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No Man's Sky
Retail price: $64
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71 /100
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26 August 2018
Review by Sachekusha (read 4 reviews)

Game bought on IG

===[ ¤ PlayerBase: ]===
? Kids
✔ Everyone
? Casual players
? Pro players

===[ ¤ Graphics: ]===
? Potato
? Really bad
? Bad
? OK
✔ Good
? Beautiful
? Masterpiece

===[ $ Price/quality: ]===
? Full price
✔ Wait for sale (Buy it on discount)
? Average
? Refund it if you can
? Don't do it

===[ ? Requirments: ]===
? 90' PC
? Minimum
✔ Medium (Can be played on low settings)
✔ Fast (Can be played on mixed High-Medium settings)
✔ High end (4k)
? NASA computer

===[ ¤ Difficulty: ]===
? You just need 2 arms
? Ez
✔ Easy to learn / Hard to master
? Hard (first few hours)
? Dark Souls

===[ ? Game time/length ]===
? Really short ( 0 - 2 hours)
? Short ( 2 - 8 hours)
? Few hours ( 8 - 12 hours)
? Long ( 12+ hours)
✔ Endless

===[ ? Story] ===
? It doesn't have
? Still better than Twilight
? Average
✔ Good
? Fantastic

===[ § Bugs ]===
? Game itself is one big BUG
? Bugs destroying the game
? Lot of bugs
✔ Few Bugs (Game is being patched every few weeks , they fix most reported bugs)
? Nothing

===[ ? Others: ]===
Multiplayer: Yes
Singleplayer: Yes


05 January 2019
Review by TakTik (read 6 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Génial. Depuis que le jeu a été refait il est excellent !, Les graphisme sont magnifique, et tellement de possibilité et de planète que sa devient effrayant. Le nombre de planète est limite infini vu le nombre astronomique de planète qui sont TOUS jouable, plus la gestion de l'argent et des quêtes et des améliorations de tenue de laser et plein d'autres choses.La très grande quantité de craft rend le jeu encore meilleur ! Se jeu plaira au grand fan de physique chimie avec tout les atomes présent dans le jeu. Jeu exceptionnel entre amis, l'ennuie est impossible !

  • Des graphismes somptueux
  • Une quantité phénoménale de planètes tous jouables
  • Diversité de chaque écosystèmes planètaires
  • Très grand nombres de crafts
  • Super musique
  • Plusieurs bug au niveau des robots et des animaux
  • Pas de chat vocal

30 August 2018
Review by Fallen (read 8 reviews)

Game bought on IG

No Man's Sky NEXT, une fois bien patché, est EXCELLENT. Je n'ai cumulé que quelques heures de jeu, mais je peux déjà affirmer n'avoir fais qu’effleurer la surface de cette MASSE de contenu et de possibilité. Je regrette juste les perf du jeu, pas très très bien optimisé, mais il est sur la bonne voie. Le multi est très plaisant, bien qu'il ai subit de nombreux bugs à sa sortie, à voir à l'avenir ce qu'ils comptent en faire, car il est déjà bien patché, reste plus qu'a l'améliorer, et le jeu sera juste PARFAIT.

  • Ambiance incroyable
  • Addictif (en bien)
  • Gameplay agréable et bien équilibré
  • Tourne pas (très) bien sur les config moyennes
  • On regrettera les bugs qui viennent avec les ajouts de contenu, patché seulement une petite semaine après
  • Un multijoueur à exploité encore plus !

14 August 2018
Review by ReignPlaysGames (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

idk havent played it yet. looks like the best space exploration game out at the moment. im not sure if this game will pan out or not but i only have 50 more characters left until this review can be posted

  • cheap and immediate
  • payment seems sketchy but its not

01 August 2018
Review by Hacksor

I would buy it instantly if it costed 25€, its a game that HYPED me since its announcement, and it was a pity that the game was disapointing in the 1.0 launch. But they finally made it better and i decided to go for it. Im just waiting for the price going 25€ or less.

