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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Extra Pass
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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
I have played many dragon ball games some good, some bad and a lot inbetween and sadly this is one of those inbetween.

There are bugs/ glitches which all games seem to have not just dragon ball games, but the real issues of this game are down to lazy programming of both the net code (horrible lag even on good connections) and the half thought out in game content.

While the content and the story can be great and is at some points, the execution of the content is what fails it, like the ingame clothing that you can wear but only change the colour of for the standard characters not your custom characters, various fighting styles that again are not for custom characters and this is how it is with many things in the game.

Then there is the time limited events that you will only know about if you are playing when they have already started or use the japanese infornation website and translate it using google or something else as the ingame news service that should tell you about this stuff has never worked even after a lot of updates.

I must state that I do like the game and do still play it but a lot of that is more about me liking Draon Ball so I will play any game I can from it.

As a fighting game it's not very good at some points it's very bad.

As a rpg game theres just not enough there they as they did the bare minimum.

As a adventure game it's to shallow, no deviation, no real progress just the next fight.

But as all three combined it's above average and would be good if they fixed the issue's stated.

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