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Battlefield 5
Fella? If you just came from work and only want to relax, get it. I guess then it's a "good" game for you.

Literally nothing - not a single positive point comes in my mind for Battlefield V.
I am not going to explain why the game is one of the worst games ever developed & if you don't get why, please don't talk.
The actual best state of the game was after the release (Edited this review since then).

If you like this game; following things might be the reason:
- You are a casual & just want to play a game (that's totally okay btw)
- You were promoted/paid by EA/DICE to vote their game up (if so, no words for you)
- You started playing the BF franchise with Battlefield V and you have no idea what a good Battlefield is

Friendly reminder if you care about that point - Battlefield V reveal:
"There won't be any microtransactions! Everything can be unlocked trough just playing the game."
Well, take a look now ;)

Worse than ever before. Just listing a few negative points:
- Lack of optimization
- Bugs & glitches
- Complete mess called "movement"
- Input delay
- Week for week new unplayable playlists
- no RSP with plugins
- In-game / weapon & vehicle balance
- Countless cheater
- Skill trees instead of weapon attachments
- Level & unlock system
- In-game UI
- Random recoil of guns
- Gunplay in general
+ 5 points down below.
... the list could go on.

@DICE SW / EA - Keep doing what you do: Ignore constructive feedback and you ruin your studio(s) even more then you already do now.

Or instead: Shut down this garbage piece of sh*t and don't ever touch Battlefield again, since you love to ruin great games and or genres anyway.

@DICE LA - Fix this game, PLEASE.

Dropped score from 30 to 10. Would even go lower than 0 if possible.

Think twice before buying Battlefield V.

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