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FIFA 20: 2200 FUT Points DLC

FIFA 20: 2200 FUT Points

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FIFA 20: 2200 FUT Points DLC
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ATTENTION: Before activating the second code of FUT points make sure that the first 2200 points are already on your account.

FIFA 20: 2200 FUT Points for PC is an in game currency pack to be used with FIFA 20, the exciting football simulation game from EA Sports. The game is officially recognised by the football authority, FIFA, to allow for accurate gameplay, uniforms, stadia and rules to be applied across the game

About the Game

The game can be played in various modes. Career Mode lets you control your favourite player, both on and off the field. You must train them, build their skills and put them into the right position on the field, before sending them out into the arena to make their dreams – and yours! – come true.

Journey Mode sees the player follow one man’s (or woman’s) dream to move from talented amateur to premier league player at the team of their dreams. This mode allows for some off field interactions as the player must choose between socialising and training – with some downtime necessary and allowed!

VOLTA Mode (new to FIFA 20) allows for vibrant informal play between three-, four-, and five- person teams. VOLTA means ‘return’ in Portuguese and perhaps indicates a return to youth, when informal games amongst groups of friends were played in open spaces such as yards, nearby fields and quiet streets where traffic was sporadic.

Whichever mode you decide to play, the game has the benefit of nearly thirty years of football video gaming behind it and the physics engines, graphics and the capturing of human movement – even down to individual soccer star’s unique gaits, kicks and tricks – is now almost perfected.

What Can I Spend my FUT Points On?

Buying a currency pack of, for example, 2200 FUT Points allows you to indulge your team or player a little bit. The in game currency can be earned through play, but sometimes it is easier just to spend a little cash to have the points in hand immediately. Here are some of the things that your points can get you improvements on:

  • Players: players come with varying degrees of skill and expertise. They are divided into four categories: bronze, silver, gold, and special, each costing a little more than the last, but each advance offering you a bit more value for your team

  • Consumables: this broad definition covers the minutiae of soccer life, from player training to goalkeeper training, to fitness values and healing abilities. Tweak your team’s consumption against the need to improve skills, stamina and fitness

  • Club Items: this is where the official FIFA sponsorship shows its true worth. Club badges and uniforms are exactly replicated to look like the real things, the balls are programmed to look and ‘feel’ as authentic as possible when kicked or dribbled, and the stadia are mapped from life to offer an authentic sneaky peek of places from which fans are usually banned

  • Staff: managers, coaches – both regular and goalkeeping, fitness gurus and physiotherapists: all these staff members need to be utilised to the best of their abilities, provided with the right equipment and kept busy

  • Trading Market: any items that are tradable can be found here. Keep your eyes open for items that you need to fill gaps in your team or strategy, and also use it to sell off extra items and benefits that you no longer need for your team, either because you have changed your plan, or because you have duplicates

  • FIFA 20: 2200 FUT Points for PC is available for purchase on Instant Gaming for a fraction of its retail price. You will receive an official key and be able to play the game in seconds. Play smart. Pay less.


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