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09 October 2017
Review by Rihad77 (read 3 reviews)

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Horror, not survival horror; you rarely fight. A game more like Amnesia and Outlast than Resident Evil.

Superb game within its genre. Incredible atmosphere and very tense. 17 hours long. BAFTA GOTY.

  • Tension/Horror is spot on
  • Last 1-2 hours lack variety

03 January 2017
Review by e[X]ar

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For all the fans of the first Alien movie and the overall universe. Survival game with a very well rendered atmosphere. Don't hesitate a second.

For the others, it's a hard survival game, but it may lack the universe knowledge to fully grasp the power of this game.

  • Atmosphere
  • Gameplay
  • Only for true Fans
  • Difficulty

23 December 2016
Review by frenoleroi

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Good game indeed. Then, I got it for a price extremely convenient. I like the aliens, and the fear that this games put onto you. The only con is that, as a lot of games now, you newed a season pass. Even if I got it bundled.


24 June 2016
Review by Pay less for the same great ga

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"Alien: Isolation". The game u have been waiting for since 1979I Well okay, maybe not, but f u r a fan of "Alien", get it ASAP. If u r not, get it ASAP anyway. However, if u r not into STEALTH and survival games at all ... you might reconsider. This is STEALTH game, and you wont be guning down Aliens en masse. This is NOT a FPS, altough there ARE action elements, shotguns, flamethrowers and home-made molotov coctails. TO name a few.
But regardless if u're not a stealth game fan, this is much a dark, gritty game, and "beautiful" atmosphere. And most importantly it really brings u the TRUE feel of the "Alien" movies. Particularly the first (and best) movie. This could just not have been done better! This is one of the best games I've played for a very long time!

However, be warned: this is a HARD game. It can be frustrating at times.

90 out of 100 points. I would give it 100, if it were not for too much "backtracking" in the game. I.e. running around the same settings several times. You will find new things as u backtrack, still it is a bit too much. However, this is a minor complaint - and the only one I can think of.

  • Perfect atmosphere. Great story. Smart AI. Beautiful graphic and music.
  • Too much "backtracking" ´through the same areas.

05 February 2016
Review by Gutsripper

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This game is pretty much a must for any fan of the Alien franchise. Amazing atmosphere that recreates that of the first film. It's not perfect since the game AI can sometimes be easily confused. But it's still a great game and well worth it.

  • Great Atmosphere
  • Aliens!!!
  • Great graphics
  • Recreated the feel of the first film
  • Easily confused AI

07 April 2015
Review by Rasmus Vaher

Game bought on IG

Great game, very scary jumpscares, and fun to play!
Isolation impresses out of the gate not only due to the aforementioned intro, but because its art direction and sound design dutifully nail the vibe of Ridley Scott’s original 1979 film. I can’t stress this enough. From the DOS-based “futuristic” computers and their scan-lined CRT monitors to the fear-enhancing, violin-screeched orchestral score, Isolation clearly did its homework in the A/V department. My favorite aspect of the presentation is the atmospheric use of fog. From wisps of smoke that billow out of air vents to clouds of white mist that obscure your vision when you rewire an area’s life-support systems in order to aid your stealthy objectives, Isolation certainly looks and sounds like a part of the Alien universe.

  • scary
  • sometimes gets boring
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