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Pokémon Sword: Expansion Pass Switch DLC

Pokémon Sword: Expansion Pass Switch (Europe)

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Pokémon Sword Switch
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Pokémon Sword: Expansion Pass Switch DLC
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After entering the purchased download code, you will be asked to select between Sword Expansion Pass and Shield Expansion Pass. After that you will download the selected version (the action is not reversible).

If you want to have both version you will have to buy the game twice.

The Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass is only compatible with Pokémon Sword for Nintendo Switch.

Pokémon Sword: Expansion Pass for Nintendo Switch is, as the name implies, an expansion pack for the Pokémon Sword game, which the player must already own or otherwise have access to. Without it, the pass will be no use, as it needs to bolt onto the existing game. A word of warning too: when you buy the expansion pass, the system will ask if you want the Pokémon Sword expansion, or the Pokémon Shield expansion: be sure to choose correctly !

About the Game

With every purchase of the expansion pass, you will receive an in game bonus of free costumes for some of your best Pokémon. Basically, purchase the pass, receive the code by email, and redeem it within the game for your freebie to be actioned. Once you have done this, you can dress your trainer up to suit your style and fashion taste – or lack thereof!

This game expansion introduces the Isle of Armour where you will study under Mustard, the former Galar champion, to learn how to tame, control and send into battle the new Legendary Pokémon that is Kubfu. As well as introducing Kubfu, this expansion brings the total number of findable Pokémon up to over 200, as well as dramatically extending the range of the land of Galar. Buy both expansion passes if you have both games to see the new lands in both.

The Isle of Armour is beautiful, boasting clean sandy beaches, clear blue waters, verdant forest and inviting stepping stone rocks, all depicted in a simple but attractive cartoon style, that is so easy on the eye and welcoming that you will wish that you could live there all the time, as with many Nintendo game locations!

New Pokémon to Collect?

As mentioned above, the new Legendary Pokémon, Kubfu, will join you for this game: more about him below, along with some of his new buddies that you can collect:

  • Kubfu: A Wushu-type Pokémon that is compact and determined, Kubfu will train hard for you, determined to improve himself and do better next time.

    Kubfu generates a sort of fighting mojo through meditative deep breathing – they apparently have an energy producing organ that can be controlled by this means – before each battle, and will take any defeat as a personal failing to be overcome at the next outing.

  • Urshifu: The evolved form of Kubfu, this Pokémon is impressive, standing well over six foot tall (up from about 2 foot!) and weighing a hefty 232-odd pounds (almost nine times its unevolved weight), this Pokémon appears once Kubfu has reached set training goals. It fights exceptionally well, with two unique fighting moves: Single Strike and Rapid Strike, both of which have their places for use depending on who is being fought at the time.

  • Calyrex: This unusual looking king type Pokémon is tall and slender, moving with graceful steps, and apparently seeming delicate and frail. But this elegant Pokémon has more to it than meets the eye. It moves with style and is blessed, it seems, with the ability to see all times at all times. That is to say, it can see the past, present, and future all at once, which gives it something of a large advantage over its opposition!

  • As well as these three, there are plenty of old favourite Pokémon returning with the pack: make sure you hunt about and catch as many as you can to see if there are any pleasant and unexpected surprises for you lurking about on the island.

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