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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Switch

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Switch (Europe)

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Journey to the birthplace of humanity – Elysium
In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, an enormous RPG for Nintendo Switch, explore an endless ocean of clouds, where the last remnants of civilisation live on the backs of colossal beasts called Titans. Experience the story of Rex and Pyra, a mysterious being known as a Blade who grants him tremendous power. Together, search for Pyra’s long lost home Elysium, the birthplace of humanity.

A world built on Titans
The land of Alrest has developed on the bodies of vast beings known as Titans. At Alrest’s centre stands the World Tree – and above it, the ultimate paradise for all of humanity, Elysium.

Blades and Drivers: a shared destiny
In this world, individuals known as Drivers can team up with artificial lifeforms called Blades to borrow their weapons and powers in battle.

A world riven by rivalry
Rex and his companions are not the only ones seeking Elysium. Among the many people they’ll meet are enemies who have the Aegis, Pyra, in their sights.

Battle with Blades
All manner of monsters lie in wait for our heroes. Switch between Blades mid-battle, each with their own unique abilities and weapons, and take the fight to the enemy.

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