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Syberia 3
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06 May 2018
Review by gamer-59b570

Game bought on IG

I have played the previous two Syberia games and had no trouble playing those but this one is hard to move around and do not know why they changed the way that you access the inventory. I love the Syberia games but regret buying this one because it hard to navigate.


17 March 2018
Review by Tom

Game bought on IG

The game is not as bad as I thought but, have to say it is frustrating with the controls but using the mouse to operate around the map made it bearable. Wouldn't spend more money on it. Graphics are quite good but no need to jump into a 3D as it worked with previous games.

  • Syberia continues
  • Controls

30 December 2017
Review by gamer-1fb21a

Game bought on IG

Fan des autres Syberia j'ai retrouvé dans le 3ème ce que j'attendais depuis des années ! Une aventure, un univers , la magie de Syberia!!!
Bien que quelques points restes à être amélioré je conseille vivement !!!

  • Graphismes
  • Musique
  • Atmosphère
  • Doublage

11 November 2017
Review by Scorp18 (read 6 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Having finished the game I can tell that its biggest strengths are the graphics and the OST while the weaknesses are the gameplay and the story.
The graphics are beautiful and detailed while the OST is something I will keep on listening to. Unfortunately, that's all...
As you start the game (playing only with mouse - that's how a pnc game is supposed to be played) you'll notice that the camera moves by placing the cursor at an edge of the screen. The problem with this is that, as you need to click somewhere on the edge to move to another screen, then the camera moves too, which is very annoying when you need to go "down" cause then, you can only see the floor and Kate's legs, until you move the mouse to the upper part (so the camera moves). Add to this the odd angle most cameras are placed. That's the perfect way to ruin the gameplay...
Then to access an item in your inventory you'll need to press down your mouse's wheel over a hotspot (also why are all the hotspots pointed?) and roll the wheel until you reach the item you want.
I guess, the reason for both the problems I've mentioned is that Syberia 3 was meant to be a console game.
No matter the problems, I thought I'd try it for the story but it was proved indifferent at least. You help a group of Youkols reach a destination. But they can do nothing on their own (how did they survive as a tribe so far, really?), they mostly make stupid comments and most importantly, wherever they camp, they roam everywhere needlessly telling nonsense.
Only a couple of characters are interesting to interact with. All the rest are indifferent or Youkols... Add to that ,that the voices of the actors chosen don't fit their in-game characters at all, Kate and only a couple more being an exception.
To sum it up:
If the gameplay would be fluid and the story as it is, I'd give it a thumbs up.
If the gameplay was broken like now but the story worthed it, I'd give it a thumbs up.

  • Graphics
  • OST
  • Kate Walker
  • Oscar
  • Gameplay
  • Story
  • Voices don't fit the characters
  • Youkols
  • Lack of interesting characters

23 April 2017
Review by JM™: Playing with Soul! (read 4 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Syberia 3 captures the new adventure of Kate Walker without changing the feel of the series, as if it might have felt odd at the begining, but things slowly started going back to what we all love about the game!
Environmental puzzles, one very important part of the game have improved dramatically! They are more vast, sometimes taking up more global area to explore and feed resources from in order to solve. I also love the way we get to search for items in drawers or boxes - now you must search among junk to find the items you need, but without making the player overconfused, because you find only items that will be of use!
The variety the game offers is huge! From escaping asylums, meeting strange people, to diving underwater, facing and living with mythical creatures, finding yourself in strange towns, taking a short course to using contraptions and machines you've never used before, feeling the tension of being somewhere you never belonged, but still leaving trace in your heart just as the feeling has turned the lawyer Kate Walker into an adventurer, making you want become part of it!

Syberia 3 brings the definition of adventure back on track, a genre long forgotten and underrated by action-adventure games that concentrate more on combat than platforming, exploration and story, especially with it's environments and variety, the unknown, but not portrait as something dark, but as something bright, an adventure!

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