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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth background
World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth DLC

Review World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth (Europe)

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Review World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth (34 Reviews)

87 /100
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22 August 2018
Review by JaroslavKubica (read 2 reviews)

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As every new expansion, the start is amazing, however we will see how the game goes in a longer run. If they keep up with the content like Legion, this could be another great expansion. Only class balance seems kinda off for now.

  • Still fun
  • Story
  • Class balance

23 November 2018
Review by Vlad00n

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Personally I like all the Blizzard games. But WoW in general is something you will never Experience in any other game. You have so many things to do in the game, you can have a profession, you can fight mighty bosses, you can fight other player in real time, and also you can meet new friends. No age limitation, everybody can play it !


15 November 2018
Review by s-finch

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Everything's been said. If you liked WoW before, you will be pleased. [I understand the thought, why there is an amount of minimum characters, but sometimes it's a pain in the a**, just like the pay-system in WoW :)]

  • fun
  • continuous improvement
  • good and interesting storytelling
  • nice community
  • annoying subscription & gametime system

08 October 2018
Review by Bozesz (read 2 reviews)

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Perfectly fits my needs. Have been playing it periodically since 2004. Whenever I play this game, I feel relaxed, confortable and fine. Community is something what makes it even better than other games in this chategory.

  • Best storyline
  • Nice graphics
  • -

06 September 2018
Review by gamer-41a3a2

Game bought on IG

Sadly from a PvP perspective the game doesnt deliver at all.I know the game was never well known for its pvp content but class imbalance is off the charts.With the removal of stat templates in a pvp environment,you have to grind pve content to even stand a chance in arena,BGs,etc...Leveling and playing an alt in PvP is also a big drag...once you reach max level you have to grind for gear inevitably...From a PvE perspective it is exactly what you expect...daily quests,rep grind,world quests etc etc...

  • Refined graphics
  • Good music score as always
  • If you are mainly a PvPer,dont even think about it.

16 August 2018
Review by Al

Game bought on IG

More of the same but still decent. If you liked WoW in the past then I see now reason for you to not like this. Things have changed slightly from Legion but generally they have kept all the good parts from Legion and added some more things.

  • Very populated (still)
  • Best treadmill MMO (still)
  • Top cut scenes
  • Finally back to Horde vs Alliance
  • Bad & Impatient community (some good people though)
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