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23 March 2017
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83 /100
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26 March 2017
Review by Nawaki

Game bought on IG

I was never much of a fan of Mass effect... I tried it several times... but could't get through even first one... I wanted too though... I wanted to know the story, but the gameplay wasn't for me...

I know the story now, thanks to my friends so I was looking forward Andromeda and it is pretty decent actually. I am enjoying it greatly so far... though there are problems...

  • The game runs really well
  • The clunky gameplay of previous mass effects is gone
  • Multiplayer is fun
  • Combat could be quite fast paced
  • Companions are really bland
  • Multiplayer can be quite repetitive
  • Combat could be also quite slow (everyone in cover all the times)

18 September 2017
Review by Marosh

Game bought on IG

the game is good but not as good as previous parts. sometimes its beautiful but its got problems running at my GTX 1080Ti. everybody knows about horrible character animations but planets are really impressive. probablly best graphics to date.


15 September 2017
Review by alexedy1990

Game bought on IG

Good game after they fixed the many issues. Still it gets a little bit boring with all the subquest that are very repetitive and have no interest at all. But all in all i would recomend it as it offers exactly what it says exploration ( even though there are only five planets to actually explore)

  • exploration
  • repetitive/ stupid side-quests or additional tasks

25 August 2017
Review by oten

Game bought on IG

Mass Effect Andromeda story starts between Mass Effect 3 events. I really liked the game even though most people opinion is negative. Yes the game had many flaws but they were fixed after a couple of updates. Unfortunately Bioware is stopping updates to the game when it's in a state where it doesn't appear complete.

  • Story
  • Gameplay time
  • Graphics
  • Bugs

21 August 2017
Review by LydiaHJ

Game bought on IG

Mass Effect Andromeda, gran esperado pero con las prisas se dejó cosas en el tintero. Salió lleno de bugs, aún así con una historia interesante, quizás no tan remarcable como la trilogía predecesora. Es injusto compararla con Shepard y el equipo, ya que es una historia completamente diferente, se comienza desde 0, y literalmente: nueva galaxia, nuevos personajes, nuevas razas, nuevos enemigos, empiezas de 0 en el rango y has de subir y ganar con esfuerzo. Es verdad que hay cosas que se hacen repetitivos (las misiones secundarias son eternas pero son eso, secundarias, siempre se puede pasar de ellas ;D) y que la animación podría ser mejor, todo eso se puede decir y escucharán a sus jugadores (espero).

Es un juego joven, a pesar de cómo fue su salida y su recepción, no es tan mal juego como claman las redes sociales, aún hay esencia del Mass Effect original y muchos bugs los han corregido ya (si bien, hay cosas que han añadido que no me han gustado nada pero eso es cuestión personal).

Merece la pena jugarlo, la forma de combate nueva, el mejor manejo del Nomad comparado con el Mako, y los nuevos planetas lo valen. Incluso la historia lo vale.

  • Sistema de combate
  • Cosas que descubrir (planetas, razas, enemigos)
  • Sistema de manejo de vehículo (Nomad)
  • Ambientes, el diseño es precioso
  • Comenzar desde el menor rango, no eres nadie pero llegarás a serlo (camino del héroe)
  • La música debería haber sido más relevante, siguiendo la línea de Mass Effect Trilogy en su potencia y uso, pasa casi desapercibida a veces y es poco memorable
  • Exceso de misiones secundarias
  • Primer mapa (Eos) excesivamente grande

29 May 2017
Review by Nabeel

Game bought on IG

After Playing Witcher 3, i was expecting this game to be alot better. at least better than is Trilogy. It's a let down to its franchise and i was disappointed with the character and takling with useless APC. All tho its gameplay is fun.


