! Well done EA, keep doing your job as great as this expansion is!

  • Absoultely everything about this pack!
  • Nothing

22 June 2018
Review by TinyDragon89

Game bought on IG

This was my first order off this site. Glad I did! Seasons is a beautiful addition to Sims 4. I would recommend it to anyone who has the Sims 4 to add it to their collection. The weather is done very well!

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