  • A game evolved since launch
  • not practical for someone who buys with 25€ paysafecard

01 August 2018
Review by WillDream

Game bought on IG

Le jeu a beaucoup évolué, il reste quelques bugs mais rien de bien gênant ! J'attend de voir s'qu'ils vont faire du jeu par la suite. De s'que j'ai vu, ils ont rajouter beaucoup de choses positives, comme de meilleurs environnements, des vaisseau plus contrôlables et moins téléguidés des véhicules terrestres et bien d'autres choses.

  • Infini
  • Musiques
  • Ambiance sonore
  • Petit charme graphique
  • L'immensité très bien représentée
  • Manque de diversité des races à mon goût
  • Manque de biomes (on revois souvent les mêmes styles de paysages
  • Vraiment personnel - il n'y a jamais de planètes gazeuses? x)
  • Les créatures procédurales sont un peu ridicules des fois
  • Commandes pas très intuitives

22 April 2018
Review by Gugi137

Game bought on IG

Game was overhyped and many people were disappointed, but i always liked it so i bought it. Got the code almost immediately. In-game: flying is kinda weird and there are some problems but game is very good! :)

  • exploring of enormous universe
  • naming planets
  • flying, you need to mine materials often

01 December 2017
Review by Marcel5D

Game bought on IG

Great game! First ever open universe game. Incredible experience to play this game. You can actually get lost in this game, like in a cave or just dont remember where you parked youre ship.With the latest atlas rises update the game has everything hello games promised in the game. Now is the time to buy this game. Absolute recommendation.

  • You can actually get lost.

11 July 2017
Review by Raziel

Game bought on IG

Great game, had an awful launch but the latest patches really improved it. I love to play it.
The game's graphics are very good and the new vehicles really make you feel like an explorer. Overall a great experience.

  • Vast and beautiful
  • Really lets your imagination soar
  • A bit repetitive
  • Needs more stuff to do

10 March 2017
Review by gamer-454dfd (read 2 reviews)

I really wanted to like No Man's Sky, and I did for the first five hours or so. However, the more you explore, the easier it becomes to spot its gimmicks. Planets and underwhelming and look far too similar, many with only new color filters slapped on them. While mining is fun initially, it quickly falls into a repetitive cycle of crafting things you can sell, selling them to traders, using the Credits to buy a bigger ship, fly off to a new solar system and doing it all over again.

  • Massive open galaxy
  • Purposless
  • Becomes repetitive far too fast
  • Worlds look similar and dull

13 December 2016
Review by Paulo

Fall short on navigation tools like minimap and waypoint setting, both on planet off planet and on universe map. So you can mark waypoints to return to that location. Rather you can build a beacon that marks that position only on planet and off planet. Therefore Hello Games are updating the game has they go. Expect great things from this game.

  • Planets and Space Exploration
  • Alien creatures and Base contruction are Excelent
  • No Minimap or useful navigation system

26 August 2016
Review by liamwoodds

Great game is you enjoy survial and exploration, I found this game to be endless is enjoyment and after you think you have seen eveything something unexpected pops up. With all the free content coming I can see this a game that will last.

  • Endless hours of enjoyment
  • Lack of multiplayer

16 August 2016
Review by Sergej_DedSec_ (read 3 reviews)

nice game,big map,and nice gameplay
the game goesnt look like its randomly created it looks like someone maked every planet in game
driving space ship is stange and it could be better
overall nice game


09 September 2016
Review by Itchy (read 16 reviews)

The hypetrain derailed. False advertising all round. Inventory manager 2016 at it's very best. The sky was a lie!
This has become the most refunded game on steam to the point where they were giving more refunds than selling copies. Community has dropped from 200k + simultaneous players to about 2k splayers at peak hrs.
Buy this if you want to see how many features can be omitted from a game.

  • If you pley less than 2hrs you can get a refund
  • Space combat kinda blows
  • Super buggy
  • 95% of advertised content is not there
  • only a few variations of the same planet
  • same with life forms

13 August 2016
Review by gamer-8c2c55

PC version is badly optimised, choppy and what not. There is no tutorial but its ok, graphics seems to be downgraded ? The trailer from E3 clearly had better graphics. Sense of exploration is really cool and the way you can launch from planet in to space, but on a long run its just "farm" game and it easily get boring and repetitive.

  • Sense of exploration and step into unknown, transition from world in to space
  • Bad optimisation,farm game, gets repetitive, needs better random world generator
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