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10 October 2018
Review by Spiderman0426

I would love to play this game, and give you guys an honest review but, so far I can't even play it because I got a duplicate code when I purchased this. Support is not being very helpful which is sad

  • Sounds like fun
  • Can't even play it due to duplicate code when purchasing the game

30 August 2016
Review by Daisho00

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very nice game! sequal to first game improved game play and added new skills and guns defenetly recoment it.If you not play it yet wait couple weeks till trilogy edition with improved grafics and all dlc

  • full of action
  • old graphics

23 August 2016
Review by EarlGrey

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Very nice game that continues the first chapter, if you are a Bioshock fan you should buy it. Not fantastic like the first one but really improved mechanics and weapons. Even AI is better, great job!

Fabio C.

  • Ai, weapons, powers

17 January 2015
Review by coffeeman (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Having enjoyed the first Bioshock game years ago, this sequel is familiar territory. Maybe a bit too familiar. However this perhaps what makes it a good game, it IS good old Bioshock with a few improvements thrown here and there with a whole new story to tell.

One aspect that sets it apart from most FPS games is that while it still follows a script like any other that has a plot, outcomes make the gameplay more rewarding as players are pulled into making choices and decisions between right and wrong. Somehow makes you think about the moral consequences at times.

On the technical side: it appears that certain new video cards might not agree with the game. I own an MSI R9 290 OC and it constantly kept crashing and required me to hard reset my PC. It was solved by disabling DX10 through Steam - don't let it stop you, the fix is very simple through a quick Google search.

A must have game!

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