28 May 2017
Review by shaulys8

Game bought on IG

I was really looking forward for this one. I'm a huge Mass Effect fan, spent hundreds if not thousands of hours in original trilogy. Loved almost all characters (Tali is my sweetheart and waifu). This is an awful Mass Effect game. The writing is cringey and terrible (everybody knows "my face is tired" meme, the rest of the game's writing is pretty much the same), game is buggy as hell, crashes, bugged quests, facial animations, lip sync and pretty much everything is bugged, the story is awful and boring, the gameplay is repetitive and doesn't respect players time (you spend a lot of time for a little reward), quests are terrible (every single quest is a masked fetch quest, it starts interestingly, but soon you realize that all you have to do is to run somewhere and talk to somebody, then go back), characters are uninteresting and boring, and I hated all of them (except for Vetra, I tolerated her), fucking scanning is even worse than in ME2, writers raped original lore, in the first 30mins of the game NPC confirmed that quarians will be on a dlc (the most awesome race for me), f**k you bioware, you died a long time ago and EA is still violating your body, they should just bury you, because I can barely remember the good times we had together. F**k you EA, just be a decent company, for just one time, and bury the carcass of once loved Bioware.
P.S. Environment looks really good, combat is pretty fun, unless you play as a sniper, then all you do is shoot standing enemies that don't care if their comrades are dying all around them as long as you kill them in one shot. On higher difficulties they just become bulletsponges witch is never fun in my book.

  • Combat is kinda fun.
  • Environmental graphics are good
  • Bugs, a lot of them
  • Writing is terrible and the story is awful
  • Huge open and empty maps
  • Not a single interesting character
  • A terrible Mass Effect game, a bad game overall

26 May 2017
Review by gamer-592d9f

Game bought on IG

The game is not so addictive as the previous games were. Can't say why exactly though. But it's not but it's still a Mass Effect game. So if you like the play style you will like this, too.
I personally do not like all this weapon-crafting stuff with hundreds of options. If you do you will be happy though.

  • Cool graphics (nice worlds, etc.)
  • Character Animations
  • Low addictiveness
  • Tons of customization stuff for weapons, armor, ... which I dont like

10 May 2017
Review by SpooX

Game bought on IG

Amazing game..
Don't judge a game unless you've played the game by yourself..
majority of the negative reviews are nonsense.. Just cause their favourite youtuber doesn't like it.. the lil boys follow.


10 May 2017
Review by SneakySherpa

Game bought on IG

A great game without the need of playing its predecessors. Great RPG elements and sandbox exploration. Innovation on the combat can be felt, no longer having to deal with rigid movement or dodgy cover mechanics. A solid game for those looking to boldly go where no one has gone before.

  • Combat
  • Crew Personality
  • Story
  • Exploration
  • Controls
  • Length (Can Be Short On Main Story)
  • Certain cosemtic customizations are lack

04 May 2017
Review by bill

Game bought on IG

A different kind of Mass Effect story but nevertheless it has some new features and a nice storyline for those who are into this series.The story begins between the second and the third Mass Effect game and puts you in the hands of a Pathfinder and lets you explore worlds.It is more open than the previous titles.

  • Exploring
  • new characters
  • Tedious Missions
  • A little buggy

16 April 2017
Review by Krzywobrody

Game bought on IG

Amazing game with amazing graphics, story is very good and combat feels really good. The only thing that is kind of messed up is Face animations, but if you will spend enough time in editor, you will overcome this also.

  • Graphics
  • Combat
  • Story
  • World
  • Almost unlimited lvl cap and designs even for new game plus !
  • Face Animations

14 April 2017
Review by Andrej

Game bought on IG

The game is very gut. you have multiplayer singleplayer. Graphic is also greate. For that price you will have a very good game. you can level up upgrade and collect. This game is good if you have lot time and if you have short time for play

  • Graphic
  • Mulitplayer
  • multiplayer coop

11 April 2017
Review by SHAD0W-HUNT3R

Game bought on IG

Animations are a little meh but gameplay is awesome! took me 50(fun) hours to complete.
at first the crafting looked wonky but it's not, graphics look amazing. good storyline and side quest(in my perspective)

  • gameplay
  • crafting
  • character building
  • amazing graphics
  • animations
  • sometimes funny glitches

05 April 2017
Review by Powiux7

Game bought on IG

This game is amazing . Mass effect : Andromeda has great potential for more content. Great combats and diverse universe to explore. It has some flaws in game. You will enjoy a countless hours of fun just in storyline . Multiplayer mode gives you even more fun and time . I would recommend to anyone this game to play.

