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Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition
As the game story somewhat related to the previous game, I would suggest play Darksiders first game before this one.
In Darksiders 2 you will play as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Death.

Death, will try to clear his brother War’s name by restore humanity, where War is convicted by destroying it. The story line was interesting and in my opinion it could be better, but in general it’s fine. Even though the world in Darksiders 2 is way bigger than the previous game, but it wasn’t good since there is not that much to explore. I guess the reason is so the can add more side quests and give the game more hours. the game comes with new skill system, where you have two paths, but still can mix each path skill with another. You have Harbinger Tree (Warrior path) and Necromancer Tree (Spellcasting path).

I liked the fact they didn’t make it like the previous game where you can buy your skills, but sill I don’t think it should be that much of skills. War as in the previous game has only four skills and they were perfect as they suite its character, which is the opposite in this game, even though his name is Death, you won’t feel the meaning of his name, except his Reaper form. I fact that you get gold after slaying an enemy when it was a souls in the last game it’s really confusing, since you use them to purchases items from demon called Vulgrim, who mentioned that he have no use of gold in Darksiders 1 and asked for souls as currency. And since we playing with Death, the souls will suit it more.

Weapons system I really didn’t like, in this game they allowed you to use different varieties of weapon; such as, Hummer, Swords, maces and etc, beside Death main weapon Scythe. the problem is unlike the previous game where you can use only War’s sword (Chaoseater), and the more you kill the more Chaoseater become strong and upgraded. In Darksiders 2 the Scythes are not different than other weapons. All these extra thing killed the character, you barley can see him as death. Even his agility, the way he moves, walk on walls doesn’t suit Death. Which makes you wonder how are they gonna deliver Strife character (One of Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse).

The graphics isn’t bad at all, and I hope they won’t change it.

To sum up, the game was a big surprise where there is a huge difference between it and the previous one. Even though they fail to deliver Death character as it should be, you will mostly like and enjoy the fights and the character. the story was great and really interesting. I hope the make the next game more like the first one, more Action than RPG as it suit the story and the characters more.

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