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Call of Duty: Black Ops II
EDIT: I didn't excpect to make this review and make it the most popular review I made, but what ever, its the top of a super popular game over all the other reviews that actually review the game.

First thing is that you are here to see a review for the MULTIPLAYER and not the SINGLEPLAYER, (Campaign) there are way better games for that. The main reason I got this is because I always loved killing people and getting those radical killstreaks. Not for the campaign, but for the multiplayer. If you are here for the campaign, leave, campaign is about 6 hours long, and there is a lot better games for that, like Far Cry 4, got lots of hours in that for singleplayer only game time. If you are here for multiplayer, then get your wallet ready!

Some FAQ:

Q: Do people still play?
A: Yes, at certain times and places. Where I am i can get a game quick from 10am to 10pm (West Coast, USA)

Q: Is it worth full price? ($60)
A: No, I did not get it for full price, why should you. Buy on sale or through trading. (Key Trading bots/people)

Q: Should I use my controler?
A: No, you will cry cause you get 0 kills.

Q: Can I read?
A: Yes.

Q: Are you just making up questions to make this review longer?
A: Yes.

Q: Why?
A: Why not? Plus I can't think of them, so ask away!

Review for each part of the game:

No, get other games, its fun but to short.


Better then most other CoDs. MW2 I own, to many hackers. MW2 being a good CoD.
This game is one of the best and still has a strong community of people that make it hacker less.
I also own AW, its bad, and now 0 people are play, #2MuchDLC.
Worth the buy if it was just for this.

Its another fun game, fun by youself and with others!
Different from most zombie games.

Other Pros/Cons

-You get 3 games in your Library
-You only have to download the part of the game you want to play, so less space used!
-Not many hackers! Always a good thing

-So much paid DLC; a Gun thats super amazinly good, maps that I would like to play, skins. What is this CS:GO? Paying for skins is so CoD, oh wait.
-Less 8 year olds, I like to talk to them, there fun to mess around with
-Sadly no price drop, unlike MW2 and such old games.

So overall well worth the money for the Multiplayer/Zombies!

Original that made me famous:
Still better then Call of Duty: Ghost
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 combined!

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