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Sea of Thieves (PC / Xbox One)
Sea of Thieves (PC / Xbox One)

Review Sea of Thieves (PC / Xbox One)

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19 April 2018
Review by gamer-adf0f8

The Good :

- The world of Sea of Thieves is beautiful. Sailing across the (beautifully rendered) open ocean is a blast in the first few hours of the game. You will encounter storms, reefs, small and big islands, a kraken (if you're lucky) and, of course, others Pirate Ships.

- Pepper enemy ships with cannonball or shoot your friend directly at them, ram their ship, board them or use black powder keg to sink them. There are many ways for you to win a battle against others Pirates. With every player having access to the same weapons and ships, there is no unfair advantage in Sea of Thieves.

- The "meat" of the game however is your crew. Sea of Thieves is a good sandbox, but any sandbox is only as fun as the friends you're with.

The Bad :

- Right from the start, the game hit you with a ridiculous design choice : the character "creator". In Sea of Thieves, the character creator has been replaced by a character selector. The game display eight randomly-generated characters for you to choose from and if none of them suits you, you can ask for eight new randomly-generated ones. Want a black-haired girl that doesn't look like a car-crash victim ? Good luck to you, you might be here for a while !

- The islands are almost entirely lifeless. You can see them all in about a day of play, and they almost never house anything interesting other than your quest objective. The outposts are the only place you will ever encounter any friendly NPCs and each of those outpost offers you the exact same buildings and the same nine NPCs. They don't move from their spot, they don't interact with each other, and they only offer you a few lines of dialogue. And if you ever see another player in one of those outpost, he will probably try to kill you on sight.

- The combat system is simplistic with only three guns, no cover system (not even crouch), and with a cutlass that can only hit or block.

- Sneaking onto an enemy ship is practically impossible. Every time a player go to far from his ship, a Siren appears near him, effectively revealing his position. Sometimes, the game itself will transport you back to your ship without even asking.

The Evil :

- All three factions feel the same with nearly identical, radiant fetch quests that have you go to X island to get X thing and return without sinking/dying.

- Enemy variety is almost non-existent, skeletons, snakes and an "endgame boss" kraken that has already been turned into a meme by players, as the thing is just tentacles with no actual body lurking under the water.

- Progression is entirely cosmetic and while you can change your ship’s sails and paint, there are fundamentally still only two kinds of ships in this entire pirate game. If the only progression in a game is cosmetic, you should be allowed to change more than just the color of your ship !

  • Beautiful open world
  • Interesting ship battles (PVP)
  • Fun co-op
  • Lifeless open world
  • No progression
  • No quest variety
  • Almost no enemy variety (PVE)
  • Simplistic combat system

12 June 2018
Review by MrBeckhamHD (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Le jeu est sympa, y'a moyen de passer de bonne soirée dessus entre potes! Seul le jeu a pas vraiment d’intérêt. L'univers de la piraterie est vraiment un gros point fort du jeux mais trop peu de contenu pour en faire un vrai bon jeu.

  • Coop
  • Ambiance pirate
  • Graphisme
  • Prise en main
  • Peu de contenu
  • Cher
  • Pas d'évolution possible
  • Pas assez punitif

07 May 2018
Review by rahjis

Game bought on IG

Overall a great game with beautiful environments and funny gameplay lacks abit content but the devs are in progress of fixing that! but you better hope your not gonna need support they just dont care about you half of the time they dont even bother to answer ppl :)

  • Bad Support Service

27 March 2018
Review by Snake (read 2 reviews)

Ein Super Spiel zu zweit EXTREM Funny zu 3. NOCH FUNNYERER xD Alleine relativ langweillig leider. Mann braucht Windows 10 was für mich nicht das Problem ist aber für manche schon. Ich mag das Spiel extrem!

  • Super Coop
  • Alleine Langweilig

25 March 2018
Review by Nitrum7

Game bought on IG

Great game! Funny moments, have fun with friends, so much expiernce. Really cool game. My favourite moment is when you are drunk, that is so amazing. There are some hard moment but we are very good and we will beat them!

  • Funny game
  • There isn's

23 March 2018
Review by MisterByte (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Super jeu avec un potentiel monstre, un kraken.
De la co-op et du backstab pour tous les goûts.
Jeu qui ne plaira pas à tout le monde, mais qui va se faire sa communauté ou le rôle-play peut avoir la part belle, grâce à son réalisme prenant.

  • Open world
  • univers
  • no hud
  • réalisme
  • no hud
  • prise en main

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