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70 Destiny 2
The game is ok but at endgame the top tier activities do not have matchmaking. So if you're not affiliated with a gang you're stuck grinding low lvl strikes and doing pvp. Although the...
100 Ghost Recon: Wildlands
The best game Ubisoft has released in many years! I have almost 300 hours on this game and i'm still loving it.
This game really invites you to play tactical and lets you choose all...
10 Inner Chains
Do not touch this unholy abortion with a 100 ft pole! This is a dumpster fire floating up shitcreek without a paddle. I wouldn't play this if i were paid to so. No amount of virgins can...
100 Resident Evil 7
Best Resident Evil game since the original came out in 1996. RE7 takes the series back to it's roots with survival and managing a scarce amount of supplies being the core elements.
30 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition
Terrible, just terrible. This is without a doubt the single worst caal of duty in it's history. And it also contains micro transactions making it pay to win. If you're looking for a good...
10 Mafia III
A great game doomed by yet another failed and utterly broken pc port. The entire experience suffers under the 30fps cap and low res textures. Another prime example of what could have...
10 No Man's Sky
The hypetrain derailed. False advertising all round. Inventory manager 2016 at it's very best. The sky was a lie!
This has become the most refunded game on steam to the point where they...
70 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
The game is great while it lasts. Unfortunately i finished the game in 15 hours on my first playtrough and i completed every single sidequest and point of interest. Also did my fair...
90 Rise of the Tomb Raider
Found this to be a very entertaining and all round well made game in the series. The gameplay is very good and switches between action, stealth and puzzle solving at all the right...
90 Overwatch Origins Edition
Game is even better than i expected. The heroes are well varied and fun to play. The only downside in my opinion is that you cannot choose which gamemode you play. You just join a match...
70 Homefront: The Revolution
Not the best game in it's genre but certainly not the worst. Deserves better than some of the horrible reviews it has gotten! The story is a bit dull and the characters don't really...
40 The Division
End game is virtually non existant besides some dailies and an incusion that only provides top tier gear once a week. Basically all end game content for an entire week can be completed...

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