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Battlefield 5
Fella? If you just came from work and only want to chill, get it. I guess it's a "good" game then.

For player who take a better look into it:
It might be better then Battlefield 1, if you got already why that one wasn't good, but might be still enjoyable at some point.

Ye, I don't need to mention the other part of players, if you read this following and you are one of them, you'll know it:
You can grind, you can farm, you can stack and so on .. but this won't make the game better, neither it deserves your time.

Wanna bet you play it maximum 200 hours or less and you got enough of this garbage game?

If you like this game; following things might be the reason:
- You are a casual & just want to play a game (that's totally okay btw)
- You were promoted / paid by EA/DICE to vote there game up (just go dude, GO)
- You started playing the BF franchise with BF 1 or BF V and you have no idea what a good Battlefield is

EDIT 19.12.2019
Still a trashcan game .. but more enjoyable then before.
Friendly reminder if you care about that point - Battlefield V reveal:
"There won't be any microtransactions! Everything can be unlocked trough just playing the game."
Well, take a look now ;)

EDIT 15.2.2020
Right now? WORST THEN EVER BEFORE, also in case of performance.
When I saw the new "Into the jungle" trailer .. imagine someone facepalming so hard, that you need to see a doc.
The part with "Lunge Mine" - I did swear to my self, when I ever get killed by this, by a running bot, I'll uninstall it .. guess what I just did and why I edit this now.

@DICE SW / EA - Keep doing what you do: Ignore constructive feedback and you ruin your studio(s) even more then you already do now.

Or instead: Shut down this garbage piece of sh*t and don't ever touch Battlefield again, since you love to ruin great games and or genres anyway.

Dropped score from 30 to 10. Would even go lower then 0 if possible.

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