  • Amazing graphics
  • Great new revolutionized combat system
  • Multiplayer mode highly improved
  • Some graphical glitches
  • Storyline quest has some part uniteractivable
  • Lack of customization

02 April 2017
Review by Blaze_of_Storms

Game bought on IG

First of all game even with my 60 out of 100 is good... But the problems it has it just can't be rated higher... Broken quest system is just 1 of them and unskipable cut scenes just add to insult. Developers look like they were first times in everything.... I love the impact you have on the game and some characters are really well made specially when it comes to your team :D quests with them had me laughing for day... But when you waste and hour trying to map 2 systems because you can't skip cut scenes.. I am forgiving but I am not that forgiving

  • Good story line
  • lovable characters
  • Big open world that are diverse
  • Bad face animations
  • More cut scenes than gameplay(galaxy map)
  • broken quest sistem and lazy team

30 March 2017
Review by Fast as a Ferrari

Game bought on IG

As a big ME Fan a lil bit Disapointed but it is not that bad. I have Fun with the Multiplayer.
The Story is as always well written, you can have Relations between Aliens,Humans and have Gay Romances aswell. Have Fun

  • Multiplayer
  • Story
  • Good Storyline+Telling
  • Wierd Face Animations
  • Downgrade
  • Character Designer

28 March 2017
Review by PERFECTO

Game bought on IG

Interesante, frenético y con una historia que por el momento me tiene pegado a la pantalla
Espero que mantengan la promesa de los DLCs gratuitos en el multijugador. Espero que se solucionen prontos los fallos que tiene y que indico en los puntos negativos

  • Historia, movimiento y habilidades
  • Los fallos gráficos no empañan la experiencioa
  • Personajes carismáticos
  • Expresiones faciales.
  • Falta de optimización
  • Le quedan algunos parches por delante

27 March 2017
Review by gamer-193f57

Game bought on IG

I love the combat in this game. The graphic is beautiful. The new Game engine i fantastic. The lighting in this game is from another world. Descent story. Not think mind blowing. But if u are a Mass Effect fan. U should buy this game period.

  • Combat is great
  • Outstoning graphics
  • Great game engine
  • If u like Mass Effect u will love this game
  • More tutorials (U need to figur things out your self)
  • Minner graphics bugs especially on Female Ryder

27 March 2017
Review by JxSinn

Game bought on IG

Best game you'll play this year....until the next best thing comes out. Lol!
This is the effect the masses have been waiting for!
So what are You waiting for, Pathfinder?...go get 'em.

'I don't need an army, I have a Krogan.'

  • Open world, exploration,superb combat
  • A few minor bugs.

26 March 2017
Review by Geri

Game bought on IG

Well, I expected this game a lot to come as I loved the previous ones, but after playing a few hours I have found out that testing wasn't done. At this moment now I am stuck due to a bug and cannot go ahead in the game. Also sometimes you face "invisible" walls. :) Really this was pushed out with rush with bugs not being fixed. As of now it is complete disappointment for me as I really enjoyed the previous ones.

  • story
  • variety of choices
  • Character choice
  • Bad cover system
  • Full of bugs after few hours I have trapped twice due to bug in game. (3rd monolith activation)

23 March 2017
Review by Silfirian

Game bought on IG

This game is beautiful, smooth, fast and pretty good indeed! A really good action role-playing video game with hours and hours of game-play, intrigue and story! Plus, there is a multiplayer mod if you like it too.

  • Graphic
  • Soundtrack
  • Sound effects
  • Gameplay
  • Story

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