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The Elder Scrolls Online - Elsweyr Upgrade DLC

The Elder Scrolls Online - Elsweyr Upgrade

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The Elder Scrolls Online – Elsweyr Upgrade for PC is additional content to the massively multiplayer online role-playing game that has swept the world. Set in the fictional world of Tamriel, this expansion pack allows access to areas that were previously inaccessible to players. In short, it takes you ‘elsewhere’.

About the Game

In the main game, the player can choose one of ten races which fall into three species: namely human, elf or beastfolk. Within these races, there are certain skill sets and professions that will impart specific powers to your avatar, some of which are determined by the class that you choose for your avatar.

The game is mostly sandbox/ open world play, where you can choose your own path. There is a loose story, which the player can dip in and out of as he or she likes.

Heading to Elsweyr

In Elsweyr the usual rules do not apply: the dead are a lot more lively than you would expect them to be, for instance – hence the need for necromancers and the like! The main battle in this region is a battle between the living (of whom you are one, obviously) and the dead – undead battalions vie for supremacy over – well – pretty much everyone else.

The main species and race under focus in this pack are the Khajiit, beastfolk who are as diverse in looks, size, power and intelligence as mammals are on earth. The game brings them to life beautifully, giving them grace and power alongside very human traits, such as getting hungover or feeling especially grumpy at having to go out to work.

Outside of the cities, along with armies of the dead to contend with, there are dragons. Who doesn’t love a dragon? Fire-breathing, enormous, practically impossible to best without help and with high levels of both intelligence and cunning, dragons are simply cool. Once bested, dragons drop a lot of treasure along with earning you a ton of experience points: a nice boost to your character’s status and skills.

While working your way through the quests – especially the delves (one-man dungeons, essentially) – pay close attention to what is going on around you: there are plenty of fun sub-stories happening and while some are just enjoyable to watch, others can earn you points if you get involved and team up with NPCs (non-playing characters) to help them achieve their aims.

Classes to Choose

The choice of class for your character gives different powers and abilities namely:

  • Dragonknight: master both ancient magic and the martial art of Akaviri to become a master-at-arms who can change the world around you. Powerful and militant, dragonknights can develop up to three class skills and there is huge potential for precise customisation

  • Sorcerer: control natural forces such as lightning and tornadoes to unleash the fury of Nature on your enemies. If that is not enough, call on Daedric forces for aid, and also to provide armour and weaponry as needed

  • Nightblade: these cheeky adventurer action figures are great at getting themselves into tight spots. But that’s okay as they’re also great at getting themselves out of trouble too. They rely on their speed, skills and cunning as they battle misfortune and enemies with cunning and a healthy dose of luck

  • Templar: the sun is a tool in the hands of these travelling knights who explore the realm, blasting and scorching their enemies and aiding and restoring their allies’ health stamina and magika

  • Warden: imagine stories so vivid that they come true. This is basically what wardens can do: tell nature stories so powerful that they become reality. Wardens can summon frost to chill out their enemies, and summon animals to aid them

  • Necromancer: unique to this expansion pack, necromancers are powerful beings, able to conjure flesh and bone shields, and mastering the mystic Living Death magic

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    Release date

    Minimum Requirements*

    OS Windows 7 64
    CPU Core i3 540 / AMD A6-3620 or higher
    RAM 4 GB
    GPU GeForce 460 / AMD Radeon 6850
    HDD 85 GB

    Recommended Requirements*

    OS Win 7 64
    CPU Core i5 2300 or AMD FX4350
    RAM 8 GB
    GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 or AMD Radeon HD 7850 or higher
    HDD 85 GB
    *Tags and requirements are for informational purposes
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