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Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age: Inqusition is a contradictory game. On one hand, it´s enjoyable RPG with Origins atmosphere and after Dragon Age II, it went back to its roots.

Environment - one of the best environments I´ve ever seen in RPG games. It´s full, alive, big, massive and hilarious. But on the other hand, it´s totally MMO-ish. You can explore for hours and every moment I fell like in MMORPG game. For others it may not be a problem, but after a while it becomes annoying and I have a feeling that I play MMO, but without players (only with members of my group). It ruins a bit the idea of whole concept.

And what about graphics side? The game looks amazing. It is big RPG and you can play even on 3+ years old machines and it runs playable. Yes, it looks more cartoony than Origins, but that isn´t bad. I enjoyed the style. Plus the optimalization is really good too, so you don´t need to worry.

Story is complicated and it builds on previous story foundations. For this moment you can use Dragon Age Keep - browser application where you can make decisions from previous games and than extract it to DA: I. It is for those who didn´t play DA: O and DAII and want to try this out. It brings me to one thing - whole story is all about decisions. And these decisions will make the game different. It´s hard to tell how this concept works, but you can experience it on your own.

From gameplay side I haven´t met a lot of bugs and none of those which destroy the game. I just experienced several crashesm but nothing extremely annoying.

Overall, it is great role-playing game for hundreds of hours. Only issue may be occasional MMO style and complicated story for beginners, but I can RECOMMEND this game for everyone, who loves this type of games.

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