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14 November 2015
Review by Almkrona

Game bought on IG

One of the best immersive FPS game series on the market. While the story itself is not Oscar winning, the world building and atmosphere of the games is incredible, as you travel through the metro. You go from station to station, briefly involving yourself into different characters lives. The Metro series really makes it feel like these characters are not just trying to survive, but are instead trying to live.

  • Immersive world building
  • Simple and Solid FPS gameplay
  • Lackluster story

23 September 2018
Review by Grimreaper

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bundle che consiglio veramente da acquistare,una storia veramente bella ricca di insegnamenti e teorie,un gioco con una storia veramente profonda,buon gameplay e buon comparto tecnico,personalmente ho amato questa saga,non vedo l'ora che esca exodus per acquistarlo!

  • storia

13 May 2018
Review by CrSmaS (read 3 reviews)

This game is a pure 90 and more. Can't give the 100 cause exodus is on its way. Even better than metro 2033. The story is the other half from the 2033 and the ending amazing. The game doesn't fail you and is one of the few games that is better than the first story oriented.

  • Story
  • Graphics
  • Shooting
  • Ending
  • Brightness, sometimes a little hard to see

14 December 2017
Review by Damljan17

Game bought on IG

This game is awsome..i love this game so much graphics are amazing..Whole game are remasted and beautiful to play..I love this post apocalzptic mode and the mosters in city of Moscow..Am enyojing to play this game..nice nice nice nice

  • Graphics
  • Price..this is an old game

14 May 2017
Review by SAMURAJ696

Game bought on IG

I can play these games one hundred times over and still I wouldn't be bored. Story of this game is the best there is in gaming world. Can't wait for next metro game :D, you will not waste your money if you buy this, guarantee!


27 February 2017
Review by Vairas

Game bought on IG

Σε κραταει σε αγωνια απο το πρωτο λεπτο...φοβερο παιχνιδι αγοραστε αφοβα, το βρηκα σε καλη τιμη στα 6,83 ευρω.

Πολλες πιστες και γρηγορος ρυθμος...εχω κολλησει σε 1 σημειο δεν μπορω να το περασω αλλα θα βρω λυση !

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