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NBA 2K18
Overall, NBA 2K18 was a pretty enjoyable experience and the game is very well built and if you allow yourself enough time you can go really far in the game. As you play through MyCareer you really do get immersed into the game and you get the feeling that you are part of the game. 2K also does a great job taking the vast history of the past 2K games and fix errors to make every year’s edition one of a kind. Also taking into account the narrative you get the feel of what everyday NBA players go through in the course of the season and even the offseason. With these and other things taken into account, you see that overall NBA 2K18 was a very well balanced game.

With 2K’s vast history you have to understand it to get the real sense of how the game has evolved into today’s game. Every year it seems as though VC goes overboard with what they wish to include in next year’s edition. For instance, originally the game was set to include a new MyGM mode which would allow you to take control of a team and act as a mediator between players, coaches and potential free agents in the game and more advanced analytics to help you improve your overall gameplay as a player and include stats that were not once included. But, when final games plans were announced in August of 2017 both of these advancements were not included and rather went with the more basic functions with some slight advancements from NBA 2K17. NBA 2K18 is the 19th installment of the NBA 2K franchise from Visual Concepts. In terms of the reception to NBA 2K18 to others titles in the series, it has the second most copies sold in the 2K series all time. One of the things that has kept NBA 2K18 popular through the great writing that makes up the narrative.

NBA 2K18’s narrative is one of the driving factors that keeps players attracted to the gameplay. In NBA 2K18 you are given a variety of choices as to how you play out your career all while you are bounded by the set rules. As it plays out in NBA 2K18 you are given many choices from what conference you want to pay in, what kind of role you want as a player on the team and also negotiating what kind of contract you want to where you want to sign. With the power shifted towards the player, you feel that you and only you have the power to steer your career in any way you wish to. Giving the player such a freedom immerses the player further into the game giving them the feeling that they are actually an NBA player. The characters in the game also play a role in the overall narrative. From the simplest characters like the fans to the referees really play a huge role in the feel of the game. These characters are just in the background but give the game the right feel and make it seem as if you are in a basketball arena.

Overall, the game look of NBA 2K18 is pretty nice. As you play the game you get the sense that you are in an actual basketball arena. With the addition of an improved crowd presence and overall look of the players, you start to see the game really begin to take shape. Also, with the look of the new uniforms for all the teams makes it seem really authentic to play as you look alongside teammates and opponents. Then with the improved look of the players gives the game a deeper feeling. The other players have been created and designed in a way that makes them feel very authentic so it feels like you are actually playing with or against the greatest athletes in the game. The designers touched on everything from the player's hairstyles to body scars and even equipment they use in an actual NBA game. All of these things show how much time developers put into the game and that the overall experience of the player is at the top of the priority list.

The game is well received by all players from the youngest player to the older population that plays the game. Then as much as the game is received by people, the people have played a huge role in the success of the NBA 2K18. One great example of the players having an influence is shown in the soundtrack that is used in the game. The game incorporated many popular song titles from around the time of release as well as songs titles that players voted on over the course of time that NBA 2K18 was produced. NBA 2K18 is also a powerful tool in influencing culture having been able to reach so many people. People can actually learn a few things from playing these types of games without having ever picked up a basketball in their lives. Being able to talk about pick and rolls and how to set up your man to have an open look is really like learning a new language and just consent repetition and learning what everything means is powerful. Another way that NBA 2K18 has influenced culture is beyond the online forums in which people chat about the game. In places such as London and New York people actually gather because of the love they have for the game to talk about it in person and discuss what they liked about this year’s game and what they think should be changed for the next edition and give their feedback to Visual Concepts and the company actually listens to these groups and takes some of their feedback and directly apply it to their thinking boards as they build next year’s edition.

So with all of this said, overall NBA 2K18 is a very well built game that appeases to the masses. People are just drawn to the game as a whole and with the game being improved in every year’s new release. Especially with Visual Concepts taking the player’s experience into account when building each edition of 2K. In NBA 2K18 you get the feel of the game and as you play MyCareer you feel like you have become an NBA athlete. Even though there are cons to the gain, the cons do not tend to be able the build of the game. The cons come on the money side of things and people having to spend if they want to get through the game quicker. But, when you take the pros and cons into account the pros heavily outweigh the cons. If I had to give NBA 2K18 a rating I would give it an 8 out of 10

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