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TrackMania Turbo
I had my doubts about TM Turbo when I found out it was going to be on uPlay, and I even decided against buying into the game because of it. However I bit the bullet and decided I would overlook uPlay because I'm a huge long term TrackMania fan and I'd hate myself if I didn't atleast give it a fair chance, and am I glad I did. As Turbo did not disapoint.

If you have a love for the TrackMania series then you will feel right at home playing turbo, as essentially it is just the whole series bundled into one TrackMania with the addition of rollercoaster environment.

Excellent music, I don't usually use in-game music for any game however the flow of the music and choice of music fits perfectly into the game.

Double Driver mode is a whole lot of fun if you have a buddy to do it with, and is a very intresting twist on the whole game and opens up a whole new world of entertainment value for Turbo from previous Trackmania Titles.

Keeps with the origional Trackmania track creator and add a few extra features and functionality to the Track Builder such as a random track, which will literally randomly put pieces together to form a functional track, to which you can tweak. This is mostly a gimmick to those confertable with Track building however it will allow much easier entry into the Track building side of things. As some people find it easier to tweak and add than the build from scratch.
Requires uplay to play. though I haven't personally ran into an issue with uplay and Trackmania Turbo, uplay is infamous for causing lots of problems when trying to access games, activate games, log in, always being online etc. So depending how strongly you hate uplay this may be a turn off.
The customizability of cars was changed from freepaining your car in an MS paint style to selecting presets for different aspects, changing material, paint job, numbers, details and flags. This could be seen as a positive point for some people, however for me I liked the MS paint style of painting cars, as it mean for more unique and personal paintjobs.

If you're a fan of TM Canyon, TM Valley and TM Stadium then TM Turbo is a must have and a steal for value as you essentially get TM Canyon, TM Valley, TM Stadium and newly added TM Lagoon, with new tracks to run and new records to smash.

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