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Red Dead Redemption 2 Standard Edition
I love this game. It has beatiful graphics and an amazing atmosphere. So I bought this game on the release date on PC, I never played it on console or something and I was always hoping that it is coming to PC. So I got an quite powerful PC with an RTX 2070 and an i7-9700k and I am playing on 1440p with my personal settings (ranging from medium to Ultra) on about 55-75 fps. (Average about 65 fps) I really like the combat and gameplay. I got about 180 hrs in this game. Everybody is always talking about having to have a powerful rig. I think you should have a decent rig to play this game and find your own settings that will satisfy in looks and performance. It took me about an month from going setting to setting to find the perfect sweet spot. It took me about 70 hrs of gameplay to play the story and it was very entertaining. My other 110 hrs of gameplay is in the online mode and here are coming my critics. So at this point I am about lvl 90 and got every role and basically everything in the game, except all the things that you have to buy with gold. So online is very glitchy and it very often had me rage quit the game. I don´t know if this applies to anybody else but I have some sort of sound glitch when I join the game and it still hasn´t been fixed and it does not have to do anything with my settings or PC. And another big critical point is just rockstar games. They do nothing right at the moment or in general. They do not listen to their community and don´t fix stuff. Rockstar games is taking the money and puts out very small and useless updates. Atm the playerbase is skyrockiting down beacause they don´t listen to their community and are waiting too long for their updates. And also the players in rdo are not as toxic as the players in GTA V.

In overall it is a great game but Rockstar games is destroying it.

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