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For Honor
For Honor is a fun game with an original, completely new combat system, wich is the main aspect of the game and the most fun. Graphics are extremely good, textures and filters are great just as the art design. There are 5 online game modes and all of them are funny and enjoyable. So, where are the weak aspects of the game? Well, not in the gameplay for sure; I think that the most frustrating aspect of the game is the community: players are free to fight wih honor and let everyone have a good and exciting time but, sadly, most of them chooses the easy and dishonorable way: number superiority. Yes, 'cause 2 vs 1, ore even 3 vs 1 and 4 vs 1 is absolutely allowed in this game (and it couldn't be different, due the gameplay mechanics, wich are funny and solid, but will hardly let you fight more than one enemy at the time). Players are free to approach the game the way they want: wanna go alone or stay with your companions? You can choose, but remember: the team that stuck together and don't mind killing anyone on its way, even if he's an harmless player who found himself alone, is often the winner. Personally, sometimes I like to bring honor, and when I find honorable players who let others fight 1 vs 1, I respect them and finally get to partecipate to the most fun match by far.
So, given that community has no sense of honor, so you'll have to be dishonorable most of the time just to achieve some victories, the game is very fun due its gameplay that (when there's no number superiority) rewards the most skilled players.
The SECOND great WEAKNESS of this game are SERVERS. Those are really badly working, often disconnecting you during matches or resynchronising players.
Anyway matches are fast paced and short timed (something like 5 to 10 minutes per match) so you won't be bothered as hell for being disconnected.
I really hope that the brilliant graphics and the funny gameplay of this game will one day be part of a bigger game, maybe a medieval open world.

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