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Astral Chain is, as the name implies, an anime type cyberpunk style police action game in which the player takes on the persona of a detective in a special task force called ‘the Neuron’. They must investigate incidents, uncover clues and solve cases, in the otherworldly setting of ‘The Ark’ which is the game’s main world base.

About the Game

Humanity is at the brink of complete extinction by the year 2078, which is when the game is set, thanks to an attack by interdimensional beings called Chimeras. These fearsome creatures live in the astral plane, which would be fine if they were content to stay there. Instead, they love to come to the planet and wreak havoc, destroying everything in their path, dragging humans into the Astral Plane and spreading something known as ‘red matter’.

Red matter corrupts every living thing that it touches, up to and including people. Therefore, the Neuron must get onto the case as soon as possible. They do this by using ‘tamed’ Chimeras, called Legions, who are tethered to a police officer via a psychic link, for combat and investigation purposes. The psychic link is bound with the ‘astral chain’ – from which the game gets its title.

The player chooses from one of a pair of twins and can lightly customise this character while their twin becomes Akira Howard. There is backstory too: the twins are the adopted children of the Neuron captain, and there is a small but comprehensive cast of other characters too: more about these below.

Introducing the Cast

  • Maximilian Howard: an older man, but no less formidable for all that, the Neuron Captain adopted the twins following a natural disaster twenty years before the beginning of the game, and was instrumental in their joining the Neuron

  • Akira Howard: the protagonist’s twin. When you customise your character, Akira’s skin tone and many characteristics change to match them as closely as possible. You are twins, after all! Akira can be male or female, being the opposite of the gender chosen by the player, and always dresses similarly with just minor adjustments for gender, except for her wearing shorts instead of full-length trousers

  • Yoseph Calvert: an older fellow, Yoseph is a genius-level scientist who has many secrets. He has longish grey hair, parted on one side and deep green eyes. He boasts a neat moustache and beard and wears smart casual lounge suits. He is the Neuron Force Commander

  • Brenda Moreno: a research and development scientist, Brenda is young and very cool with bright green eyes and blue hair. She has a beauty spot under one eye and dresses with elegant effortless style with a long white coat reminiscent of a lab coat over the rest of her outfit

  • Alicia Lopez: one of the Neuron’s best aces, Alicia is a long time friend of Max’s and takes no nonsense from anyone. Her sharp tongue is a delight to hear even if those on the receiving end do not like it too much, but she is excellent at her job

  • Jin Wong: as valued a member of the team as Alicia, Jin is a shaggy-haired man who takes the job and your training very seriously indeed. He is thorough and conscientious and values the chain of command

  • Olivie Espenosa: young, pink-haired and glamourous, Olivie used to be a television anchor, but had to put out one too many news items about the devastation caused by Red Matter. Accordingly, she signed up with the Neuron and runs communications for the team. Her frivolous appearance aside, she is deadly serious about ending the Chimera problems

  • Marie Wentz: young, determined and eager to please, Marie can be found doing all the tasks that everyone should do and no one has time to, from filing the paperwork and taking care of admin to cleaning the floors of the police offices

  • Hal Clark: Hal seems to be an autonomous drone that buzzes around the Ark, gathering what data and information he can. It becomes clear that there is a pilot somewhere in the system, but there are no clues as to who it might be. Hal helps out where he can, especially when it comes to keeping members of the unit and civilians safe from harm

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