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Dragon Age: Inquisition
This truly is a grand RPG for PC. Graphics are best of any game to date. Voice acting is excellent. Combat is very fun, especially when favoring use of rogue stealth and evasion mechanics or warrior charge abilities. The free-roam exploration where you just happen to run into quests and the unexpected is not at all linear and reminiscent of Skyrim.

The tactical combat so many prefer from Origins is present in all its glory, although there is a clear console-oriented simplicity to it, which may be a let-down for some. I prefer to only use tactical actions during boss fights or when being overwhelmed, so this doesn't bother me so much. However, the AI tactics you can configure for each character is very simplified, only a fraction of what was available in origins. I prefer the simplicity right now, but will probably reverse this stance when I go for a max difficulty second playthrough.

Crafting is solid and well designed. Not too overwhelming that players would ignore it. The potion design, upgrade, and replenishment mechanic is well thought out when you consider how camps are established throughout the various areas.

I had no intention of playing this game with a mouse and keyboard, and havn't tried it, but from all my gameplay with a controller I can't imagine that it is as good as with a controller. This doesn't really bother me though. For years i've favored the couch + controller over my desk + mouse/keyboard.

I strongly recommend a high end graphics card with 3GB or more of memory to max out the game settings. Very memory intensive.

Playing on PC with Xbox 360 controller PC specs AMD FX-8120 Eight-Core Processor 3.10 GHz, 8GB ram, GTX 970.
Far Cry 4: Season Pass
I Bought the Season Pass and activated the code in uplay and at the time of writing this the only thing that went through is the exclusive day 1 mission "The Syringe". What you need to know is that when you Activate the Season Pass you will recieve All Future DLC's instantly as they are released. This is what you will get by buying the Season Pass:

The Syringe – The day-one Season Pass exclusive mission will have you preventing Pagan Min from retrieving a rare recipe and using it against the rebellion. Take on The Syringe in either single-player or co-op.

Escape from Durgesh Prison – Team up with a friend to escape Yuma’s prison after being locked up and tortured. Fun stuff.

Hurk Deluxe Pack – More harpooning. More explosions. More Hurk. More awesome. Get access to five missions starring Hurk, including Yak Farm, Blood Ruby and Hurk’s Redemption. We just love this crazy country boy so much.

Overrun – Play as either the Rakshasa or the Golden Path in this new PvP multiplayer mode. Capture territory around Kyrat and stop that territory from being taken by your enemies.

Valley of the Yetis – A crash landing on a Himalayan ridge finds Ajay fighting for his life in a strange new frozen landscape. Scavenge for tools and upgrade your campsite, while fending off deadly nighttime attacks from a mysterious cult. Explore caves in the area, but watch out for what lurks within. Valley of the Yetis has both single-player and co-op options, so it might be wise to bring a friend along to watch your back.

My opinion is The Valley of the Yetis alone is a must have!!

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